The 3 Best Guinea Pig Litter Boxes (Review Guide)

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Looking for a really great guinea pig litter box so that you can potty-train your cavy and minimize messes?

I’ve got you covered!

While there really aren’t a TON of options out there, I discovered three that I would absolutely recommend to fellow cavy parents.

Let’s start with a quick look at my top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

Guinea Pig Litter Box Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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3 Best Guinea Pig Litter Boxes – Buying Guide

Training your cavy to use a guinea litter box starts with- obviously- the right box. You want something that’s low enough for them to access, easy to clean, and- of course- non-toxic.

While these three below aren’t the ONLY options, they’re by far the most superior. Let’s check them out.

#1 Winner – Ware Manufacturing Lockable Litter Tray

We love Ware Manufacturing plastic litter pan for small pets (adult rabbits, adult chinchilla, bunny ferrets, or adult guinea pigs) for the following reasons:

First, it has the right size with a compact space-saving design for small cages: 12 ½ x 8 ¼ x 6 inches (W x D x H).

The litter box also features a low-entry design that makes it easy for your adult rabbits or adult chinchilla to climb in and out of the box. Additionally, the box’s high walls prevent messy urine splashes outside it.

Secondly, Ware Manufacturing’s sturdy plastic litter box comes with a cage lock, so you can secure it to your pet’s cage.

This makes it mess-free and prevents the box from tipping over. Its compact size means that you can easily fit it in any cage.

Thirdly, the lockable litter box is made using stain and odor-resistant plastic material that will keep your baby guinea pig’s cage clean and tidy.

Last but not the least, Ware Manufacturing guinea pig litter box is super easy to clean, which reduces the time and effort you’d spend on the task.

It is also safe for your adult rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small pets and won’t trap or hurt them.

Available in assorted colorsHas stickers on it that are hard to come off
Easy to cleanDoes not come with a scoop
Has a high back and low-entry corner designOnly designed to fit into a corner
Sturdy and durable
Secures to the cage, mess-free

How it compares to others

Ware Manufacturing litter box is easy to secure to the cage and prevents it from tipping over.

It also fits most wire cages. Compared to other pans, this bestselling trainer corner litter box has thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers. It is also very easy to clean and resists odors and stains.

The best thing about this corner litter tray is its safety aspect. No baby piggies or baby rabbits got injured or trapped in the holes of the top-grill. This aspect makes its special design a winner in our books.

Expert tips

Place the corner litter tray next to your guinea pig’s hay feeder. Guinea pigs love to poop while eating hay so your pet will know what to do with the box instantly! Don’t forget to add some bedding for durability.

Find out how to potty train a guinea pig in the video below.

#2 Best Budget: MKONO Trainer Corner Litter Box for Small Pets

Mkono small litter box is ideal for tiny hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs. Its dimensions are 9.5 x 7.5 x 4 (inches) (L x W x H).

The depth of the litter box is perfect for a small guinea pig and the box’s entrance is optimum for adult rats to climb in and out with ease.

The box’s design ensures that your pet’s feces get collected in the container below – they fall right into it through the holes or grill of the top tray.

Many pet parents love the convenience of this litter box with special design offers. They have easily trained their pets to use the box without any hassles.

Mkono litter box is also very easy to clean. Simply toss out the droppings from the lower compartment and wash and rinse. Your pet’s cage will look so neat and tidy.

SturdyHoles are too large for baby or very small guinea pigs
Easy to clean and useAgain, it only fits into a corner of the habitat
Ideal size and special designCan’t choose color, they send one at random
Good value for money

How it compares to others

Price-wise, this pan is comparable to the Ware Manufacturing guinea pig litter box. The grid holes are a matter of concern – one user’s guinea pig’s feet got stuck in them and grievously injured it.

Expert tips

It is a good idea to add some hay in the top compartment of the box along with soiled bedding and poop in the cat litter box bottoms. This will easily train your guinea pig to use it.

#3 Best Guinea Pig Litter Box with Scoop – Kathson Potty Training Box for Adult Guinea Pigs

Kathson Potty training box for small animals comes with a convenient matching scoop that lets you remove your pet’s potty and clean the box easily.

Its size is perfect for adult guinea pigs: 11 x 9 x 6.3 inches (L x W x D) and it features a low-entry point ideal for small pets to climb in and out.

The sturdy box won’t tip over as it has six anchoring points that let you secure it to the corner of your pet’s wire cage. 

The dual design of the box also facilitates easy clean-up – the poop falls down through the grate and you can easily scoop it out. Also, the box’s stain and odor-resistant material make cleanup easier.

Easy to clean with the included scoopSome guinea pig owners found the holes in the top grille too large
Designed to prevent urine splashingIt’s the most expensive option
Ideal size, fits along any edge of the habitat
Anchors well and prevents tipping over

How it compares to others

The box is slightly more expensive than the other guinea pig cages litter tray reviewed above. That could be due to the scoop provided. We love the box’s corner design and also the fact that it has 6 anchoring points.

The toilet with drawer also features scratch-proof plastic – another great feature to prevent odors and sticky mess. The chance of success in potty training guinea pigs is high with this box.

Expert tips

Pair it with absorbent fresh bedding, paper bedding, or some small litter that will easily fall through the grate below. 

Don’t forget to check our video on how to litter train a guinea pig!

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Guinea Pig Litter Box

Consider the following features when selecting a guinea pig litter box:

Appropriate Size

Choose a box that is appropriately sized for your guinea pigs’ age, weight, etc. If you have multiple cavies in the same habitat, you’d need a larger box.

The box should also fit inside the cage without taking up too much room. It should accommodate different guinea pig bedding ideas, too, to give them a comfortable environment.

The ideal size for a guinea pig litter box is a length of at least 11 inches with a depth of 2-4 inches.

It should have a low-entry point for easy entry and exit. At the same time, the box should have higher walls to prevent messy spills.

Easy to Clean

Look for a box that comes with appropriately sized holes that do not get feces stuck in them.

Also, consider an odor and stain-resistant plastic box so you can prevent a mess in the box. It is a bonus if the box comes with a scoop as that can further ease the clean-up.

Lockable With Anchoring Points

The best guinea pig litter box is one that won’t get tipped over easily by your naughty cavy!

Look for sturdy boxes that come with cage hooks or anchoring points that help you secure the box to the wire cages and baby pit with ease.

FAQs on Guinea Pig Litter Boxes

Can guinea pigs use a litter box?

guinea pig inside a cage: can guinea pigs travel in a car as well?

Certainly. With some training, you can make sure that your little ones will use the litter box. It takes a lot of patience, but it’s absolutely doable.

What should I put in my guinea pig litter box?

Some sort of absorbent material is literally the only thing that you need to put in your guinea pig’s litter box. Don’t put food, toys, or anything else in it. You want your cavy to think of it as a bathroom, not a playroom.

What is the best litter for guinea pigs?

Fleece bedding is the best option overall. It’s soft and gentle on your cavy’s skin, easy to wash, and eco-friendly. Natural unbleached shredded paper bedding is the next best option if you don’t want to deal with fleece.

Can I put cat litter in a guinea pig litter box?

No, you should never use cat litter for guinea pigs. It’s too hard on their feet, their skin, and their tiny respiratory systems. Stick with solutions designed for small pets.

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What is your favorite guinea pig litter box? Please share with us below!

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