11 Best Rat Toys That They Will Enjoy [Review]

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Rats are intelligent and energetic creatures and need more than just an empty cage to run around in. If you add toys to their day, they will love you for it [1].

The great thing about these best rat toys on our list is that you can add them to their cage, along with anywhere else your rat is going to be.

We looked for the most interactive toys, the ones best for their health, and those with natural fibers. Please take a look at the heaps of toys we found and choose the best ones for your pet.

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Top Rat Toys at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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11 Best Rat Toys (Buying Guide)

#1 JanYoo Bunny Chew Toys

The best thing about these toys is that so many of them. You get seven toys when you make this purchase, and each one is different, giving your rat hours of fun each day.

The toys can be rolled, sat on, and chewed, so there is something for every rat.

The toys are made from natural fibers, and your rat can chew on them freely without the toys being detrimental to their health.

The apple sticks have a natural sweetness and will encourage good dental hygiene.

Key Features

Seven toy

Natural fibers

Good for dental health

Interactive and fun

Why we like it

“We like that you get so many toys for one low price. Buy this set, and your rat will never run out of things to do.”

#2 Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy

This is a great climbing toy that one rat could enjoy and enjoy with a pair of rats. The toy is crafted from cotton rope so your rat can chew on the toy freely.

When they chew, they will naturally take care of their teeth [2] and take care of their nails [3]. Climbing on the woven structure will help to wear down their nails.

The cotton toy is easy to attach to your rat cage or anywhere else that your rat will be. It is a great toy to encourage rats to socialize.

Key Features

13” x 8”

Natural cotton

Great for chewing

Wears down nails

Can be combined

Why we like it

“We love that this toy is for climbing. Rats love to climb, and they can venture out on solo climbs or with a little climbing rat buddy.”

#3 ZALALOVA Hamster Chew Toys

Where else can you get ten toys for one low price? This pack of ten toys has everything your rat will need, including a swing, rollers, a teeter-totter, balls, and more.

Rats love to run around and interact, and this set is perfect for that. It also features natural chew toys. Your rat can chew without any adverse side effects.

Key Features

Pack of 10

Natural wood


Great for chewing on

Promotes dental health

Why we like it

“We love that you get so many toys in this set. Your rat can play for hours without ever getting bored.”

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#4 Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rats

kaytee best rat toys for chewing

This is a great chew toy for a rat, with wooden blocks (some of which are shaped like cheese wedges). The chew toy can hang anywhere, making it great for inside and outside their cage.

Along with the cheese wedges, there are wood balls, logs, and blocks. The colors are bright, and your rat can chew to its heart’s content.

Once the toy has been chewed down enough, you can remove the loose parts and replace them when needed.

Key Features

Great for chewing

Promotes dental health

100% natural

Colorful and bright

Why we like it

“This is the perfect toy for a rat who likes to chew. There are different shapes and textures, so your rat will enjoy chewing and will get a lot of benefit from doing so.”

#5 Pevor Pack of 5 Hamster Chew Toys

Image 1 - Pevor Pack of 5 Hamster Chew Toys - Natural Wooden Pine Dumbells Exercise Bel...

Another great set of toys for your rat will encourage exercise and good dental health [4].

All of the toys can be rolled around their cage or in the area where they exercise, and the toys can all be chewed.

The different shapes and textures will encourage your rat to wear down their teeth and keep their mouths healthy.

The wood is natural, and the toys are interactive enough to keep your pet occupied for hours.

Key Features

Pack of 5

100% natural

Durable and tough


Great as chew toys

Why we like it

“We like how these toys look. They are functional, and the natural wood gives them a rustic and natural look.”

#6 Prevue Hendryx 62801 Naturals Coco Hideaway 

This toy is excellent for rats who love to climb. On one side, you have a natural orb that your rat can hide inside, and on the other, you have a natural wooden ladder.

When you include this in their best rat cages, you have a great place where they can run and hide. The natural textures will feel great when your rat is running across them, and they will find pleasure in chewing on the toy too.

The natural materials are completely safe for your rat, and the toy can easily be attached to almost any surface.

Key Features

12” x 4.5”

Natural fibers

Great for climbing

Great for chewing on

Looks unique

Why we like it

“We love the look of this toy and the fact that you are giving your rat somewhere to hide. Rats are social creatures but still like a place just for themselves.”

#7 Niteangel Tunnel Hamster Hammock for Small Animals

This is an excellent toy for your rat to hide in. You can hang the tunnel in your rat’s cage or anywhere else they play and watch them climb on it and hide inside.

The straps are sturdy so that you can have multiple rats on the tunnel simultaneously, and the interior is soft and plush, so you will often find your rat sleeping in there.

 The tunnel is open while still being secluded and provides a safe place for your rat to hang out.

Key Features

15” x 4.5”

Soft and plush

Can be hung

Great for multiple rats

Looks stylish

Why we like it

“We love that this toy can accommodate single rats or multiple rats. It is the perfect toy if you rat likes to hide.”

#8 Lixit Critter Space Pod

This is an ideal space for a rat to hide out in. The pod can be used in one of two ways. The structure can stand upside down so that your rat can hide underneath it, or the entire structure can be hung so that your rat can climb up to it and hide inside.

 The pod is colorful and bright, making it an excellent toy for your rat to interact with, and it is easy to clean, which is perfect as they will be spending a lot of time inside it.

Key Features

Colorful and bright

Great for hiding inside

Can be used in multiple ways

Can be climbed on

Solid and sturdy

Why we like it

“We like that you can use this toy in one of two ways. Once your rat figures it out, you can switch it up to keep them interested for longer.”

#9 WINOMO Pet Hammock Hamster Hanging Toy

This hammock can be hung from anywhere you can attach the clips to. The small chains hang from above and provide a lot of strength to the hammock.

The hammock itself is challenging but soft, and your rat will love to curl up inside and rock to sleep. As well as being able to sleep in it, they will enjoy climbing on the hammock.

The chains are rust and corrosion-resistant, and the material is held together with refined stitching — a great toy that will last a long time.

Key Features

Easily hung

Strong materials

Great for climbing


Why we like it

“This is a great toy for those rats who like some time alone. Hang the hammock in a secluded place and watch as they climb up to it.”

#10 Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler

If your rat likes to chew, this is the perfect toy. The knot nibbler features cylinders of colorful wood held together with more natural wood.

The natural almond nut is excellent for your rat to chew on, and your rat can roll the toy around while doing so. The toy is oddly shaped, making it even more interactive for your pet.

The wood is safe to gnaw on and will help to promote dental health.

Key Features

4” x 4” x 3.25”

Natural almond nut

Promotes healthy teeth and gums

Great for chewing on

Colorful and bright

Why we like it

“This is a great chew-toy for any rat. The toy is large enough to keep them interacting with it and features natural wood to chew on.”

#11 Niteangel Wooden Ladder Bridge

This rat toy doubles as a chew toy and a climbing toy. The wood is natural, and chewing on it will help their teeth and gums. The ladder can be climbed on, and your pet can hide underneath it.

The great thing about this toy is that the ladder can bend to fit a variety of spaces.

 This is an excellent toy for promoting exercise and would do well in a cage with multiple rats who can climb on and under it simultaneously.

Key Features


100% natural wood

Great chew toy

Can be used for hiding

Good climb toy

Why we like it

“We like that you can adjust this arch to fit a variety of spaces. It can be used to bridge a gap of varying size, and you can also place it between levels.”

What to Consider When Buying a Rat Toy?

Rats are inquisitive and active animals who cannot do without toys. The more toys you have in their area, the happier they will be. They need to be stimulated, and you can only do so much for them.

Look for toys that can be climbed on and chewed, and choose toys that will bring the benefits.

Who Should Buy A Rat Toy?

Quite simply, anyone who owns a rat. Of course, those who do not own a rat can buy toys for their rat-owning friends because the more toys, the better. Rats need toys, so if you have a rat, you should be buying toys.

When rats chew, they are taking care of their teeth. 

What Toys Should I Give My Rat?

Rats need toys that cover two main areas. They like to climb, and they want to chew. With climbing toys, look for toys that will challenge your rat and which can be attached to multiple surfaces. Hanging toys are great as your rat has to figure out how to get up to them.

a rat in a cage with best rat toys

When rats chew, they are taking care of their teeth. The more chew toys you can give them, the better. Look for natural wood and fibers and a variety of textures. The bigger the toy, the longer it will last (generally).

We like to recommend finding a mix of the two but know that a chew toy will eventually be chewed away to nothing. Chew toys will need to be replaced at some point.

You can also look for toys in which your rat can hide.

Can I Give My Rat Toilet Paper Rolls?

Yes, you definitely can. They are a cheap toy for your rat though they will not last very long. Rats like to chew on them, and, being cardboard instead of wood, they can be chewed through pretty quickly.

Rats will love to hide inside of them and crawl through them, and the best part is that you have an almost endless supply.

white rat using a car

For you, what are the best rat toys from the above list? Please share your opinion.


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