8 Best Bearded Dragon Thermometer: Top Picks Reviewed + Tips

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Are you having trouble getting the best bearded dragon thermometer?

I had the same issue when I brought my first beardie home.

Beardies, like other reptiles, need optimal temperature and humidity levels for a comfortable life.

Here I’ll review the top options to make finding the right one easier, plus give you some great tips on how to choose the best one!

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Top Thermometer for Bearded Dragons at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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8 Best Bearded Dragon Thermometer – Review

Let’s jump into my top 8 bearded dragon thermometers. There are some fantastic options, so I hope you find the perfect one for you and your pet!

1. Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 1080 – Winner

A temperature gun is one of the better thermometers you can get for your beardie. A temp gun is easier to use than other kinds of thermometers.

It also makes more accurate readings faster. That’s why I chose this thermometer as the winner. The Etekcity infrared thermometer lets you determine temperature ranges by quickly passing it over the terrarium.

It isn’t the ease of use alone that had me loving this temp gun. Its digital display shows the reading as soon as you have it in the bearded dragon tank.

The thermometer’s LCD screen has a backlight. A backlit screen eases the burden of having to check readings in low-light conditions.

It works with 9 V batteries that could prove a little challenging to find. However, it has a low battery indicator to prevent any surprises regarding battery life. The single-button switch allows you to test different heat levels safely.

So if you think a heat lamp has emitted lots of heat, you can test that at a safe distance. The switch is also non-touch to boost safety. You don’t have to take the thermometer too close to the heat pads to get the temperature.

This temp gun is your best bet if you want to achieve an ambient temperature for your reptile. Note that you can’t use it to test your reptiles’ body temperatures. It is purely for checking external body temperatures.

Features and Attributes

  • Laser Point switch design
  • Single-button measurement
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Low battery indicator
  • Uses 9V battery

Benefits of Etekcity Temp Gun

  • It targets quicker, thus offering faster readings
  • The  backlit display makes for more straightforward readings
  • it has better accuracy than most other thermometers
  • The infrared design makes it perfect for testing different temperature levels

Drawbacks of Etekcity Temp Gun

  • It is difficult to change the battery without damaging it
  • You can’t verify the accuracy of the thermometer

How it Compares to Others

This is the only temperature gun on my list. It targets faster, making it a fast temperature reader though it doesn’t help with gauging the humidity level.

Expert Tips

It works best with an in-tank stick-on thermometer that can read the humidity level. Therefore get one if you want to best use this laser light temp gun.

What Influencers Say About This

A Youtuber thinks the temp gun has better accuracy than most IR thermometers and is relatively easy to use for a beardie tank of any size.

Read more about bearded dragon humidity!

2. Reptizoo Digital Thermometer – Best for Ease of Use


The next option to consider for maintaining the proper temperatures in a dragon enclosure is the Reptizoo digital thermometer. The temperatures will inevitably get high if you have ceramic heat emitters in your bearded terrarium.

That’s when this digital thermometer cum hygrometer comes into play. 

I loved the three-in-one function of this thermometer. You can use it to test the temperature, humidity, and light cycles. The remote sensor for humidity testing makes it an easy-to-use thermometer.

That’s not forgetting the easy-to-read full-view LCD screen with a 24-hour time system. Also, you can look back on previous temperature measurements because it can save previous readings.

Add that to the one-button operation and the ability to switch between the desert and tropical mode. That gives you a near-perfect thermometer for your reptile tank.

If you have trouble setting it up, this video will help

Features and Attributes

  • 3 in one design
  • Integrated night and day temperatures 
  • Fullview LCD screen
  • One button mode
  • Inbuilt memory

Benefits of Reptizoo Thermometer

  • The inbuilt memory makes it easier to track the level of temperatures 
  • Besides temperature, it can also test lighting and humidity range 
  • It has an easy-to-use design with alarm flashes for extreme measurements
  • Easy to store plug-and-play design

Drawbacks of Reptizoo Thermometer

  • Programming the thermometer can be challenging
  • The instruction manual doesn’t help much in the installation 

How it Compares to Others

This is a modern thermometer that holds its own against other thermometers. The three-in-one functions blow the other gadgets away and mark this one out as a modern thermometer. 

Expert Tips

To avoid the low-temperature alarm at night, remove the thermometer from the bearded dragon tank and replace it in the morning.

What Influencers Say About This

A user said they loved the display, although they had to take some time to set it up.

3. Zoo Med Dual Analog Thermometer & Humidity Gauge – Best Dual Function

The Zoo Med thermometer hygrometer is another device you can use to determine accurate temperature readings. What I loved about this thermometer and humidity gauge were the color-coded dials.

The dials make it easier to determine the optimal temperature in the terrarium since you can see them at a glance. You also won’t need to worry too much about battery life with this thermometer.

It doesn’t need any batteries, connections, or outlets. So you can use it straight out of the box. for that reason, you can use it for testing both day and nighttime temperatures.

Features and Attributes

  • Velcro backing
  • Dual Analog thermometer
  • Color-Coded Dials

Benefits of Zoo Med Dual Analog Thermometer

  • The color-coded dials make it easy to read
  • The fuzzy fastener backing makes it easy to install
  • Ideal for both humidity and temperature measurement
  • No need for batteries and other connections

Drawbacks of Zoo Med Dual Analog Thermometer

  • It lacks smart features for quick readings
  • Ambient temp measurements can be inaccurate at times

How it Compares to Others

The Zoo Med dual analog thermometer is among the simplest to use. The color-coding makes it easy to read even inside the bearded dragon enclosure. But it lacks the smart features of other options on the list.

Expert Tips

While most bearded dragon owners would love this thermometer to be waterproof, it isn’t. So avoid using it in the bearded dragon enclosure if it gets misty.

What Influencers Say About This

A YouTuber termed this thermometer one of the cheapest to buy. It is reasonably accurate and makes monitoring the ambient temperature of your reptile’s terrarium easier.

4. Fluker’s Digital Thermo-Hygrometer – Water Resistant Option

Fluker’s digital thermometer is a temp and humidity gauge. It has an easy-to-read digital display that’s also water-resistant. So you can use it in a terrarium likely to get misty.

While the perfect, accurate reading is a tough call for most thermometers, this gets quite close. Troubleshooting is also easy. Just press clear to reset the maximum and minimum temp and humidity levels.

This is a nice simple thermo-hygrometer to record any drop in temperature and humidity.

Features and Attributes

  • Water-resistant
  • Digital Display
  • Inbuilt memory for max and min temps

Benefits of Flukers Digital Thermo-hygrometer

  • It is water-resistant, making it more durable
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Inbuilt memory is ideal for recording measurements
  • Gives daily accurate temperature readings

Drawbacks of Flukers Digital Thermo-hygrometer

  • Its humidity testing is relatively inaccurate
  • Though water-resistant, it isn’t waterproof

How it Compares to Others

This is another simple option to consider for temperature and humidity measurement. It has a digital display, not in other thermometers but still doesn’t measure up to the more sophisticated thermometer.

Expert Tips

This digital hygrometer thermometer has operating temperatures of 0 to 50 degrees celsius. Don’t use it to test a hot spot that could be well over 50 Celsius degrees.

What Influencers Say About This

A user said it works perfectly for temperatures though they had a minor issue with testing humidity levels.

5. SunGrow Reptile Digital Thermometer – The Stylish Option

Another way to test the temperature and level of humidity is with the Sungrow digital thermometer.

It is perfect for surface temperatures since its digital screen displays Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees with commendable accuracy.

Sungrow’s reptile thermometer is also relatively easy to install inside the bearded dragon cage. It won’t take you too long to have it set up in the cage and ready to go.

With the water-resilient remote sensor probe, you can use it even when the tank gets a bit misty. I know most people would prefer a waterproof probe. This one cant survive submerging in water.

Something else I loved was the stylish color. Okay, yellow might not be most people’s favorite, but this one will add some style to a juvenile dragon’s cage.

Features and Attributes

  • Remote sensor probe
  • Yellow color
  • Unit of measurement: celsius and Fahrenheit

Benefits of Sungrow’s Digital Thermometer

  • It is compact with a stylish yellow color
  • Easy to operate and install
  • Water-resistant temperature probe
  • It can show Temperature changes in the tenths

Drawbacks of  Sungrow’s Digital Thermometer

  • Its battery life isn’t that impressive
  • It is plastic and thus not so durable

How it Compares to Others

Sungrow’s thermometer scores highly in style and design. However, what stands out is the ability to measure even a tenth of surface temperature change. That makes it an excellent choice for reptiles.

Expert Tips

The remote sensor probe is water-resistant. But it isn’t waterproof. So avoid dipping it in liquids since the sensor will get damaged.

What Influencers Say About This

A user loved how reliable and easy to read the thermometer is. She also said because the thermometer reacts to minute temp changes, she can use it to determine the lowest temperature her pet can survive in.

6. Zilla Terrarium Digital Thermometer – Best Extra Features

This thermometer’s best feature is its ability to store digital data. It stores any recorded measurement it makes. You can go over it later and accurately determine humidity or temperature gradient.

Besides that feature, this thermometer also has a digital clock and calendar. If you love to plan out your pet reptile’s schedule, then the calendar will significantly help. This is a feature you won’t find in most thermometers.

It works with a 1.4V battery that could prove to be a long-life battery depending on your use. The probes can also quickly test high and low temperatures thanks to their impressive maneuverability.

If all you need is a digital thermometer, then this one is a nice choice at a pretty affordable price.

Features and Attributes

  • Battery Powerd: AAA batteries
  • Compact design
  • Unit count: 1
  • Plastic Material

Benefits of Zilla Thermometer

  • Stores digital data for future reference
  • Gives daily accurate readings
  • It has flexible probes for easier maneuverability
  • The back design makes it easy to prop it up in the tank

Drawbacks of Zilla Thermometer

  • The digital display can be challenging to read from far
  • It isn’t ideal for wet beardie tanks

How it Compares to Others

This is the only option on this list with a clock with an alarm and calendar. No other option can compare to it in that regard. If you need a unique option then this should be it.

Expert Tips

Since it doesn’t have a backlit screen, using it with a light source will make seeing the readings easier.

What Influencers Say About This

A user said the thermometer works better than analog thermometers and hygrometers. Though he had issues with the suction cup, she played around with it and finally fixed it.

7. Exo Terra Thermometer for Reptile Terrarium– Budget Option

When buying anything on Amazon, always look out for one that’s Amazon’s choice. This is one such product, and its features prove it isn’t Amazon’s choice by accident.

The Exo Terra Thermometer comes with an adhesive dot to enable you easily mount it in the tank. It also boasts a clear analog dial screen that is much easier to read than most thermometers.

The Exo Terra thermometer also boasts a color-coded scale for easier readings. That also makes the thermometer quite stylish due to the many colors. It wouldn’t hurt trying this thermometer.

Features and Attributes

  • Color-coded scale
  • 1 Unit count
  • Plastic outer material
  • Adhesive stick-on pads

Benefits of Exo Terra Thermometer

  • The adhesive doit helps stick onto the terrarium even in high humidity
  • You don’t have to worry about battery life since it doesn’t need batteries
  • It comes ta a reasonably reasonable price
  • Clear and easy-to-read analog display

Drawbacks of  Exo Terra Thermometer

  • If badly removed, the adhesive loses strength
  • It isn’t waterproof

How it Compares to Others

This is the cheapest thermometer you’ll get. But that has its downsides, like cheap parts and no humidity test.

Expert Tips

Use alcohol to clean the part of the terrarium on which you want to stick the thermometer. The adhesive will hold for longer that way.

What Influencers Say About This

A user called it an excellent little thermometer that does its job accurately. He said he loved the low price that’s lower than a McDonald’s and would recommend having several of this thermometer.

8. Jlenoveg Digital Reptile Thermometer – Bonus

Wrapping up this list is yet another stylish-looking digital thermometer. Like a few other thermometers on this list, this too tests humidity and temperature. 

What you’ll love most with this thermometer is the smart digital display. The display temp readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit while making it easy for you to operate the thermometer.

The thermometer has a simple, compact design that won’t impede your dragon’s view. It uses one LR44 battery, which doesn’t guarantee extended battery life but has a fairly average life.

The thermometer is also relatively easy to install. It has sticky adhesive pads for a firmer grip on the terrarium’s wall.

Features and Attributes

  • Digital screen
  • temp output in celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Installation Sticky pads
  • Battery-powered
  • Unit count 1

Benefits of Jlenoveg Reptile Thermometer

  • Has sticky pads for easy installation
  • It monitors both humidity and temperature
  • Clear, easy-to-read digital display
  • it comes at an affordable price

Drawbacks of Jlenoveg Reptile Thermometer

  •  Battery life is terrible
  • It breaks easily

How it Compares to Others

This thermo-hygrometer is much like the others. It doesn’t offer anything different worth looking out for. The sticky pads deserve an honorable mention, though.

Expert Tips

Avoid using it in humid tanks since it isn’t waterproof.

What Influencers Say About This

One user said the thermometer had the stickiest sticky pads he had ever seen. They held the weight of his pet without the thermometer falling off!

How to Choose the Best Bearded Dragon Thermometer

What to look for in the best bearded dragon thermometer? Is it the accuracy? or is the durability? What about the price?

While most people think the price of the thermometer should be reasonable, there are still some things you’ll need to consider beyond the obvious.

Here are a few essential questions to consider when getting a bearded dragon thermometer.

How Many Thermometers Do You Need?

This is a valid question for any dragon keeper since the sizes of terrariums vary. You’ll need several thermometers if you have a large terrarium with equally active dragons.

Veterinary doctor Rick Axelson advises a beardie owner to have two thermometers. (1) One should be at the cooler end and another at the hotter end next to the heat sources.

Knowing the number of thermometers you need will help you make a more informed choice.

Where Do You Live?

Different areas have different weather patterns. For example, some areas are more humid than others. This will affect the choice of thermometer you buy. For that reason, you’ll want a thermometer that can test both temperature and humidity.

The best thermometer for bearded dragons in these environments is one that is waterproof since it could get a little misty inside the terrarium.

Credit: Lizzy Orosco

What’s the Thermometer’s Power Source?

Most thermometers use a battery as their power source. While the battery life varies depending on use, it is best to consider getting a thermometer with a long-lasting battery.

How Accurate is the Thermometer?

The single best way to measure a thermometer’s usefulness is with its readings’ accuracy. A thermometer that gives off an inaccurate reading could have disastrous consequences for your pet beardie.

That’s why you must consider how accurate a thermometer will be before buying. Remember, you could be an inaccurate reading away from not providing optimal conditions. 

What’s the Thermometers Unit of Reading?

The thermometer’s unit will depend on how each beardie owner prefers to read the results. Some thermometers give results in both Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees. It’s safe to go with the option that offers you a unit that is easy to understand.

How Do You Want to Read the Thermometer?

If the method of reading thermometer matters, you’ll want to get an infrared temp gun. Not only does it target and read faster, but you can also use it in plenty of other scenarios.

The other option is the thermometer with a probe. You need to insert the probe into the object to get the accurate temp reading. But then these kinds of thermometers struggle to read the ambient temperatures of an area.

Ambient area thermometers take their time to determine an area’s temperature. Therefore the best thermometer for bearded dragon is to go with an infrared temperature gun or probe.


Is 120 degrees Fahrenheit too hot for a bearded dragon?

bearded dragon laying around

120 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot for a bearded dragon tank temp. Dr. Robert Ness says the ideal daytime temperature gradient should be 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. (2) It can drop to 70 to 75 Fahrenheit at night.

How Long Can Bearded Dragons Go Without Heat?

A beardie can go for a maximum of 24 hours without heat. Prolonged periods of low temperatures could cause digestion to slow down, and the animal could start hibernating. (3)

Can Bearded Dragons Die From Too Much Heat?

Yes. Bearded dragons can die from too much heat. Any other animal would die from excess heat, and beardies aren’t any different.

What should the temperature be for a bearded dragon?

bearded dragon in the wild

The daytime temperature for a bearded dragon should be between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


If you were struggling to get the best bearded dragon thermometer, I hope you now have a clearer idea of which one to choose.

To avoid dragon pet health issues, you must carefully monitor the temperature of their terrariums.

The best way to do that is to use the best thermometer to monitor and record the temperature.

cute yellow beardie surrounded by rocks

Do you have better options for a thermometer for bearded dragons? Please share them in the comments, and we will add them to our list.


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