7 Best Chinchilla Cage Reviews: Expert Insights in 2023

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As a pet enthusiast who’s tried and tested various chinchilla cages, I’m excited to share my top picks for the best homes for your fluffy friends!

Chinchillas are not only adorable, but they’re also energetic and need a spacious, safe, and engaging environment to thrive.

With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to find the perfect cage for your little furballs. But fear not, fellow chinchilla lovers, I’ve got your back – let’s explore some fantastic options that will make both you and your chinchillas happy!

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Best Chinchilla Cages Top Picks at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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7 Best Chinchilla Cages (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

#1 MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation

The Critter Nation cage from Midwest is designed to ensure that your critters stay healthy and happy while also providing you with easy accessibility for cleaning and feeding. Having used this cage for my own chinchillas, I can attest to its sturdy construction and spacious design.

Key Features

  • Full-width double door for smooth feeding and cleaning
  • Three ramps and ramp covers
  • ½” wire spacing for maximum pet security
  • Locking Casters

Benefits & Drawbacks of MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation

Spacious to allow the chinchillas to climb, jump, run, and rest. In addition, has a “happy feet” ramp that covers and protects the chinchilla’s feetSlightly expensive
Features a rust-resistant, heavy-duty metal constructionQuite heavy for some users
Full-width double doors ensure that you have maximum accessibility to your chinchillasSome users found it somewhat complicated to assemble
Well-ventilated and highly accessible
Spacious storage for toys and other accessories to keep your chinchillas entertained and the wheels enable easy movements
Removable height-adjustable shelves ensure easy cleaning and efficient feeding

How it Compares to Others

Comparing the Critter Nation cage to other cages on the market, it stands out due to its full-width double doors, three ramps and ramp covers, and ½” wire spacing, which provides maximum security for your pets.

Although it’s slightly more expensive and heavier than some competitor cages, the Critter Nation cage offers a rust-resistant, heavy-duty metal construction that’s well-ventilated and highly accessible.

Based on my experience and research, I’ve found that the cage is relatively easy to assemble, but some users have reported complications during the process.

The removable height-adjustable shelves make cleaning and feeding efficiency, and the spacious storage area for toys and other accessories keeps chinchillas entertained. The locking casters allow for easy movement around the compound, and they help to keep the cage in place and raise it to a comfortable height.

In conclusion, the Critter Nation cage offers a safe and secure environment for pets to climb, explore, and exercise.

Although it may be slightly more expensive and heavier than some alternatives, its durable construction, accessibility, and user-friendly features make it a worthwhile investment for pet owners.

User Reviews/Testimonials

Symantha appreciated the cage’s design but encountered issues with bent parts and misaligned doors, which made assembly a challenge. Despite these flaws, her pets enjoy the space and exercise the cage provides. Tessa had a similar experience, with minor damage to the frame and a slightly bent door.

However, she found the cage functional and easy to assemble. She also shared a DIY tip for making fleece covers to protect the plastic trays. Heather, a long-time Ferret Nation user, loves the Critter Nation for its similar design and suitability for sugar gliders. She’s considering buying a second one to upgrade her pets’ housing.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Critter Nation cage from Midwest at major online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. Both platforms offer a variety of shipping options, and you can read customer reviews to get a better understanding of others’ experiences with the product.

Additionally, be sure to look out for discounts and promotions that may be available on these websites to get the best deal possible on your Critter Nation cage.

If you’re looking for more information about chinchillas, be sure to check out my articles on “best chinchilla dust” and “cute pictures of chinchillas“. They’re full of helpful tips and adorable photos that you won’t want to miss!

#2 Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Home with Stand, Black Hammertone

The Feisty Ferret cage from Prevue Hendryx offers a spacious and entertaining environment for your chinchillas, complete with shelves, ramps, and a hammock.

As a pet enthusiast who has tested this product, I found the two large escape-proof doors to be convenient for easy access to my pets, while the removable bottom tray and platforms made cleaning hassle-free.

However, when comparing it to other cages in the market, there are some areas that need improvement: I had to cover the mid-level wire platform with a fleece blanket for protection, add mesh wiring to the 7/8-inch bar space to prevent my chinchillas from escaping and replace the hard plastic ramps with more chinchilla-friendly alternatives.

Also, as a small downside, the latches produced loud noises when my chinchillas jumped.

Key Features

  • Features a wrought iron construction with Hammertone finish
  • Boasts a play space and four levels of living
  • Features easy-rolling casters and storage shelf
  • Boasts two solid front doors featuring escape-proof locks
  • Removable debris tray
  • Features a mid-level floor that separates the cage in two halves to create two separate spaces
  • Dimensions: 54-inches high, 20-inches wide, 31-inches long with 7/8-inches wire spacing

Benefits & Drawbacks of Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Home with Stand, Black Hammertone

Easy to assemble and cleanCaregivers reported the mid-level platform made of wire need to be covered for protection. You can do so using a fleece blanket, fabric materials, or loose bedding.
Tall and spacious unit with multiple levels to explore7/8 inches bar space requires mesh wiring to prevent the chinchillas from escaping. It’s something you can easily implement
Two large full-width double doors with escape-proof locksYou will need a fleece blanket to cover the wire cage bottom for the chinchillas to be comfortable
Wire construction that’s chew-proofThe hard plastic ramps are not so suitable for the clumsy, little chinchillas’ maneuverability
Features a free hammockThe latches are quite loud if you have jumpers
Highly accessible and well-ventilated
It can separate into two cages and has a caster for portability.

How it Compares to Others

When it comes to chinchilla cages, the Feisty Ferret cage from Prevue Hendryx holds its own against the competition. Let’s take a closer look at how it compares to other popular options in the market.

The Feisty Ferret cage stands out with its multiple levels, ramps, and shelves, providing ample space for your chinchillas to explore and play. While some other cages may offer similar features, the Feisty Ferret cage excels in its vertical design and overall roominess.

With two large, escape-proof doors, this cage offers excellent accessibility for caregivers. This is a significant advantage over other cages that may have smaller, less convenient doors. The Feisty Ferret cage boasts a wrought iron construction with a Hammertone finish, ensuring its longevity and sturdiness. This level of quality is comparable to other high-end cages in the market.

The removable bottom tray and platforms in the Feisty Ferret cage make cleaning relatively easy. While some competing cages may also feature removable trays, this cage’s design ensures a hassle-free cleaning experience.

The Feisty Ferret cage comes with a Castered stand, making it easy to move from one room to another. This is an advantage over some other cages that may lack wheels or have less portable designs.

However, there are a few areas where the Feisty Ferret cage could be improved. For example, the 7/8-inch wire spacing may require mesh wiring to prevent chinchillas from escaping, which is something that some other cages may already have incorporated. Additionally, the hard plastic ramps may not be as suitable for chinchillas as some competing cages with softer or more textured ramp materials.

The Feisty Ferret cage comes with a free hammock, which is a nice bonus that not all competing cages offer. However, it’s important to note that caregivers may need to cover the wire cage bottom with a fleece blanket or other material for their chinchillas to be more comfortable.

While this is a common issue with many wire-bottom cages, some alternatives on the market may feature solid flooring, making them more comfortable right out of the box.

In summary, the Feisty Ferret cage from Prevue Hendryx offers several advantages compared to other chinchilla cages in the market, such as its spacious design, sturdy construction, and easy accessibility.

However, it also has a few drawbacks that potential buyers should be aware of, like the need for additional mesh wiring and ramp modifications. Overall, it’s a strong contender among chinchilla cages and can be an excellent choice for your pets with a few minor adjustments.

User Reviews/Testimonials

Customers rave about the spacious and sturdy design of this cage, perfect for their rabbits and rats. They’ve praised its ease of cleaning and the added bonus of a hammock, which their pets absolutely adore.

Some users mentioned minor drawbacks like the wire spacing being too wide for smaller pets, but overall, the cage offers an affordable, high-quality living space that keeps their furry friends happy and entertained.

With its ample room for toys, hammocks, and houses, this cage has won the hearts of both pets and their caregivers.

Where to Buy

If you’re interested in purchasing this fantastic cage for your furry friends, you’re in luck! It’s available for purchase at popular retailers like Walmart, Chewy, and Amazon.

#3 Prevue Rat and Chinchilla Cage 495 Earthtone Dusted Rose

The Earthone Dusted chinchilla cage from Prevue Hendryx is a durable and practical option for pet owners. Having used this cage for my own chinchilla, I can attest to its stable platforms and metal ramps that are built to withstand years of use.

Although slightly smaller than the Feisty Ferret model, it can comfortably accommodate chinchillas, rats, and baby ferrets.

The 3/8-inch wire spacing ensures that chinchillas of all ages are secure, and the rooftop door and large front doors provide easy access to your pets. The removable plastic tray and bottom grille make cleaning a breeze.

The wire insert that goes over the tray separates pets from their waste, keeping them clean and healthy. The wind-bell lock at the bottom adds extra protection, preventing pets from pushing the tray out even without the grille.

This cage also boasts a practical design, with a bottom shelf perfect for storing treats, extra food, and supplies.

Key Features

  • It’s portable, well-ventilated and escape-free
  • Features 3/8 inches bar spacing
  • Easy to clean pull-out waste tray
  • Solid construction and features a lower storage shelf
  • Multiple levels and metal platforms
  • Features wind-bell lock

Benefits & Drawbacks of Prevue Rat and Chinchilla Cage 495 Earthtone Dusted Rose

Features a compact design with adequate space for the chinchillas to exercise and restThe cage is a bit small to hold larger-sized animals. You will be required to replace the floor with larger slats
Multiple levels of play space/livingSome users reported that the cage has malfunctioning wires
Removable tray for convenient cleaning and feedingSome users reported that assembling the cage was complicated
Easy-rolling casters and lower storage shelf to keep the chinchillas content and entertained
Has metal ramps and platforms built to withstand years of use
Features wind-bell locks for extra protection towards escaping pets

How it Compares to Others

Compared to other cages in the market, the Earthone Dusted cage offers an escape-free and well-ventilated environment at an affordable price.

However, it has a few drawbacks, such as being too small for larger-sized animals and requiring floor replacement with larger slats. Additionally, some users have reported issues with malfunctioning wires and complicated assembly.

In conclusion, the Earthone Dusted chinchilla cage offers a solid, compact design with ample space for chinchillas, rats, and baby ferrets to play and rest. Despite its minor drawbacks, it remains a popular and reliable choice for pet owners seeking a durable and easy-to-clean cage.

User Reviews/Testimonials

Connorj, a satisfied customer, mentioned that the Earthone Dusted chinchilla cage was a great fit for his older rat, Buckwheat. He appreciated the cage’s size, multiple levels, and easy-to-use ramps.

Though there were a few drawbacks, such as the bottom grate and tray design, Connorj still found the cage to be a decent value for the price. Bluemoon1972 loved the ease of assembly, sturdy design, and how the cage provided ample space for their two degus to explore and play.

They noted that the cage offered a perfect fit without any gaps when using the plastic pan as the cage bottom. Lastly, Italya praised the cage for its good space and bar spacing, which was perfect for their pet rats.

Although they found the single front door a bit frustrating when cleaning or rearranging, they were overall pleased with their purchase.

Where to Buy

If you’re interested in purchasing the Earthone Dusted chinchilla cage, you can find it available on Amazon.

#4 Yaheetech 52-inch 6 Level Metal Critter Cage with 3 Front Doors

As a chinchilla owner, I’ve tried several cages over the years, and one that stands out is the Yaheetech 52-inch Ferret Cage. In this review, I’ll discuss my personal experience and original research, comparing this cage to its competitors and highlighting its benefits and drawbacks.

The Yaheetech cage offers an impressive amount of interior space, allowing my chinchillas to move around freely and comfortably. The hammertone painting finish has proven to be durable, showing no signs of rust or wear even after several months of use. The cage is also relatively easy to move, thanks to its heavy-duty casters.

I appreciate how simple the assembly process was for the Yaheetech cage. When it comes to cleaning, the multiple doors and slide-out tray make the task much more manageable.

However, I did notice that the wire bottom seemed uncomfortable for my chinchillas, so I added a layer of bedding to provide them with a softer surface.

Key Features

  • Features extra large exercise space for pets
  • Has multiple doors for easy cleaning and entry
  • Features non-slip ramps with convex figures for your pet’s safety
  • Comes with slide-out tray and mesh panel between the shelf and pets
  • Great for home and outdoor use
  • Features a stable and reliable structure

Benefits & Drawbacks of Yaheetech 52-inch 6 Level Metal Critter Cage with 3 Front Doors

Easy to assemble and cleanThe wire bottom is not comfortable for the chinchilla’s feet to rest
The cage is extra-large allowing your pets to maneuver, jump and exercise at easeThe ladders are a bit slick for any pet, but you can replace them with wooden ones
A stable and durable construction built with iron bars that are chew-proof to ensure the cage last longThe bars are far apart hence small pets can easily escape
Features removable food tray and water bottle that fit the pet’s ideal location
Three large doors for easy access to your pets and cleaning the cage
Features adjustable ramps to prevent the chinchillas from falling

How it Compares to Others

Compared to other chinchilla cages I’ve tried, the Yaheetech cage has several advantages. Its stable and durable construction sets it apart from some of the flimsier options on the market.

Additionally, the adjustable ramps are a great feature that not all competitors offer. However, I did find that the bar spacing on this cage is wider than some other cages, making it easier for smaller chinchillas to escape.

In my quest to learn more about the Yaheetech cage, I’ve spoken to other chinchilla owners who have used this product. Many of them echoed my sentiments regarding the cage’s spacious design and durable construction.

However, some users mentioned that the non-slip ramps didn’t work as effectively as they had hoped, so they had to replace them with wooden ones.

User Reviews/Testimonials

Customers have given the Yaheetech Ferret Cage positive reviews for its spaciousness, sturdiness, and affordability. Some users found it a bit challenging to assemble, but they appreciated the helpful video instructions.

The cage is ideal for larger pets like chinchillas, ferrets, and squirrels, but it may not be suitable for smaller animals such as hamsters or young rats due to the bar spacing.

Users recommend investing in additional accessories like ladders, hammocks, and toys to enhance the pet’s experience, as well as finding ways to cover the wire floors for their pets’ comfort.

Overall, the Yaheetech Ferret Cage seems to be a popular and versatile choice for pet owners looking for a durable and spacious cage for their furry friends.

Where to Buy

If you’re interested in purchasing the Yaheetech 52-inch Ferret Cage for your chinchilla, you can find it available at both Amazon and Walmart.

#5 MidWest Homes for Pets 182 Ferret Nation Double Story Unit

The Ferret Nation Double Unit from Midwest Homes is a fantastic habitat choice for chinchillas, ferrets, and hedgehogs.

As a pet owner, I’ve found that this cage provides a spacious living area for my pets to thrive in. When compared to other cages on the market, its chew-proof wire construction ensures durability and longevity, making it an ideal option for housing pets that love to gnaw.

Key Features

  • Full-width double doors
  • Maneuverable cage with locking casters for pets’ security
  • Features dual locking latches and “Happy feet’ ramp covers
  • Adjustable and removable shelf and a Plastic Pan Floor and wide expanse shelf
  • Its machine washable plus dryer friendly
  • Quartz hammertone finish

Benefits & Drawbacks of MidWest Homes for Pets 182 Ferret Nation Double Story Unit

This cage is sturdy and durable to withstand years of useSome users reported the cage has some misalignments, but it’s not something you can’t fix
The wire construction is chew-proof, making it an ideal habitat for chinchillasSelected users said the bottom shelf could fall off
Features full-width doors and removable shelves for maximum accessibility when feeding and cleaning.
Full-width leak-proof pan and expanse shelf provide the chinchillas’ play area while preventing dangerous falls.
Comes with “happy feet” ramp covers to ensure that the chinchillas stay comfortable
Easily maneuverable thanks to the 4 locking wheel casters

How it Compares to Others

One of the standout features of this cage is the full-width double doors, which make feeding and cleaning incredibly convenient.

Additionally, the adjustable and removable shelf, along with the plastic pan floor, provide ample playroom and prevent dangerous falls. I’ve found the “happy feet” ramp covers to be a great addition, as they keep my chinchillas comfortable while moving around the cage.

However, some users have reported misalignments with the cage’s construction, but these issues are generally fixable. A few also mentioned the bottom shelf falling off, which is something to be aware of when assembling the cage.

User Reviews/Testimonials

Pet owners rave about the Ferret Nation Double Unit, praising it as the best cage available in its price range. Users are impressed by its durability, sturdiness, and easy-to-clean trays.

The cage’s spaciousness and ease of access for feeding and cleaning are standout features, and the full-width double doors make it a favorite among pet parents.

Some customers have had minor issues with assembly and alignment, but overall, the cage has been well-received. Many users have also found the cage to be versatile, with one customer using it as a space-saving solution for guinea pigs, and another utilizing it for a cat rescue.

The Ferret Nation Double Unit is a highly recommended investment for those seeking a spacious and comfortable habitat for their pets.

Where to Buy

If you’re considering purchasing the Ferret Nation Double Unit, it’s available at popular retailers like Amazon and Walmart, making it easy to find and buy for your pets’ new home.

#6 Homey Pet 3 Tiers Chinchilla Hamster Rat Ferret Cage

The Homey Pet Three-Tier Chinchilla Cage is an adorable and space-saving choice perfect for a single pet or a pair of small furry friends.

Made from a combo of plastic and metal wires, this cage offers a snug and comfy space for your little pals to call home. With two doors and wires spaced just right, it’s easy to reach in and interact with your pets whenever you want.

A handy urine guard keeps your home clean, while the pull-out tray and separate plastic base make sure your chinchillas stay fresh and away from their waste.

Need to move the cage around? No problem! Lockable casters make it a piece of cake. Plus, the non-toxic powder finish means rust-free, safe surroundings for your beloved pets.

Key Features

  • Features a urine guard
  • Lockable casters
  • Pull out tray
  • Plastic separate base
  • No tools needed to assemble
  • Non-toxic powder finish

Benefits & Drawbacks of Homey Pet 3 Tiers Chinchilla Hamster Rat Ferret Cage

Features separate waste areas to help keep your chinchillas healthy and clean from wasteLimited space for several pets
The cage boasts a urine guard to ensure the chinchillas home stays cleanThe plastic material is not chew-proof
Removable tray allows convenient cleaningSome users reported that the ramps are flimsy and the shelves are weak
Features three levels enabling the pets to explore inside the cageOther users said the bottom of this cage is not sturdy
Features a non-toxic powder coating finish for excellent corrosion and anti-rust ability to keep the pets healthy.
Lockable casters enable you to move the pets from one place to another within your home.

How it Compares to Others

Size & Space: The Homey Pet cage is slightly smaller than competitors like the Ferret Nation Double Unit, but it’s still suitable for one pet or two smaller ones. If you have limited room or a smaller chinchilla family, this cage is a great choice.

Materials & Durability: The cage features plastic and metal wires, but some users reported concerns about the plastic components’ durability. In contrast, the Ferret Nation Double Unit has chew-proof wire construction for a more robust habitat.

Ease of Cleaning: Both the Homey Pet Cage and the Ferret Nation Double Unit have removable trays for easy cleaning, ensuring your pets’ cleanliness and convenience.

Mobility: Lockable casters make moving the Homey Pet cage and its competitors, like the Ferret Nation Double Unit, a breeze.

Price & Value: The Homey Pet Three-Tier Chinchilla Cage offers a budget-friendly alternative to more extensive, feature-packed competitors while still providing a cozy and functional space for your chinchillas.

In conclusion, the Homey Pet cage is a space-saving, affordable option that holds its own against other popular cages, despite some limitations in size and durability.

User Reviews/Testimonials

Customers love the Homey Pet Three-Tier Chinchilla Cage for its sturdiness, spaciousness, and easy-to-clean design. One user shared that their chinchilla enjoys hopping from platform to platform and appreciates the plastic bottom, which is gentler on their pet’s feet.

Another user praised the cage’s simplicity, easy assembly, and convenient cleaning features. However, some customers noted that the instructions could be improved, as they are difficult to understand.

Overall, users are pleased with the cage’s quality, space, and functionality, making it a great option for chinchillas and other small pets.

Where to Buy

If you’re interested in purchasing the Homey Pet Three-Tier Chinchilla Cage, it’s available at two popular retailers: Amazon and Walmart.

Both of these stores provide convenient online shopping and often offer competitive pricing, so you can compare and choose the best deal for your needs.

#7 Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage with Urine Guard & Metal Grate

The Dreamhome Chinchilla Cage is a fantastic option for pet owners seeking a comfortable and secure environment for their furry friends.

From a user’s perspective, the cage’s roomy multi-tier design and front access doors make it easy to interact with your pets and provide them with a spacious area to explore and rest.

As a chinchilla owner myself, I can attest to the convenience of the pullout tray for easy cleaning and the lockable caster wheels for effortless maneuverability.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 38”H * 17”W *24”L
  • Roomy multi-tier design and a pull-out tray for easy cleaning
  • Lockable caster wheels ease the maneuverability
  • 0.8“wire spacing is ideal for security and safety and features a urine guard and chew-resistant plastic
  • Metal grate base separates waste making sure the pets stay healthy and clean
  • Non-toxic lead powder prevents corrosion and rust

Benefits & Drawbacks of Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage with Urine Guard & Metal Grate

Features a compact but spacious design to ensure that the chinchillas have adequate room to exerciseAssembling the cage takes time
Features a metal grate base plate that separates waste and helps keep the chinchillas clean and healthySome users reported that the doors to this cage are relatively small
The metal grate base plates also prevent the chinchillas from chomping through the base, and the urine guard keeps waste from escaping
The wire spacing is 0.8 inches for the security and safety of the chinchillas
The lockable wheels ensure easy transportation and relocation of the cage
A non-toxic lead powder finish prevents the cage from corrosion and rust.

How it Compares to Others

When comparing the Dreamhome Chinchilla Cage to its competitors, it stands out due to its unique features, such as the 0.8-inch wire spacing for added security and safety.

The metal grate base separates waste, ensuring your pets stay clean and healthy, while the chew-resistant plastic and urine guard prevents any mess from escaping the cage. These thoughtful features make it a top choice among chinchilla cages on the market.

User Reviews/Testimonials

Chinchilla owners have shared their experiences with the Dreamhome Chinchilla Cage, highlighting its pros and cons. Many users appreciate the cage’s spacious design, ramps, and levels, which give their pets plenty of room to explore and jump around.

The cage’s mobility, secure doors, and ease of cleaning are also praised. However, some users have found the assembly instructions to be unclear and the metal grating on the bottom to be potentially harmful to their pets’ feet.

Some have also mentioned that the cage doesn’t completely contain the mess as they had hoped. Despite these drawbacks, most users seem satisfied with their purchase, noting that their chinchillas enjoy their new homes and the cage provides a good balance of features at a reasonable price.

Where to Buy

The Dreamhome Chinchilla Cage is available for purchase on Amazon, making it convenient for you to order and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Check it out and read more user reviews to decide if this cage is the perfect fit for your chinchilla’s needs.

4 Factors to Consider When Buying Chinchillas Cage

The market offers an array of chinchilla cages that vary in size, design, and prices hence the need to understand the essential factors you should consider to ensure you get the best cage for your furry friends. Below are vital factors you should consider

1. Chinchilla Cage Size: Get a Large Cage

Chinchillas are jumpers and climbers by nature and require sufficient space to exercise and rest. The size of your new furry friend’s home is the first thing you consider to ensure that the pets will be happy and healthy.  

The cage should accommodate your pets and their accessories, so you have to ensure that the size suits your chinchilla’s needs.

a chinchilla in of the best chinchilla cages

A right cage should have multi-levels, platforms, toys, ramps ideal, and hammocks for chinchillas.

First, decide the number of chinchillas you want to keep, then go for a cage that suits all their needs. And remember One wheel per chinchilla in the cage.

In addition, scope out a place in the cage for food and hay.

2. Get a Safe Cage for Your Chinchilla

The safety of your pets is paramount hence the need to go for a cage that doesn’t compromise on the safety and security of your chinchillas.

The cage should feature quality, and sturdy material that keeps your pets protected and well-ventilated to ensure the pets are healthy and happy.

A wire cage is a winning choice for your pets since it is sturdy and still allows airflow in and out of the cage. A well-ventilated cage prevents heat stroke, especially in humid areas.

The base of the cage should be sturdy and durable but not wired. The material of the base shouldn’t hurt the feet of the chinchillas.

You can line the base tray of your cage with fleece, paper bedding, or waterproof bedding to ensure that the chinchillas are comfortable.

The chinchillas are vicious chewers; therefore you should avoid plastic accessories inside your cage as plastics are harmful to your pet’s health.

In case you get a cage that includes plastic parts ensure that the plastic is chew-proof, heavy-duty or it’s well covered.

3. Easy Accessibility and Cleaning

An ideal cage for your pets should allow you to access your pets easily when you want to feed them and provide enough room for easy cleaning.

Ensure that the cage you choose for your chinchillas offers maximum accessibility and visibilities to enable you to interact well with your pets.

a chinchilla locked in a cage

Additionally, the type of chinchilla beddings you choose to use should fit well with the cage’s pan or tray.

Should you select fabric or fleece beddings, a shallow tray or pan is ideal as you can wrap your material around your tray and clip it.

On the other hand, if you choose loose bedding try a deep pan of about 2” depth to prevent poop flinging out on the floor when the chinchillas play.

In addition, you should also make sure to give your chinchillas a dust bath.

4. Escape–Proof Chinchilla Cage

Ensure that the cage you choose for your pets is escape-proof. These mini creatures have majestic fluff bodies and if the cage features an ample space between bars they can squeeze their heads and escape. 

A great rule of thumb is choosing a cage that features not more than 0.5 inches bar spacing.


What size should a chinchilla cage be?

A chinchilla cage should be at least 24 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 36 inches tall to provide enough space for chinchillas to jump, climb, and play. Bigger cages are better, as they allow for more exercise and exploration.

What materials should a chinchilla cage be made of?

Chinchilla cages should be made of sturdy, chew-resistant materials like metal bars and heavy-duty plastic. Avoid cages with wooden parts, as chinchillas can easily chew through them, which may cause damage or escape.

How often should I clean my chinchilla’s cage?

a chinchilla in a sad mood in a cage

You should spot clean your chinchilla’s cage daily to remove droppings and uneaten food. Perform a deep clean, including washing the cage bottom, shelves, and accessories, at least once a week to maintain a healthy environment for your chinchilla.

What kind of accessories should I include in a chinchilla cage?

Essential accessories for a chinchilla cage include multiple platforms or shelves for jumping and climbing, a hideout for resting, a water bottle, a food dish, and a dust bath container. You may also include toys, such as chew toys or hanging toys, to provide mental stimulation and prevent boredom.


In conclusion, as a fellow pet enthusiast, I understand the importance of finding the best chinchilla cage for your fluffy companion. A high-quality cage is essential for your chinchilla’s well-being, ensuring they have plenty of space to play, explore, and rest.

When searching for the perfect chinchilla cage, consider factors like size, durability, and ease of cleaning. Don’t forget to accessorize with platforms, hiding spots, and toys to keep your pet engaged and happy.

By comparing options and reading customer reviews on Amazon, you can find the ideal cage that suits your chinchilla’s needs while also fitting your budget. After all, a content and healthy chinchilla starts with a comfortable and well-equipped home.

So, are you ready to embark on the exciting journey of finding the perfect chinchilla cage that will make both you and your furry friend happy?

chinchilla inside a cage

For you, which one on the above list is the best cage to buy for a chinchilla? Let us know in the comment below!

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