6 Best Chinchilla Beddings for Odor-Free Cage (Review)

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Are you looking for the best chinchillas’ bedding? Well, look no further.

I have reviewed the top 6 best chinchilla beddings in 2021 that are absorbent and soft to help promote your pet’s exercise and keep them happy and healthy.

In addition, you need bedding that absorbs odors, soak up urine, and the material should pose no danger to the pets.

That market has an array of chinchilla beddings [1] material to offer, making it difficult to choose the best. In our review, I have a list of the best chinchilla bedding that will help maintain a fresh-smelling and dry pet cage.

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

Top Chinchilla Beddings at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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6 Best Chinchilla Beddings (Buying Guide)

#1 Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Let’s look at Small pet select chinchilla’s natural paper bedding to start us off.

This bedding is super absorbent and highly comfortable to ensure that your chinchillas enjoy some comfort and warmth for a happy play.

Additionally, small pet select bedding contains no harmful chemicals additives since it’s made from pure unbleached, never been printed paper for your chinchillas’ safety and health.

Better still, this Premium natural paper bedding is 99.9% dust-free for easy clean-up, which is perfect for your furry friends. Still, unfortunately, some users reported that it doesn’t control odor long enough.

Key Features
Ideal bedding for your chinchillas
Extremely soft and hence comfortable for your furry friends
Super absorbent to help keep your chinchilla’s cage dry
Made from unbleached never been printed papers to promote your pets’ safety and health
Contains no harmful chemicals additives

#2 Carefresh 99% Dust-Free Natural Paper Small Pet Bedding

Carefresh pet bedding is made from reclaimed pulp, making it safe and healthy for your chinchillas.

The pulp is processed, making sure it doesn’t contain any harmful aromatic hydrocarbons in cedar oils and pine making it safe for your chinchillas.

Furthermore, this natural pet’s bedding is tested for contaminants and sanitized to 380 degrees to reduce mold, bacteria, and fungus for the safety of your chinchillas.

Carefresh pet bedding provides odor control for your chinchilla cage by suppressing the formation of ammonia found in your pets’ urine.

It is also super absorbent and absorbs up to three times the weight in liquid from the water bottle leaks and chinchillas’ waste, ensuring a dry and clean habitat.

Better still, this bedding is less dusty and soft, offering your pets a healthier and cleaner environment as well as comfort.

Key Features
Features a 10-day odor control formula
Absorbs up to 3 times more liquid compared to wood shavings
Dust-free for much easier cleanup
It’s a natural paper chinchillas bedding
Super soft and absorbent to offer comfort to your chinchillas

#3 Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal Bedding

Clean and cozy bedding from Kaytee comes in third in our list of top 6 best chinchilla bedding in 2021. This bedding is almost similar to CareFresh but cheaper, softer, and lighter.

Clean and Cozy is fluffy and soft to encourage your chinchillas to keep on burrowing as well as absorbs two times more liquid than wood shavings.

The bedding is absorbent, which leaves your chinchillas’ cage with less odor plus 99% dust-free. Ensure that your pets stay in a cleaner habitat to prevent respiratory issues.

You can make your chinchillas’ habitat exciting and fun thanks to Clean and cozy bedding that comes in various colors.

It also comes in various pet-safe scents to help eliminate unwanted odor in your chinchillas’ cage.

Key Features
Features fluffy and soft texture which is perfect for burrowing
Two times more liquid absorbent than wood shavings
99% dust-free to maintain a cleaner habitat
Available in various colors, sizes, and scents for a more exciting and fun cage
Made with safe material for your chinchillas

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#4 Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding

Fresh World strength bedding is another type of recycled paper bedding in our list that we recommend for your chinchillas.

The recycled paper is unbleached, safe, non-toxic, making it ideal for your furry friends.

The super-soft crumbles can absorb up to three times the weight in liquid. The bedding controls odor in your chinchillas’ cage for up to 14 days to ensure that your pets stay in a fresh and dry habitat.

The bedding is 99.5% dust-free, ensuring a healthy habitat that is less messy, less dusty, and easy to clean.

Key Features
Made from recycled paper that is unbleached, safe, and non-toxic
Absorbs three times their weight in liquid
99.5% dust-free to ensure a healthy habitat that’s easy to clean
Features odor blocker formula to help control odor for up to 14 days and absorb moisture rapidly

#5 Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

The healthy pet HPCC is natural bedding that features soft pieces which incorporate three times their weight in liquid from leaking water bottles and pet urine keeping your chinchillas dry, cozy, and warm.

It is also virtually dust-free to help your furry friends experience less allergy or respiratory issues and a cleaner habitat.

The bedding suppresses ammonia odor from your pets’ urine ensuring a more fresh-smelling habitat encouraging your chinchillas to burrow and play more.

The bedding features wood pulp, and it’s compostable and biodegradable after use.

Key Features
Provides long-lasting odor control
The bedding is relatively cheap yet with high-end qualities
Absorbs liquid up to 3 times its weight providing your pets with a warm and dry habitat
The bedding can expand up to two times its volume
Features compostable and biodegradable material after use

#6 Carefresh Complete Confetti Pet Bedding

We like the Complete Confetti pet bedding from Carefresh since it’s excellent for chinchillas.

Not only is the bedding absorbent and soft, but it is also made from recycled natural paper, making it safe for your chinchillas. It’s dust-free to ensure that your chinchillas’ cage stays clean for their health.

If you enjoy a little color, you’ll be excited to know that this bedding comes in various colors to make your pets’ habitat more exciting and fun.

The bedding is fluffy and soft, giving your chinchillas’ a comfortable experience when exercising or resting.

The bedding controls odor for up to 10 days, leaving your chinchillas’ cage fresh-smelling.

Key Features
10-day odor control for a more fresh chinchillas’ cage
Fluffy and soft making your chinchillas more comfortable and encouraging play/burrow
99% dust-free for a clean habitat that’s less dusty and less messy
Three times more absorbent than shavings
Come in various colors for your chins’ more exciting and fun habitat.

Odor-free Chinchilla Bedding

​It would be best always to observe hygienic conditions to ensure that your chinchillas [2] stay in perfect health.

When buying bedding for your pets, ensure that you have done your homework to get one that suits your chins needs without compromising on their health and comfort.

From our review of the top 6 best chinchilla beddings, you already know that excellent bedding should be absorbent, dust-free, comfortable, and should also be able to control odor.

With that information, I believe you can now go ahead and choose bedding that is most appropriate for your chinchillas.

If you need other things for your cage, make sure to check out our reviews of the best chinchilla hammocks, dust baths, exercise wheels, the list of toys, or what food to get.

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chinchilla in a cage with best chinchilla beddings in it

Which is your favorite chinchilla bedding? Please share with us below!


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