Can Chickens Eat Noodles? Is It Healthy? (Feeding Tips)

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If you’re wondering can chickens eat noodles, be amazed to hear this:

Yes, chickens can eat noodles.

These curly glories are high in protein and a good source of fiber, iron, and carbs.

Noodles make an excellent treat for chickens, so feel free to feed it raw or cooked (your choice!).

But that’s not all: I wish to warn you about a couple of nooks and crannies― keep scrolling…

Key Takeaways:

  • Strive for variety. Noodles are a great treat for your chickens but don’t feed them as their main course.
  • Watch out for too much! Noodles are filled with carbs and can be a health risk.
  • Beware of seasoned noodles. Seasoning can contain various impurities harmful to your chickens.

Is It Healthy For Chickens To Eat Noodles?

Noodles spur a nutritious treat and can fuel your chickens with some essentials [1].

Still, it’s not as easy as opening a packet and dipping it into their bowls: these curlies ― as with other types of junk food ― contain lots of impurities and carbs.

Noodles for chickens but can chickens eat noodles

Carbs come in the form of starch. Too much can cause your chicken’s health issues, so monitor the amount.

Aside from this caveat, let me clarify some other health benefits:

1. Source of Protein

According to G.F. Heuser, a researcher at Cornell University’s poultry division, had this to say about protein for hens in production:

Hens in production require a continuous supply of protein“. [2]

Although noodles contain some protein, serve them with a varied diet.

They can be an excellent source of protein if you combine them with essential foods, fresh fruits and veggies [3].

Interestingly, proteins play a vital role in your chicken’s health, especially in the organs’ health and function.

What’s more, proteins build and repair body tissues. Better yet, this molecule creates enzymes and hormones, which add to stronger and healthier muscles.

Besides its muscle powers, protein is also an essential building block of bones, blood, skin, and cartilage [4].

2. Promotes a Healthy Digestive System

So, can chickens eat noodles? You know the answer, but I want to mention something else:

Noodles are a good source of dietary fiber. It has about 1.2 grams of fiber per 100 grams of noodles.

Fiber is necessary for a healthy digestive system, promoting regular bowel movement and preventing constipation [5].

As a result, your chickens have fewer problems with feeling full and, thanks to better digestion, have more energy and vitality.

3. Provide Energy

Noodles are a great source of carbohydrates. While carbs may be questionable for your  chickens’ health, they can have some admirable properties:

They benefit your chickens by providing them with energy. Foraging for food, chickens are very active during the day, and such a sparkling energy boost is just what they need.

Again, feeding noodles to them occasionally will not affect their health, but be careful of overfeeding.

How To Feed Noodles To Chickens

Although you can feed your noodles raw, it’s best to cook them so your chickens have an easier time eating them. 

Here is an excellent video showing you how to cook noodles:

If you have some leftovers, pour them into the chickens’ feeding bowl, and they’ll start munching on them.

If your noodles are raw, sprinkle them on the ground, and the chickens will start pecking at them.

Luckily, raw noodles are brittle, so you don’t have to worry about your chickens choking on them. Once your chickens peck these noodles, they’ll break.

If you’re wondering whether to feed your chickens spinach or cucumbers, our articles “Is Spinach Good for Chickens?” and “Can Chickens Eat Cucumbers?” have got you covered. These informative articles are packed with valuable insights and advice on incorporating these nutritious veggies into your chickens’ diet. Don’t miss out!

How Much And How Often To Feed Noodles To Chickens

Even if noodles aren’t toxic, feed these goodies only in moderation. Noodles can be unhealthy if you overfeed them, so watch out.

Noodles for chickens but can chickens eat noodles

Most noodles don’t have the proper nutrition to meet the chicken’s dietary needs.

As a rule, check that the noodles consist of 10% of their main diet and not more.

The rest should come from quality commercial feeds. These feeds have been formulated with the right amount of nutrition to meet the requirements of the chicken’s diet.

So, feed noodles to your chickens only as treats, and do so no more than once or twice per month.

Besides serving noodles as a favorite treat, you should rotate other foods throughout the week. This way, the chickens will get the nutrition that noodles don’t have.


Can I feed my chickens only noodles?

No. Noodles, although tasty, are best with chicken feed to boost all the essential nutrients.
When you feed your chickens only noodles, they can miss out on essential vitamins like Vitamin C.

Can chickens eat seasoned noodles?

No, I don’t recommend this. Pre-made seasonings are loaded with sugars and other impurities ― garlic, onions, MSGs ― that can harm chickens. So steer clear!

Can baby chickens eat noodles?

baby chickens

Yes, but not if they’re under 2 weeks. Their stomach hasn’t developed enough to be able to digest the noodles.
For better digestion, Make sure to start with cooked noodles.


So, can chickens eat noodles? You bet!

These curly favorites aren’t only flexible in look but also armed with some nutrients, protein, and carbs.

You can feed noodles as an occasional treat or, if you want, weave it into their balanced diet, giving your chickens a formidable chicken feed (your choice).

But be careful with too much: Noodles can be a notch down from nutritious food, and the carbs can cause weight gain and various nasty complications.

So please monitor the servings to make sure your chickens aren’t overeating.

If in doubt, be a responsible chicken owner and consult a vet. This way, they’ll be safe with any uncommon dietary changes.

chickens waving at noodle but can chickens eat noodles

So, did you ever feed noodles to your chickens? Let me know in the comments section!


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