21 Leopard Gecko Glam: The Cutest Critter Photos You’ll See!

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Leopard geckos are a popular species of pet lizard, renowned for their distinct spotted patterns, gentle nature, and ease of care.

Capturing AMAZING photos of leopard geckos can be a fun and creative way to document their beauty and personality.

When it comes to photos of leopard geckos, it’s a case of ‘the more the merrier’!

Whether it’s a close-up of its colorful spots or a fun action shot, these reptilian subjects make for some truly captivating images (Keep Scrolling!).

Geeking With Your Geckos: Why Life’s Better With Leopard Geckos

Did you know that there are over 6,000 species of lizards belonging to the order Squamata, which makes Geckos one of the most diverse and unique animal groups in the world? (1)

That’s right! Geckos are a fascinating type, blessed with unique colors, mannerisms, and astonishingly charming vibes…. (2)

With their vibrant colors, unique characteristics, and diverse habitats, lizards make for an incredible group of animals to explore and learn about…

21 Candid Captures of Adorable Geckos

#1 The 2 Peas in a Pond: 2 Geckos that Will Steal your Heart

Katie Hughes-Geus Leopard Gecko
Credit: Katie Hughes-Geus

Seeing these STUNNING leopard geckos — Cheechee and Chongchongs with their beautiful leopard spots make me want to adopt them!

Show off your creative side and capture some stunning photos of this unique creature to share with your friends and family and GEEK out with your geckos!

#2 Meet Lemmy and Have a Gecko PARTY

Leanna Gammon Leopard Gecko
Credit: Leanna Gammon

Lemmy the gecko couldn’t believe his eyes as he stared at the screen, thinking ‘what on earth is this contraption and why am I looking at it?!’.

Little did he know, he had stumbled upon a new world of entertainment and knowledge that would keep him entertained for hours as he soaked that bath…

#3 Shake Tails with Echo, the Night Rider

Jasmine Whitehouse Leopard Gecko 3
Credit: Jasmine Whitehouse

Echo the leopard gecko loves to explore at night, with colorful spots glinting in the moonlight.

With a keen eye for all the nocturnal critters that come out to play, echo is always GAME and eager to make new friends.

#4 Meet Midge: the Leopard Gecko Who Lurks in the Fist

Jasmine Whitehouse Leopard Gecko 2
Credit: Jasmine Whitehouse

Say hello to Midge, the Leopard Gecko is a master of stealth, often found lurking in the palms of hands where no other gecko dares to venture!

He’s not afraid to take risks so go play with him!

#5 Where’s Smudge? The Allure of a Gecko in the Shadows

Jasmine Whitehouse Leopard Gecko 1.jpg
Credit: Jasmine Whitehouse

Smudge the Leopard Gecko is mysterious and alluring, captivating onlookers with his entrancing gaze in the shadows of the night.

If it isn’t for that hilarious giggle, he is a keeper of secrets — his beauty is only surpassed by his daring spirit, as he is not afraid to take on any challenge that comes his way (he’s a keeper!).

#6 Kalahari Rock n’ Roll

Gia Guidera Leopard Gecko
Credit: Gia Guidera

Who’s in the middle of the desert? It’s KALAHARI!

Check this guy while he’s partying under the disco lights and have some fun with him in this SPELLBOUND fantasy world…

#7 An Ace Up Your Sleeve

Mark Estupito Leopard Gecko
Credit:Mark Estupito

You hardly have time to react as this guy is performing a daring leap across your finger, leaving you in stitches as they scramble away.

This fella is the guy you wish to meet at every party: fun is NEVER enough.

#8 Zandy: The High-Speed Life of a Leopard Gecko

Ashley Jones leopard gecko
Credit: Ashley Jones

Zardy is a bundle of joy, always ready to explore and always up for a cuddle.

His vibrant personality is sure to bring a smile to your face, no matter what kind of day you’ve had.

#9 Tales Told in Gecko Eyes

Ryan Benfell Leopard Gecko
Credit: Ryan Benfell

They say a leopard cannot change its spots, but can this ADORABLE fella?

The leopard gecko stalks its territory with a regal air, its spotted coat blending seamlessly into the shadows of the night.

#10 Leopard Geckos and the Changing Seasons

See the twinkle in his eye? You can be sure he’s up for some fun — who knows, a meal maybe?!

With a mischievous glint in his eye, ready to jam away and steal the stars in the sky and leave the owner in AWE (don’t tell anyone!).

#11 Cookie Hiding and Seeking

Grecia Luios Leopard Gecko
Credit: Grecia Luios

Cookie the leopard gecko scurries under the bed, seeking refuge from the big bad world.

He peers out cautiously, his wide eyes taking in the unfamiliar sights as he searches for a place to surprise his owner…

#12 Ray: The Christopher Columbus of Geckos

Dominyc Taylor-Pollitt Leopard Gecko
Credit: Dominyc Taylor-Pollitt

Ray the gecko scurries around the house with excitement, his 9-month-old curiosity pushing him to explore every nook and cranny.

His claws dig into the cloth as he clambers around, never at a loss for something interesting to discover.

#13 Peaches: the Joy Forever

Halle Ann Leopard Gecko
Credit: Halle Ann

Peaches the gecko holds tight to her owner’s hand, her little claws gripping his finger as she looks around in awe.

#14 Crowley: the Rock Climber

Jen Connors-Macnair Leopard Gecko
Credit: Jen Connors-Macnair

Crowley the gecko loves to climb, scampering up walls and furniture with ease.

#15 Kiwi: Sweet as Fruit

Heather Busser-DeMarte Leopard Gecko
Credit: Heather Busser-DeMarte

Kiwi the gecko is always ready for a cuddle, her soft scales making her the perfect snuggle buddy.

She loves exploring, too, traveling around the room to investigate all the nooks and crannies with her curious mind

#16 Aphrodite: The Goddess of the Geckos

Anna DeWeese Leopard Gecko
Credit: Anna DeWeese

Underneath a shady tree, Aphrodite the gecko spends her days soaking up the sun and climbing into our hearts.

#17 Blizzard: A Windy Torrent in the Wild

Georgina Humphreys Leopard Gecko
Credit: Georgina Humphreys

Blizzard the leopard gecko is always ready for a GAME!

Even the slightest sound is enough to get Blizzard’s attention, so don’t believe that she’s asleep: she’ll always be on the hunt for something new and exciting.

#18 Sunny without His Sunglasses

Madisyn Stephens Leopard Gecko
Credit: Madisyn Stephens

Sunny the gecko may only be one year old, but he’s already a force to be reckoned with.

He loves to explore and scuttle around, always looking for a new adventure – and if you get too close he won’t hesitate to give you a bite.

#19 Dark as the Night

Jade Michal Leopard Gecko
Credit: Jade Michal

With its night-black scales, the leopard gecko has quite a striking appearance.

Its mischievous eyes seem to peek out from the darkness, waiting for the perfect moment to explore its new environment – even if it’s just a box.

#20 Nahte: The Observer

Angelique Leopard Gecko
Credit: Angelique Leopard

Little Nahte is always so eager to explore his world – even when it comes to food.

He’ll observe and wait patiently, like a tiny hunter, until the perfect opportunity arises to indulge in his favorite snack. At four and a half months old, Nahte is learning all about the art of patience.

#21 Lilo: Sleeping Beauty

Nicci Gerber Leopard Gecko
Credit: Nicci Gerber

LILO is so snug and content when she sleeps in her cozy corner. Curled up and purring, she seems to be dreaming of the grand adventures that await her, just like a tiny explorer.

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Geckos are truly fascinating creatures, with their unique behaviors and roles in the natural world.

From the variety of their actions to their amazing camouflage abilities, there is something endlessly captivating about them.

From the occasional gecko photo that is taken, one can see that these reptiles have an incredible and awe-inspiring presence.

Whether they are out in the wild or in the safety of a pet keeper’s home, geckos will always remain a beloved member of the animal kingdom.

Not to mention, they make for pretty great photo subjects too.

Please don’t refrain from commenting and letting me know about all your Gecko adventures.

leopard gecko climbing on a branch

Until next time…


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