Can Rabbits Eat Pineapple? (Nutrition Facts & Feeding Tips)

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Turning every layer of a mental Rubik’s cube, you suddenly get a glimpse of a question you couldn’t solve: So, can rabbits eat pineapple?

Yes, rabbits can eat pineapple, and it’s great for them.

Not only do pineapples contain many vitamins and minerals, but it also helps keep your bunny healthy.

If you’re keen (and I know you are), read on to find the good, the bad, and the ugly about pineapples…

Key Takeaways:

  • Pineapples are packed with various nutrients, serving as a treat or supplement to their diets.
  • The fruit’s sugar content can cause your bunny health problems, so watch out!
  • Pineapple skin and leaves could be toxic to your bunny ― be careful.

Nutrition From Eating Pineapple

When you feed your pet rabbit pineapple, it will be amped with lots of nutrients. The following are some of the vitamins and minerals rabbits get from eating pineapples:

1. Vitamin B-6

This vitamin benefits the central nervous system.

It helps keeps the rabbit’s body with the right amount of red blood cells, promotes brain health, and reduces stress.

2. Vitamin C

Also called ascorbic acid, which the pineapple contains in large amounts.

In the rabbit’s body, it acts as an antioxidant, which helps protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Better yet, it helps your bunny quickly recover if it becomes ill.

3. Calcium

Calcium helps the bones and teeth to be healthy and strong. Feeding rabbits pineapple will help keep their teeth healthy and strong as it will grow throughout their life.

4. Carbohydrates

Rabbits are active animals, and pineapple is a great energy source.

5. Fiber

Rabbits sometimes don’t get enough fiber in their system, which could cause constipation. Feeding them pineapples could eliminate their constipation problems.

6. Protein

This is crucial for building and repairing muscles and other body tissues. Rabbits are always active, so their muscles are always working.

Pineapples will help keep their muscle in great shape.

7. Magnesium

This mineral is vital for blood circulation and heart health. Feeding the rabbits pineapples will help keep their heart in excellent condition.

How Many Pineapples To Feed Rabbits?

If your burning question, So can rabbits eat pineapple, isn’t yet answered, don’t despair. Here’s a little secret:

Start with small quantities and then some more pieces throughout the day. But don’t let pineapple ― as with fruit generally ― be more than 10% of your bunny’s diet [1].

pineapple for rabbits but can rabbits eat pineapple

Pineapple should never be food that replaces their staple diet of hays. Did you know that 80-90% of their diet should consist of hay? It’s true. Stack up! [2].

Besides pineapples, switch to other fruits and veggies rabbits can eat. Otherwise, they will get bored and start hating pineapples ― you don’t want that!

Also, because eating the same food will bore your bunny, switching food is helpful. Hey, you do it too! You may check out our guide on the other best foods for rabbits for multiple food options for your bunnies.

How Often To Feed Pineapple To The Rabbits?

Pineapples should never replace your bunny’s staple food. As a rule, feed pineapples as an occasional treat or supplement to your bunny’s regular diet. 

Remember: pineapples ― though tasty ― are high in sugar and calories, so feed pineapple a couple of times a week, but don’t do it daily!

This fruit can be a slippery slope: excess could lead to all kinds of health problems ― from gas to upset stomach, diarrhea, and general obesity.

Obesity is also a problem among rabbits, leading to skeletal problems and making it difficult for you to groom them.

Your bunny’s age will tell you a lot about its dietary requirements: if under 3 months, don’t feed your bunny pineapples or any other fruits.

Besides, their stomachs are still developing and susceptible to health issues, especially for dietary newcomers like fruit.

What happens once they reach 3 months?

Well, go ahead and introduce pineapples. But hold fire with too much: start with once a week. And after the first month, you can feed them a couple of times each month.

Can Pineapple Be Bad For Rabbits?

Pineapple can supply your bunny with vital nutrients and a healthy diet, but often it can be harmful.

The golden rule: feed pineapple in small quantities and a couple of times per week (not more!)

pineapple for rabbits but can rabbits eat pineapple

Pineapple’s high sugar content cautions overeating and, if ignored, often leads to serious health issues, including obesity.

If you ever thought, “let me buy the pineapple juice box instead,” think twice.

Before buying anything, always ask yourself: will I eat it when you want to cut weight for the beach? If it isn’t a “yes, ” don’t feed it to your bunny!

And don’t forget to check that the batch is fresh. Old, stale pineapples can quickly summon bad reactions.

Now for juice boxes and fruit juice:

Although they seem innocent, juice boxes are loaded with sugars, other nasty additives, and flavored preservatives, not for health, but for taste. 

So if you have a healthy option free from preservatives, steer clear of pineapple juice and stick with fresh pineapples instead.

If not, your bunny’s health will take a knock resulting in severe sickness and even death.

Which Parts Of The Pineapple Are Safe And Unsafe For Rabbits?

This tropical fruit has 3 parts ―  leaves, skin, and flesh.

To be safe, feed only the flesh. 

pineapple for rabbits but can rabbits eat pineapple

As for pineapple skin, avoid this part, as it can irritate your bunny’s insides [1].

The irritation will prevent them from swallowing it. But if they consume it, the irritation might persist in the stomach and can lead to health problems.

The leaves ― as with the skin ― can also irritate your bunny’s insides. Their sharp points can injure your bunny’s mouth and throat.

So watch those pineapple leaves and skin!


Does pineapple juice help rabbits with digestion?

pineapple juice for rabbits but can rabbits eat pineapple

Yes, pineapple juice helps rabbits with digestion. In addition, it’s an excellent remedy when they are molting.
Moreover, this treat will help dissolve another digestion bedbug: hairballs. But please don’t go overboard. Give your bunny only a little.

Is pineapple core safe for rabbits?

No. the core of the pineapple isn’t harmful to the rabbits.
But as with everything, don’t feed them too much. Besides, too much could make them sick!


So can rabbits eat pineapple? You bet!

Some no-nos: don’t feed pineapple to your baby rabbit. More importantly, check that you don’t overfeed your bunnies if you introduce this fruit.

Although pineapple contains what most people deem ‘natural sugar,’ it has a dark side: too much sugar.

Yes, obese rabbits get obese because of sugar.

Fortunately, if done in moderation, pineapple is an all-around party animal:

Serve this fruit to your bunny as an occasional treat or spice up their meals like your stir fry by mixing in some pineapples for optimal taste (yummy).

rabbits waving at pineapple but can rabbits eat pineapple

So, do you feed pineapple to your rabbits? Let us know in the comments section!


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