9 Best Chinchilla Toys to Keep Your Pet Happy (Review)

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Do chinchillas’ need toys? Yes, they do. Toys are essential for your chinchillas,’ and they help you as a chinchilla owner meet the mental, physical, and habitation needs of your furry friends.

Most chinchilla toys are made of wood [1], making them chew toys which are always fun for chinchillas’.

Some of these toys include wooden blocks for gnawing/biting with front teeth and chew wreaths/twigs to chew with back teeth.

Our review of the top 9 best chinchilla toys includes safe toys that will help the chinchillas’ teeth grow continuously over their whole lifespan [2].

Now that we all agree that toys are essential for your chinchillas’ let’s go ahead and look at some of these safe toys for your chins that we recommend.

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Chinchilla Toys Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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9 Best Chinchilla Toys (Reviews)

#1 Sharllen Apple Sticks

Sharllen apple sticks are made from organic apple wood branches, and they have a sweet taste making them perfect chew toys for the healthy growth of your chins teeth.

These sticks are handmade, with each package containing 6 inches long sticks that come in various thicknesses.

You can add some fun to your chin’s cage with these sticks rich in vitamins and protect chinchillas’ teeth natural molars, ensuring healthy growth of their teeth.

Chewing and gnawing on Sharllen apple sticks helps trim your chinchillas’ teeth and keep them in good condition.

Key Features
The sticks are organic with no pesticides ensuring the growth and health of your chin’s teeth.
Apple sticks are safe for your chinchillas to chew on
They help trim your chins teeth, keeping them healthy and happier

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#2 Pevor Pack of 5 Hamster Chew Toys

Pack of 5 chinchilla chew toys is designed to entertain your chins, help them grind their teeth, and control decompression for your pets.

These wooden chew toys allow your chinchillas to work out and play, keeping them active and healthy.

The toys come in lovely shapes but with a delicate appearance making them ideal toys for your chinchillas to grind their teeth and exercise, making their life happier and more comfortable.

These toys feature natural wood with no chemicals or pesticides, making them safe for your furry friends to keep them in good health.

Key Features
The toys are natural wooden pine making them safe for your chinchillas to chew on
Comes in lovely shapes, presenting your pets with an opportunity to work out and play
These toys are a form of entertainment for your chins and help them grind their teeth.
Perfect toys for keeping your chins active and healthy in a fun way

#3 Alfie Pet Wooden Platform Toy

Alfie pet wooden platform toy is ideal for oral hygiene made with safe materials for your chins, making it a perfect resting place and fun nesting for your furry friends.

The platform measures 6” H*6” W*11.75” L to provide your chins with a fun place to exercise, eat and sleep.

 This platform is ideal for satisfying your chinchillas’ instincts to be above the ground when sleeping and eating and adding a natural look to the chins habitat while giving them a fun spot to exercise.

The platform features a string with chew-on toys to entertain your chinchillas and grind their teeth.

Key Features
Features natural wood material which is safe for your chinchillas
The platform provides your pets with a resting place and fun nesting
The platform adds a natural look to your chins habitat while giving them a fun spot to play
The platform satisfies your chinchillas’ instincts to be above the ground level while sleeping or eating

#4 GNB Pet Natural Wood Bridge for Dwarf Hamster

GNB PET Natural Wood Bridge for Small Animal, Dwarf Hamster, Mice, Gerbil, Chinchilla, Chipmunk, Flexible Suspension Ladder B

We recommend the natural beech wood for your chinchillas’ since it’s safe for teeth grinding. The GNB is a bridge ladder toy to enrich your chinchillas’ life.

The wood bridge ladder features a bendable design that allows your chinchillas’ to climb and swing, providing them a fun environment.

The wood material is ideal for your chins to gnaw and keep the growth of their teeth under control, as well as keep them safe and allow them to have a sense of belonging.

You can easily attach this bridge to any chinchillas’ cage helping your pets form a perfect habit of playing in their habitat gradually to help keep your compound clean and tidy.

The bendable bridge is a perfect gift to your chinchillas’ to encourage their plays and exercise.

Key Features
The bendable bridge is flexible to fit in most cages
The natural wood is non-toxic and safe for your chinchillas’
The toy promotes your chins exercise since its fun for climbing, swinging, and gnawing
The bendable bridge develop balance skills and coordination for your chinchillas’
The toy offers your chins exploration and mountaineering desire

#5 Willow Branch Ball Toy

The willow branch ball toy came fifth in our list of top 9 best chinchilla toys. The branch ball is a cute and wholesome playtime chew toy for your chinchillas’.

The toy ball is made of natural willow, safe for your chins.

The willow branch ball satisfies your chin’s instinct to chew and promotes healthy and clean teeth. Your chinchillas’ can’t get bored in their cage thanks to this toy that allows them to chew on, nibble, and nudge.

The willow branch ball is ideal for teeth trimming, and encourages healthy, playful activities for your chinchillas’.

Key Features
It’s a natural willow branch chew toy entirely safe for your chins to chew
It’s ideal for teeth trimming plus promotes clean and healthy teeth
Helps satisfy your chins natural chewing instincts and avoid cage boredom
The toy encourages playful and healthy activities for your chins as they can chew, nudge, and nibble

#6 1095 Nature’s hideaway grass ball from Prevue Hendryx

1095 nature’s hideaway grass ball from Prevue Hendryx is another toy we recommend for your chinchillas’ for various reasons.

First, this toy features a hand-woven grass activity center that helps satisfy your chins instincts to explore, burrow and nest.

Second, the grass ball toy is 9 inches in diameter, ideal for chinchillas as it encourages playful and healthy activities.

Also, the ball toy is primarily natural black grass with a sweet fragrance that is safe for your chins to chew on.

This large grass ball toy is a fun playtime accessory for your chins, ensuring they don’t get bored in their cage.

Key Features
The hand-woven toy is primarily natural black grass which is safe for your chins to chew on
The toy helps satisfy your chinchillas’ instincts to nest, explore and burrow.
A hand-woven grass ball is 9 inches in diameter, making it a fun playtime accessory for your pet friends.

#7 Tropical Fiddlesticks

Tropical Fiddlesticks is another hideout toy for your chinchillas from Kaytee. These wooden sticks are shapeable, bendable, and brightly colored, making them a fun playtime accessory for your furry friends.

The stick’s hideout encourages natural chewing and hiding instincts to your chinchillas’ while providing a cozy place for your furry friends to play, sleep, or getaway.

The hideout place is 10 inches long and 18 inches wide, providing your pets with ample space to exercise and sleep.

Key Features
Encourages natural chewing and hiding instincts to your chinchillas
Provides a cozy place for your chins to play, sleep, or getaway
The sticks hideout is shapeable, bendable, and brightly colored, making a fun playtime accessory for the chins
It’s wide and long enough to provide your pets with a roomy place to play and rest

#8 Kaytee Natural Lava Hanging Toy

The natural wood and lava hanging toy from Kaytee combine natural wood pieces and volcanic pumice rock that you hang in your chinchilla cages to keep them entertained.

Wood and lava materials are ideal for trimming your chins teeth as well as keeping them clean. The toy comes with a natural wood hook to help you hang it in any chins cage easily and watch your furry friends play and chew.

This toy is approximately 2 ½ inches wide and 9 ½ inches long, making it an exciting playtime accessory for your chinchillas as it encourages healthy activities.

Key Features
Made of natural wood pieces and volcanic pumice rock for your chinchillas’ safety
Wood and lava helps trim your chins teeth while keeping them clean
Features a natural wood hook for easy hanging to encourage healthy activities for your pets
It’s big enough to provide your chinchillas’ with a roomy space to play, chew and sleep

#9 SunGrow Seagrass Rabbit Mat

Sungrow seagrass balls and mats are natural and handwoven, making them highly sustainable for chinchillas.

The mat and football are made from eco-friendly seagrass fibers, which are safe for your chins to chew on. The mat and ball don’t contain any, and they are allergen-free, edible, and safe for your chinchillas.

Sungrow seagrass mat is resistant to water with water-absorbent properties that make it more durable, plus cleaning stains from this mat is a breeze.

Sungrow seagrass is a multi-utility play mat that allows you to use it as a solid bedding option for your chins or a foot toy.

The mat has layers that you can hide small treats for your furry friends to chew on as they explore and forage.

Key Features
Features eco-friendly seagrass fibers which are safe for your chins to chew
The toy is non-toxic, virtually allergen-free, and edible making it ideal for your chinchillas’
Features water-absorbent properties making water-resistant hence durable
It’s a multi-utility play mat that you can use as bedding or a foot toy for your chins


Chinchillas are intelligent, active, incredibly cute pets and need lots of physical and mental stimulation hence the need for toys that promote and encourage healthy activities.

We have included toys that meet your chin’s enrichment needs and prevent boredom in our list of top 9 best chinchilla toys.

In addition, playtime outside the cage is necessary for chinchillas but chew toys are also essential for the chinchillas’ dental health (in addition to hay).

It’s essential to provide your chins with safe toys often to chew upon and play with to prevent boredom (and a chinchilla exercise wheel).

The above toys double as chew toys and help wear down your chins teeth while keeping them clean.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your pets’ stay healthy and happy hence the need to get fun playtime accessories.


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What is your favorite toy for chinchillas? Please share with us below!

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