Tips When Traveling With Guinea Pigs in a Car

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Can guinea pigs travel in a car?

This is a question you might be asking if you’re planning a long trip or when you need to visit the vet.

In this post, I discuss whether it’s appropriate to travel with pet cavies in your car and some safe ways.

Let’s jump right in!

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Can Guinea Pigs Travel in A Car?

Yes, they can. However, it would help if you made it very comfortable for them.

Piggies are used to staying around the same place throughout the day. A new cage or a fast-moving car can easily startle them.

As long as they have everything they need, and you’ve ensured their safety (more on this in a minute), you can bring them with you on a car ride.

Hey guinea pig owners! Vacation coming up? In this video, we’ll share tips on what to do with your furry friends while you’re away:

Things to Bring When Traveling With Guinea Pigs

Below are all the necessary items to travel with your guinea pig effectively.

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A Suitable Carrier and Cage

Start by getting the best guinea pig carrier or portable travel cages.

And no, you shouldn’t use the standard guinea pig cage, paper boxes, or cardboard boxes.

They’re just not the best fit, literally and figuratively.

Cardboard boxes are hazardous because your cavy can eat through it and end up loose in the car.

guinea pig inside a cage: can guinea pigs travel in a car as well?

A suitable travel carrier must be strong, relatively light, enclosed, well-ventilated, and big enough for your pet to roam around and hide when necessary.

There are several pet carriers for sale, such as this one. Suppose you can’t get a guinea pig carrier, a cat carrier would do. Portable cages are suitable when you have to settle in a new destination.

Paper Towels or Any Other Bedding Materials

What should I put in my guinea pig carrier? For comfort, line the carrier with paper towels and fleece.

You are having several bits of help since once they use them as a bathroom, you can always replace them without causing a mess in your car.

Toys can also help make the carrier more appealing to the guinea pig, especially when they’re hesitant to go in.

guinea pig sitting on top of wood chips

Just make sure you choose toys that don’t pose a choking hazard or that your cavies can get caught up in.

Enough Food and Water

If you’re going down the street or across town to the vet, you don’t have to go crazy here.

For longer rides, ensure you’re giving your cavy enough food and water.

Piggies feed on hay, which should form at least 80% of their diet.

It not only provides them with all the nutrients they need, but hay is also a good stress reliever. So, make sure there is enough.

two brown cavies eating lettuce

Besides hay, you can also add veggies such as lettuce, kale, spinach, and fruits. These are additional sources of nutrients that help keep your guinea pig hydrated.

Whether you add veggies or not, you need some water source for longer trips.

Consider adding a water bottle to their carrier. Go with a no-drip option to avoid messes.

The Right Temperature

Guinea pigs are sensitive to temperature changes and thrive between 60 to 85 degrees F.

Cavies are especially prone to heatstroke, so if you’re traveling on a scorching day, you must ensure your car’s AC is working correctly.

At the same time, you don’t want your car to be too cold! A good thermometer can help you find the right balance.

car AC button

Tips for Travelling With Your Guinea Pig

Below are more tips for making the trip safer for you and your piggy.

Plan Your Trip

You need to plan your trip a few days prior adequately. Get all the necessary items, determine travel time, and prepare for emergencies.

Various regions have different regulations about pets, so make sure you’re aware of these regulations. Whether you’re moving cross country or to another country, here is a directory that lists the regulations.

Taking your Guinea Pig to the Car

Before taking your pet to the car, ensure it’s at the appropriate temperature. And make sure you’ve lined the carrier with the proper bedding.

Some guinea pigs may be more willing to leave their cage than others. For willing people, hold them gently and transfer them to the carrier.

For those that aren’t, be diligent in ensuring they don’t bite. Of course, you need to have established trust with your guinea pig before they can allow you to hold them.

During cold weather, you can cover the carrier with bed sheets or blankets to maintain warmth until you get to the car.

And once you get to the car, remove these coverings since they may hinder ventilation when the carrier is in the car.

During hot weather, place a frozen bottle in a towel in the carrier to help regulate the temperatures.


Below are some ways to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety in the car.

  • Let them spend some time in the carrier for a few hours a day before the trip. This helps them familiarize themselves with it.
  • Secure the carrier on a car seat with a seat belt and ensure it doesn’t move around. The footwell is also a good alternative.
  • Avoid placing it too close to the AC, direct sunlight, or car speakers. High temperatures could lead to heat stress, while the sound from the speakers can freak them out.
  • Drive carefully – Overspeeding and coming to sudden stops may startle the guinea pig.
  • Monitor the piggies regularly to make sure they’re doing fine. Make sure they have enough food, and water, and make sure they aren’t stressed. You can stop after at least an hour to check on them.
  • Keep talking to them, especially when using public transport with different sounds.
  • Don’t leave your pet alone. They could get stressed, or the temperatures may spike, making it unsafe for them.


How Long Can Guinea Pigs Travel In A Car?

what should I put in my guinea pig carrier? put some cozy fleece bedding

You can bring your guinea pig for long car rides if they have enough food, and water and are comfortable. However, it would be best to make frequent breaks to ensure their well-being during the trip.

Do Guinea Pigs Do Well In Cars?

Yes, they do. At first, they may be scared, but they will get used to it after a few trips. Some ways to make the journey more comfortable are talking to them and placing stuffed animals and their favorite toys in the carrier.

Can I Take A Guinea Pig To A Hotel?

Yes, as long as they allow it. Make sure you plan and check hotels that allow pets. It would help if you also informed the housekeepers about handling the pet when you’re not around.


And that’s how you can travel safely with cavies in a car! Follow these steps and have an enjoyable ride.

Use a designated travel carrier or cat carrier, and have lots of hay, fruits, veggies, and water. Make sure the car is conducive regarding sound and temperature, and monitor your pets frequently.


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guinea pigs in a carrier

Can guinea pigs travel in a car? Have you tried doing it? Please share your experience below!

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