3 Best Chinchilla Foods You Chin Will Love

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Did you know chinchillas’ are vegetarians?

And did you know they have delicate stomachs?

Or did you know that chinchillas are coprophagous pets meaning they feed on their droppings? But, don’t panic! This practice is standard and healthy as they get more nutrients from their feces.

To help you take care of your chinchillas’ we have reviewed the 4 best chinchilla foods available in pet stores.

These commercial foods are ideal for your chins as they contain the correct amount of fat, proteins, and roughage to keep your pets healthy and happy.

So keep on reading.

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Our Favorite Chinchilla Foods at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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3 Best Chinchilla Foods (Review & Favorites)

#1 Tiny Friends Farm Charlie Chinchilla Food

Tiny friends’ farm is another chinchilla food from supreme pet foods that we recommend for your chin’s diet since it’s nutritionally balanced for your pet’s health. [1]

The food is delicious nutritious with no added sugars and encourages natural foraging for your chinchillas’.

Charlie chinchilla tasty mix combines wheat, oats, maize, carrot, peas, Timothy hay, and added vitamins that help promote your chinchillas’ vitality and wellbeing.

Better still, the food contains added tasty linseed that gives your chins a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Ensure that your chins get their daily portion of Charlie chinchilla tasty mix, plus you can also include fresh leafy greens, or fresh hay for chinchilla, and lots of clean drinking water for the health and wellbeing of your pets’.

Key Features

Charlie chinchilla food contains delicious ingredients with no added sugars for your chins wellbeing.
It’s nutritionally balanced and encourages natural chinchilla foraging
The ideal food to keep your pets’ coat shiny and their skin healthy
Suitable for all chinchilla breeds

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#2 Oxbow Essentials Chinchilla Food

Oxbow essentials chinchilla food is nutritionally balanced to help maintain your pets’ digestive function.

The food is also ideal in maintaining your chinchillas’ dental health and weight and improving the quality of life for your active herbivores’ furry friends.

Oxbow essentials chinchilla food is made of good pellet and alfalfa-based ingredients, which are high in fiber for your chinchillas’ healthy digestive function.

The food is also rich in vitamins, potassium, minerals, calcium, and iron which help keep your pets cholesterol in check and maintain healthy teeth.

Key Features

Complete and balanced food with high fiber for your chinchillas’ digestive function
The food is formulated to meet the pets’ nutritional needs
The food contains alfalfa and pellet ingredients to help maintain healthy teeth and wellbeing of your chins

#3 Vitakraft Fruit Cocktail Chinchilla Treats

Vitakraft Fruit Cocktail Chinchilla Treats

Vitakraft chinchilla cocktail combines sweet flowers, fresh fruits, and berries which is a perfect treat for your chinchillas’.

Other ingredients include dehydrated alfalfa meal, carob pods, puffed wheat, dried rose hips, raisins, oats, dried rice, ground corn, ash berries, and preservative calcium propionate.

 The ingredients are all-natural to help promote a healthy lifestyle for your chins. This chinchilla food is easy to digest, and it’s blended to imitate chinchillas’ natural habitat.

The mixture of natural fruits cocktail is colorful and tasty that your furry friends will find irresistible.

This food is formulated to meet your chins nutritional needs to stay healthy and happy.

Key Features

The colorful mixture comprises fresh fruits, ash berries, and delicious flowers, making it an ideal treat for your chins.
All the ingredients are natural to promote your chinchillas’ healthy lifestyle.
The food is tasty. Your chinchillas will find it irresistible
Formulated to meet your chins nutritional needs
Blended for easy digestion plus help imitate your chinchillas’ habitat

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Naturally, chinchillas are adapted to eating vegetation high in roughage and not fat diets food. [1]

The four best foods for your chinchillas’ on our list are rich in high fiber and have plenty of roughage to help keep your chins teeth in good condition and ensure that their digestive system is functioning well.

You can also supplement the commercial food with loose hay, but you should ensure it’s clean and fresh to provide your chins with more fiber.

Other supplements include apple twigs and branches from non-toxic trees, but they are not treated with pesticides. In addition, it is also a great idea to supply your chinchilla chew toys.

Chinchillas’ like routine hence the need to be consistent on the time you feed them. You should also throw in some treats for your chins like dried fruit, raisins, and rose hips we recommend.

For a great cage, also make sure to change the bedding often, have a hammock for relaxation and give your chinchilla a dust bath – and make sure to have a wheel for exercise.

Important to note, though, is that most treats are high in sugar hence should not be given to the chins in plenty for their dental health.

chinchilla eating the best Chinchilla Foods

What are your favorite chinchilla foods? Share below!


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