3 Best Adorable Christmas Outfits for Your Guinea Pigs

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Need help finding the perfect guinea pig Christmas outfit?

I’ve gathered three available options to give your furry friend some style this winter.

So let’s see what one would best suit your favorite pet!

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

Guinea Pig Christmas Outfit Top Picks at a Glance

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Check the table below for a side-by-side comparison of our favorites!

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3 Best Guinea Pig Christmas Outfits

1. Winner: GuineaPigPatterns Crochet Xmas Jumper

Guinea Pig Santa Sweater Costume Crochet Small Animal image 0

Guinea pig clothes and costumes don’t get more festive than GuineaPigPatterns’s Crochet Xmas Jumper. 

It’s a complete handmade Santa suit that’s perfect for the Holidays months. 

The adorable design sure helps, too, as your furry friend will be ready for the ultimate photoshoot.

Plus, it should last a long time due to the durable crochet material. 

Physical Attributes

  • Handmade
  • Made with crochet material 
  • It comes with a buckle
  • Fluffy beard


  • Product size N/A 

Benefits & Drawbacks at a Glance

Complete Santa costume No refunds
Cute designA bit expensive
Versatile to work as guinea pig sweater/hoodie
Durable materials
Free shipping


Christmas costumes for Guinea pigs rarely come with this much detail. A complete Christmas hat/sweater costume with a fluffy beard and buckle is a rarity in the guinea pig products market. 

As a result, it creates one of the more unique and cute sets of guinea pig clothes. Your friends and guests will be dying to know where you get this adorable guinea pig costume.

The versatility is an understated aspect as it doesn’t have to be a Santa costume. A guinea pig owner can make it into a Christmas hoodie, as well.  

Lastly, it’s hard not to like the durable design and free shipping. These are excellent additions to show its overall convenience and user-friendliness further. 


But the manufacturer doesn’t offer refunds due to COVID, which is a bummer. So ensure you provide the proper measurements for their cavies before buying. 

It also does cost a bit more than you’d expect for festive costumes. 

How it Compares to Others and Why

The detailed, complete Santa design separates this option from its competitors. Plus, buyers won’t find more durable or convenient cute costumes for their piggies. 

Expert Tips

  • Available customization via email with the supplier

2. Best for Multi-Pet Homes: Vehomy Guinea Pig Christmas Hat and Scarf 

Vehomy’s  Guinea Pig Christmas Hat & Scarf is an ideal fit for multi-pet homes.

It comes with two hats and two scarves, which provide various uses. 

So you could get more than your cavy into the holiday spirit. 

But, more importantly, it has the lowest price among these choices.

Physical Attributes

  • Two Christmas red Santa hats
  • One red, green stripe scarf
  • One white, red stripe scarf 
  • Made from acrylic yarn and flannelette
  • Adjustable elastic belt with lock


  • Christmas hat is 2.8″ W x 4.3″ H
  • Craves are 11.8″ L X 0.79″W
Comfortable and warm to wearSizing issues for larger adult guinea pig
Suitable for various animals (bunny, hamster, cavies, and more small pets)
Lowest price
Versatile with adjustable size (elastic belt)
Bright festive Christmas colors

How it Compares to Others and Why

The adjustable belt provides a bit more versatility than you’d expect from pet holiday costumes. It allows the product to work on hamsters, bearded dragons, gerbils, and similar smaller pets. 

3. Best for Customization: EnchantingCreations7 Santa Small Animal Clothes

Guinea Pig Santa Clothes Guinea Pig Santa Hat Pet Santa Hat image 0

Our final product, EnchantingCreations7’s Santa Small Animal Clothes, has no issues spreading holiday cheer. 

Its Santa suit design and antlers will fit right into any home Christmas spirit. 

Don’t sleep on the various buying options, either. 

You can even ask for a custom order if the sizes don’t meet your piggy’s measurements. 

Physical Attributes

  • Handmade
  • Made from acrylic yarn
  • Two buying options (Christmas hat only and Christmas hat/sweater combo)
  • Santa suit design
  • Includes antlers


  • Four sizes (Baby 5 1/2″ neck, Teen 6″ neck, Adult 6 1/2″ neck, and Adult 7″ neck)
Full Santa suit (Christmas hat, sweater, and even antlers) Most expensive option
Cute, cozy designSlow shipping
Suitable to fit lizard, Syrian hamster, cavies, and other small pets
Various buying options 
Custom orders available

How it Compares to Others and Why

The level of customization is a nice added touch by this seller. Likewise, you can’t overlook the included antlers or full Santa suit. Both these attributes made it a hard costume to ignore.

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Guinea Pig Christmas Outfit FAQs

Should a guinea pig wear clothes?

a pretty guinea pig wearing a polka dot dress

Cavies can wear clothes but only for short periods as it can stress them out. You should also “never make a guinea pig wear clothes when they’re alone.” 

Should you move your guinea pigs indoors for winter?

Many owners choose to bring their piggies indoors when winter hits. If you can’t keep their environment’s temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius, “they should be kept indoors.”


I hope our discussions about guinea pig Christmas outfits answered all your questions. If you have any more, let me know in our comment section. Thanks for reading!

Final Recommendation

You can never go wrong with GuineaPigPatterns Crochet Xmas Jumper!

a cute guinea pig wearing a red ribbon for her Christmas outfit

What is your favorite guinea pig Christmas outfit? Please share your pick below!

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