Things to Put in Guinea Pig’s Carrier When Traveling

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What should I put in my guinea pig carrier?

It’s a common question for anyone traveling with these furry creatures. 

I’ll provide an answer with an in-depth look at the essentials and few traveling tips.

Let’s make sure your guinea pig travel to their next destination safely!

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What Should I Put in My Guinea Pig Carrier? 

Traveling with a guinea pig requires putting some basic items in their travel carriers. The following things will help ensure an incident-free traveling experience:


Owners have options when it comes to the carrier’s bedding.

It’ll come down to preference between paper bedding, a puppy pad, fleece pad, hand/dish towel, or Aspen. 

If you do choose a fleece pad, please select one made from absorbent material.

Whatever is your preferred option will need placing inside the bottom of your guinea pig’s carrier.

what should I put in my guinea pig carrier? put some cozy fleece bedding

I’d also recommend bringing backup bedding to provide replacement if/when it becomes wet.

Vegetables and Fruits

Placing fruits and vegetables inside the carrier is a must.

However, it would be best to soak them in water and set them inside a food bowl.

This moisture is essential because there’s no water inside the cage on short trips. You might be asking, what about a water bottle?

a guinea pig biting a lettuce together with the other veggies in a small cart

More on that later…

In any case, the food bowl shouldn’t be ceramic. A ceramic bowl could slide and harm your furball during travel, which isn’t what anyone wants.

Toilet Paper Tube Worth of Hay

A toilet paper tube worth of hay will help keep them comfortable.

It’s a vital part of their diet and should keep them busy during the trip.

It’s an optional inclusion, but I’m always going to have it when traveling with my guinea pig.

After all, it’s an easy way of keeping them from being completely overwhelmed. 

guinea pig lying on a hay

Water Bottle (Long Trips Only)

If you’re taking a long trip (more than an hour or two), the carrier will need a water bottle. It’ll provide the guinea pigs with access to water whenever they require it. 

But these water bottles will leak. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this issue as the car’s vibrations will cause water to spill out. 

You’ll then need to clean up any spilled water regularly throughout the trip. It’ll need to be done every two or three hours.  

Hey guinea pig owners! Vacation coming up? In this video, we’ll share tips on what to do with your furry friends while you’re away. Let’s go!

Tips When Traveling With Your Guinea Pigs 

Can guinea pigs travel in a car? Guinea pigs would much rather stay home with a sitter than go on a trip. But sometimes, bringing them along is unavoidable. So here are a few tips to get through this experience without any issues:

Opt for a Travel Animal Carrier

Traveling with regular guinea pig cages won’t be a realistic option. These cages have open bars that’ll allow bedding and poop to scatter all over your vehicle. 

You’ll instead want to choose a soft-sided animal cage that’s well ventilated. Another acceptable option would be plastic travel pet carriers with a metal wire front.

Both these enclosures will ensure your pet remains safe and can breathe. Moreover, they can keep their eyes on you and see what you’re doing.

Prepare the Temperature of the Car

Owners will need to keep their cars at an appropriate temperature during their trips. Experts recommend an environment between “approximately 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.”

If a car can stay within this range, your furry friend should be more than comfortable. 

Stop Every Few Hours and Give Them Attention

Guinea pigs are creatures of habit, making it crucial to keep up with their regular feeding schedule. I’d suggest stopping every two hours and offering them fresh greens, hay, and other essentials.  

There’s no need to worry about their food intake during these trips. Traveling will likely stress your furry friend and cause them to be less than usual. 

During these stops, take the little guy out and offer some much-need affection. An owner’s attention may calm them down a bit and relieve their stress.

They’ll also need some time to stretch and get some air. But remain cautious in unfamiliar areas to assure they don’t get loose. Investing in a harness leash might be a solid idea.

Never Leave Them in the Car Alone

Owners should never leave these animals alone in their vehicles. Temperatures can soar or decline quickly, even in a matter of minutes.

In fact, overexposure to direct sunlight can lead to heatstroke. Cold weather isn’t ideal either as pet guinea pigs tend to struggle with any temperature under 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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How long can a guinea pig be in a carrier?

They’ll be fine on extended trips like a “3-hour car ride.” Anything more than three hours should contain stops where they can stretch and breathe outside the carrier. Of course, their carrier will need the necessary items laid out in our previous sections.

Do guinea pigs need a carrier?

two brown guinea pigs on a basket

Pet carriers are a vital purchase for anyone with a guinea pig. These carriers are the only way to ensure your furballs can travel safely from place to place. If you don’t have one, one trip to the vet can even become a daunting task. 


I hope our article about guinea pig carriers answered all your questions. But if made have a few more, please don’t hesitate to ask them in our comment section. Thanks for reading! 


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guinea pigs inside a guinea pig carrier

Do you have other tips when traveling with guinea pigs? We’d appreciate it if you share it with us below!

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