5 Best Indoor Rabbit Cages That Are Functional (Review)

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Rabbits are amazing creatures. If you have ever had the pleasure of having one run around in your home, then you know that they are playful and mischievous.

How many times have you had to fish one out from under the sofa or stop one from chewing on any fabric in its way?

Just like dogs and cats, rabbits are a part of your family, and you want to treat them as such. You can give your rabbit somewhere safe to stay with a professional rabbit house.

We went in search of the best bunny houses for our furry little friends, looking for a great mix between functionality and affordability.

The design of the houses gave us a lot to think about, and we finally settled on our five favorites. Below you’ll find our top picks with longer reviews below the table.

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Don’t have time? Check this comparison table of our top faves!

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Top Indoor Rabbit Cages at a Glance

These are my top favorite rabbit cages and I’ve made a quick summary to compare.

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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Top 5 Indoor Rabbit Cages You Should Check! (Review)

1. Krolik Extra-Large Rabbit Cage w/ Wood Hutch Extenstion

This is an excellent bunny cage [1] that benefits from having three distinct areas for your bunny.

On one side, you have a well-presented wooden home. There is a spacious play area in the middle, and at the other end is an eating area.

We like that the little sleeping area looks like a wooden home. It has a homely shape with a sloped roof, a door on one end, and stylishly cut designs to let the light in and your bunny see out.

Your furry little pet will love to curl up inside this sleeping area and will feel safe and secure when they are inside.

The middle area is spacious and bright, allowing your bunny to run around inside [2] (or multiple bunnies to play together).

The food areas are here, too, with an elevated area for a food bowl, space on the side of the cage for hay, and an included water bottle that can be strapped to the side of the cage.

Keeping the food separate from the bottom of the cage is a great way to ensure that the food does not become contaminated (bunnies like to poop and mark their territory, especially in new cages).

The only thing that this cage is lacking is a removable bottom tray.

There is a large door that you can open to get into the cage, and the top can be removed from the base, but a removable tray would have made it a little easier to clean.

Key Features
55” x 23” x 20”
Large, space-saving design
Easy to clean
Easy to assemble
Separate areas for sleeping, eating and playing
Sleeping area is well-designed
Food tray is elevated from the floorNo removable tray in the bottom
Includes accessoriesNatural wood can splinter over time
Packs up flat
Great for travel
Wide front opening
Can house multiple rabbits

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2. Midwest Homes for Pets Deluxe Rabbit & Guinea Pig Cage, X-Large, White & Red

This cage comes with everything your bunny needs to feel safe and at home.

There is enough space for your bunny to run around and play separate feeding areas, and even a secret enclosure your bunny can go to when they want some privacy.

The cage is large enough for your bunny to hop and run around in. You also have an elevated feeding area so that any bunny waste cannot contaminate the food.

The cage comes with an area for hay, rabbit bedding and a detachable water bottle. We like that the elevated food tray features a space underneath for your bunny to hide away if they want some privacy.

The cage could use a removable litter tray but remains easy to clean with multiple entry points into the cage and the option to remove the top of the cage from the base.

Open the large doors to get into the food, litter, or just to give your bunny a scratch behind the ears.

Key Features
47” x 23” x 20”
Ample space for multiple rabbits
Extensions can be bought to extend the cage
5.5” deep base for litter
It can be used for more than just rabbits
Accessories includedThe plastic pieces can be flimsy
Multiple access pointsNo removable litter tray
Easy to assemble and disassemble
Elevated food area
Strong bars

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3. 37″ Homey Pet Heavy Duty Metal Open Top Cage w/ Floor Grid, Casters and Tray

If you have ever had a problem with cages breaking or coming apart, then this is the cage for you. You will never again have to worry about your lovely bunny gnawing through parts of its home [3] again.

The bars are solid metal and coated with a non-toxic finish to protect your pet and keep them safely inside the enclosure. We like that you can stack the cages, having multiple pets in the same floor space.

The addition of a removable litter tray is also something we like. You can clean up the brunt of your bunnies’ mess without removing them from the cage.

This cage is as strong as it gets and heavy because of this. It is harder to lift and move than other bunny cages but has lockable caster wheels on the bottom, so it has some maneuverability.

Key Features
37” x 22” x 31″
Stackable cages
Cage is on casters for easy travel
Top opens for easy access
Floor grids can be removed for cleaning
Heavy-duty barsHeavy
Non-toxic finish
Removable litter tray
Lockable casters

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4. Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

This cage will fit perfectly into any home, saving space and providing your bunny with a place to sleep and eat.

The mesh guard at the bottom of the cage will be awkward for tiny padded feet, so make sure to add a lot of cushioning for your bunny to walk around on.

As any waste is collected, it will start to fall through the grates and onto the removable tray underneath. When it comes time to clean, you can remove the tray, dispose of the waste, and replace the tray.

You also have two doors to access the cage, allowing you to clean the inside easily.

The metal bars have an Electrocoat finish making it safe if your bunny chooses to gnaw on it and strong enough to hold up to any repeated chewing: a strong and secure cage for your bunny.

Key Features
37” x 19” x 20”
Folds up and down in seconds
Multiple access points
Can open cage with one hand
Urine splash guard
Folds for storage or travelMetal grate needs to be padded with hay or pellets.
Removable little tray
Mesh floor
High-quality bars
Long-lasting finish

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5. Kennel-Aire “A” Frame Bunny House, Multi, 29.5×16.5×24 Inch (Pack of 1)

This bunny cage has a retro elegance to it. Your bunny will love being inside of it, and you will love the look of it in your home.

The cage is easy to clean but could benefit from a larger litter tray. Cleaning is easy with two access points to the cage and a removable litter tray.

Take the tray out, dump it, sanitize it, and replace it.

The only problem is that the little tray does not cover the entire cage, and there can be times when bunny waste can make it over the side, though this is rare.

The cage is strong and light but still has wheels on the bottom for easy maneuverability.

The cage is collapsible, too, folding down in seconds for easy storage or transport — a great cage that looks unlike any other.

Key Features
29” x 16” x 24”
Unique A-frame design
Arched roof
Easy to move
Easy to assemble
Can be used for other pets too
Durable and strongThe litter tray could be bigger.
Removable litter tray
Caster wheels on the bottom
Two points of entry
a rabbit in of the best indoor rabbit cages

What do you think about these five best indoor rabbits’ cages? Which one is your favorite? Share your opinion in the comment section. 


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