Can You Give Hamsters a Strawberry?

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Hamsters can feed on strawberries comfortably and need only a quarter of a teaspoon once or twice per week.

If you give your hamster strawberries remember that they spoil easily.

You should always remove any leftover fruit in the cage to avoid the growth of mold.

As strawberries are a seasonal fruit it can be easy to overfeed, however, make sure not to do so to avoid obesity.

a hamster eating strawberries, what fruits and vegetables can hamsters eat

In addition, strawberries are among the top 20 fruits in antioxidant capacity and are a good source of manganese and potassium.

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Watch this video of a hamster enjoying a strawberry:

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What Others Treats Can I Give My Hamster?

Hamsters thrive on a high variety diet. Fruit and vegetables are with some exceptions a good and healthy choice that adds antioxidants and healthy fats to a diet. In addition, food like meat and cheese can be important protein sources

hamster eating apple, can hamsters eat strawberries

… and watching your hamster feast on its treats is sure to give you a warm and even proud feeling!

If you’re ever unsure about feeding your hamster a particular food, just don’t do it. Likewise, if your hamster ate something you’re not sure about, call your vet.

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3-Step System for Testing New Hamster Treats

When I introduce new treats for my Hamster, Mr. Bubbles, there is a 3-step system I use every time to ensure it’s good for his little stomach.

How to Test New Hamster Treats

  1. Make sure its fresh, washed and doesn’t contain any pesticide (i.e. purchase organic treats)
  2. Test if your hamster can eat the treat. This is done by giving a little test piece and waiting a couple of days watching for any symptoms
  3. Introduce the treat into your hamster’s diet at more regular intervals over the coming weeks

Best Hamster Food

Besides giving them good treats for hamsters, it is very important to give them the right kind of hamster food.

There is a lot of food out there with one of the following traits:

  • Not enough protein in it
  • Becomes dusty
  • Your hamster simply don’t like it and leave a lot of food

That’s why, we have done the research and recommend the following three products, which are none of the above, and instead are the backbone of a good hamster diet.

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Other Feeding Tips For Your Hamster

  • Provide fresh water every day. The water bottle should be frequently checked for any dirt or leaks to avoid contamination of the water. It is also good to monitor your hamster’s water intake because a reduction of water intake can mean you need to visit the vet.
  • Remove any remnants of feed to avoid rotting- this is especially for fresh fruits, vegetables, and powdered food which tend to grow mold/bacteria.
  • Do not overfeed on vegetables to avoid diarrhea. Overfeeding on sugary fruits and treats is also discouraged because it tends to cause obesity in your pet.

  • When introducing a new kind of feed to your hamster, you should first give a small amount and observe for a week for any negative reaction to the food. If there is no negative reaction, then the feed is safe for consumption for your hamster. A sudden change in the diet of your pet may cause stress.
hamster eating food other than strawberries

Now you try it!

You are now well equipped to start feeding all kinds of treats to your hamster.

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If you have any questions about any treat we have not covered, please leave a comment below – we’ll be around to answer it.

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a hamster with strawberries in front of him, can hamsters eat strawberries

Can hamsters eat strawberries? Please share your opinion in the comments below!

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