8 Best Bearded Dragon Breeders In The U.S (Trustworthy Ones)

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Have you been searching for the best bearded dragon breeders but not sure where to look?

I’m happy to tell you you’re in the right place.

In this guide, I’ll talk about the top beardie breeders, things you should know about them, and how to find them.

But before I proceed, how do you choose the best dragon breeders?

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Don’t have time? Check this comparison table of our top faves!

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How to Choose the Best Bearded Dragon Breeders

Having a list of the top bearded dragon breeders isn’t enough. You’ll also need to know the specific features to look out for when making your choices. 

petting a bearded dragon

Apart from the wide array of options available to choose from, there are endless benefits to acquiring bearded dragons from a reputable breeder instead of getting them from pet stores.

When you buy bearded dragons from pet shops, chances are the beardie hasn’t really enjoyed adequate care. (1)

Also, you may not be unable to find out essential information such as age, past health issues, and family history.

By opting for commercial breeders, you avail yourself of a wide variety of morphs or color patterns to choose from, allowing you to pick from the best options.

Here are the primary features that will guide you in choosing the best breeders.


You must have observed that we took great care in specifying the variety of morphs that each breeder mentioned in our list provides.

One of the ways to know which bearded dragon breeders are good at what they do is to check how vast their colors and morphs selection is.

This gives you the advantage of having a huge selection to choose from, unlike the ones who constrain you to the few options that they provide.

Customer Service

You really can’t downplay quality customer service when choosing your favorite bearded dragon breeder.

This is precisely the aspect of their business that affords you the privilege to interact with them, provide your specifications, and also get your complaints attended to.

You’ll end up having a lot of problems to deal with if you do not pay attention to choosing a breeder with quality customer service. As such you shouldn’t be reluctant to contact them when there’s a need to do so. 

One way to rate breeders based on customer service is to observe how long it took them to respond to your message/mail and how they demonstrated concern in attending to you.

Online or Local Breeder

The online community is an appropriate place to find a reputable breeder. Although it may seem weird to ship a live reptile, you need not worry as professional breeders know how to move their dragons properly.

One of their responsibilities is to handle the shipment logistics and ensure there are no pitfalls.

There are also a few benefits to patronizing local breeders. One of them is that you’ll have a physical experience with picking your pet.

This allows you to see the breeding operations firsthand, and develop a friendly relationship with the breeder over time and which can be an excellent resource.

However, you should not patronize a local breeder if you’re not sure about their practices and personnel.

Shipping Policy

It will be awful to complete a purchase deal with a breeder only to discover they do not provide overnight shipping service. Ensure you confirm that their shipping process is 100% up to standard.

The shipping policy will greatly determine if your bearded dragon arrives in good health due to the possibility of being exposed to the elements during shipping.

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Top 8 Bearded Dragon Breeders in the US

There are many bearded dragon breeders today and filtering the best choice is a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be one.

There are various criteria for ranking breeders, ranging from price to a track record of breeding healthy bearded dragons, to the variety of color morphs that they offer, etc.

Reputable breeders should have breeding facilities where standard husbandry and propagation measures are practiced. (2)

Our list will put these criteria into consideration to give you the best options available to choose from.

1. Carolina Classic Dragons 

Safe ShippingA limited selection of morphs
Fantastic customer service 
Budget-friendly prices for a wide range of genetic stripes 
Offers several pictures of your beardie before arrival 

Carolina Classic Dragons focus on bearded dragons alone and that explains the reason for the quality and proficiency they offer. Through meticulous genetic pairings, they produce healthy, fit, large-sized bearded dragons that live long enough.

Their selection is pretty limited and comprises a variety of morphs including hypo citrus Dunners or tigers, witblits, red-bearded dragons, orange or citrus leatherbacks, and rainbow Dunners.

They have a standard shipping policy that offers overnight shipping.

This company has served the bearded dragon community for several years and they are reputable for what they do.

You can look up the variety of morphs that they offer in their gallery on their website. You can also contact them via mark@carolinaclassicdragons.com

2. Fire and Ice Dragons

Offers a health guarantee for up to two weeks after shipmentLimited morphs available
Excellent customer serviceComprehensive care sheet unavailable
Offers online shipping 

This bearded dragon breeder is simply stunning, and their name says it all. Fire and Ice Dragons has been in the breeding business for quite a long time and they’ve remained relevant for the quality they offer.

Navigating through the colors and morphs selection on their website is such a spectacular experience. They provide nice-looking, healthy bearded dragons that live for many years, and the excitement behind the testimonies on their page says it all.

They offer a maximum satisfaction guarantee and some of their morphs include hypo non-leatherback spiky male, hold back quality super citrus female, citrus orange het hypo male, and many more.

With Fire and Ice Dragon, you have a 24-hour return guarantee if you’re at all displeased with the dragon you got, which is a very rare experience.

You can contact them via terri@fireandicedragons.com

3. CB Reptile

Full service of an on-site biologistDoes not specialize in bearded dragons only
7-day health guarantee for all reptiles boughtBearded dragons have no exposure to outdoor habitats
Offers captive-bred bearded dragon 

It isn’t surprising that CB Reptile has maintained a top spot among leading reptile breeders globally. The company offers different kinds of reptiles with superlative quality features.

However, we are more concerned about their bearded dragons in this article.

CB Reptile offers a vast selection of bearded dragon morphs ranging from citrus bearded dragons to silk back bearded dragons, to white-bearded dragons, also known as albino bearded dragons, and many more. (3)

Just think of a color variety and you’ll find it with CB Reptiles. Their website features many exciting testimonials that new customers will find inspiring.

Their breeding facility offers reliable features under the supervision of an experienced biologist. Quality health standards are a top feature of their bearded dragons and you can get a 7-day health guarantee if anything comes up.

To place your orders or learn more about this breeder company, you can check out their website or contact them via Support@CBReptile.com

4. Dachiu Bearded Dragons

Offers a 6-week health guaranteeServices may be quite pricey
Provides a comprehensive bearded dragon care guide 
Variety of morphs 

This company was established by a married couple team of hobby breeders with about twenty years of experience in caring for these amazing reptiles.

They have a comprehensive gallery of all the adult dragons available in their breeding stock and have a huge selection of baby beardies for sale.

Some of the color morphs they offer include translucent, hypo translucent, yellow, orange, and red color morphs, leatherbacks, Witblits, and hypomelanistics.

You can check out pictures of their breeding facility on their website as they display sights of their egg incubators and breeder enclosures.

They ship their beardies across different regions of the country like most breeders. They offer a magnanimous 6-week health guarantee and a standard arrival guarantee.

You can contact Dachiu Bearded Dragons via 570.462.2196. 

5. XYZ Reptiles

Superb breeding facility and larger enclosuresDo not offer middle-aged and adult dragons
Experienced with producing docile beardiesVery limited morphs
100% Satisfaction guarantee 

XYZ Reptiles is another amazing breeder with a rich track record of producing healthy bearded dragons. With this company, you don’t have to worry about uncompromised health and shipping standards when buying your reptiles online. 

They are super meticulous about how they care for their bearded dragons. Their breeding facility is of top-quality, the reptiles are accommodated in proper enclosures with the appropriate temperatures and UVB lights.

The reptiles are exposed to the proper care and treatment to ensure they don’t develop into aggressive beardies.

There are interesting and educative videos on their  YouTube channel that you might also want to see. XYZ Reptiles sell baby bearded dragons only and their morph selection is quite limited. 

Currently, they only offer normal morph, red, and citrus bearded dragons. You can contact them via info@xyzreptiles.com.

6. Morph Market

Offers a variety of morphsPrices are on the high side
Easy to contact them 
A care sheet is provided 

Morph Market is a top choice breeder if you’re looking for a reliable online breeder. This breeder company has a wide selection of the best morphs of bearded dragons you can think of.

Their offerings range from hypo to red, to paradox, hybrid, tangerine, phantom leatherback, blue/purple, citrus tiger, and lots more. The top-quality morphs that Morph Market offers explain the reason for the high price tags.

You can get baby beardies for as cheap as $75. Meanwhile, you can be spending as high as $700 if you were buying an adult dragon depending on the morph. They sell beardies of different age ranges including adults, middle-aged, and babies.

They have a super happy clientele and that’s simply because Morph Market knows just how to serve you to your taste.

You can contact them via info@morphmarket.com

7. Spice Dragons

Comprehensive bearded dragon care guideConsidered expensive
Offers a wide selection of morphs 

Spice Dragons is super experienced at breeding bearded dragons that look hand-formed.

Their color morphs are high-class morphs and they include red, hypo, leatherback, dunner, citrus, and translucent. Spice Dragons provides some of the best beardies you can find currently, especially if you’re a stickler for colors.

On their webpage, you’ll find a comprehensive care guide for beardies which will enlighten you on how to purchase and care for your first bearded dragon.

If you patronize this breeder, we have no doubt you’ll only end up acquiring an amazing bearded dragon for a pet. 

You too can become one of their happy customers. To start, contact them via email at spicedragons@gmail.com.

8. Reptile Rapture

Comprehensive bearded dragon care sheetA limited selection of beardies
Combines online services with in-person shoppingRescued beardies may have suffered prior exposure to unhealthy conditions

Reptile Rapture is a fantastic online bearded dragon breeder that also doubles as an in-person pet shop.

This breeder company changes the narrative concerning pet stores as they have a remarkable selection of exotic bearded dragons worth checking out especially if you live in Wisconsin. 

Reptile Rapture is a family-owned business and they also specialize in rescuing animals, particularly those reptiles that the owners no longer have the capacity to keep. 

They rehabilitate them and resell them to worthy owners. They have a small selection of bearded dragons worth your consideration for purchase and these selections are available at reasonable prices.

You also don’t need to worry about underlying health conditions in these bearded dragons due to the neglect that they have suffered from previous owners.

Reptile Rapture does well to rehabilitate these beardies before putting them out for sale and in the case where they have to sell one that has health issues, you’ll be well informed before purchasing it.

You can also consider contacting them for more details if you’re interested in patronizing them via 

608-221-0094 or reptilerapture@gmail.com. 

Heather Achey Bearded Dragon
CREDIT: Heather Achey

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Where To Buy a Bearded Dragon Near You & Online: Other Options to Consider

There are countless options to consider when looking for a place to purchase a beardie. You can either find sources online or in local pet shops around you. 

While some people prefer to patronize local pet stores close to them for convenience, it’s vital to be guided on where to go. Not all available options are good for consideration in this regard.

Therefore we’ll start by giving you a few tips on how to find a bearded dragon for sale near you.

  • Use online search engines to search for Reptile Stores in your city. One way to go about this is to search “Reptile stores in …(type the name of your city)…”. 

In some situations, you may get up to five results, at other times you may get results that may require you to travel up to an hour to locate the nearest store. It all depends on the situation in your city. 

  • If you’re searching for an online breeder, all you need do is to search online for reputable online breeders. You’ll need to consult written articles like this one where you’ve been provided with a list of top reputable breeders that you can choose from.

There are some fantastic platforms that you can also consider when buying bearded dragons. Let’s look at some of them.

Reptile Expos

Reptile Expos create an established platform for local and national reptile breeders to sell their animals by organizing big reptile events across the US.

With reptile forums like this, it’s easier to find any color morph of bearded dragon that you want and so get to liaise with the dealers directly. 

Some of the popular reptile Expos in the country include Reptile Super Show (Nevada and California), Northwest Reptile Expo (West coast United States), and Repticon (Southeast United States).


Craigslist is another reputable place to buy beardies from. With Craigslist, you can use the “Save Search” feature which allows you to receive mail alerts each time someone posts a bearded dragon for sale near you.

Things to Look at Before Buying Bearded Dragons

When buying bearded dragons, particularly from a local pet store, there are specific things to look out for. Let’s discuss a few of them.

1. The body weight

The body weight of the bearded dragon is one way to detect if the reptile has been exposed to healthy feeding conditions over time.

Credit: Cheryl Futuregeorge

You should check if their spine and ribs are visible to know if they are underweight. 

Also, look out for wrinkled and loose skins, flat bodies, and sunken fat pads on the legs and skulls. All of these are signs of underweight conditions. 

On average an adult bearded dragon should weigh between 380 to 510 grams.

2. Water supply

One way to know if a breeding facility is standard is to find out the constancy of their water supply. Constipation is one of the most common disorders of captive-bred bearded dragons and it can be a result of insufficient water supply. (4)

Once you detect inadequate water supply in the facility, it’s a signal that they’ve been exposing the dragons to dehydration.

3. Inspect the enclosures

You should also inspect the enclosures where the dragons are housed. Look out for old, dried-up fecal materials and food residues. 

That’s one way to know if the dragons have been maintained in unhygienic conditions.

4. Healthy limb and skin conditions

You should also inspect the beardies for signs of broken or weak limbs. This is mostly associated with inadequate calcium metabolism and is common with breeding facilities that do not provide a means of UV light supply to captive-bred reptiles. 

Bearded dragons will require at least thirty minutes of exposure to sunlight daily for them to get the needed UV supply.

UV light is needed by these reptiles to metabolize calcium for limb development and for making Vitamin D for healthy skin maintenance.

Check out the video below on general tips on bearded dragons: 

Breeder or Big Box Store: Which Option is the Best?

There are lots of advantages to getting baby dragons. For this reason, I recommend buying from breeders.

You get the opportunity to monitor your pet closely and watch them grow while determining the living conditions that you consider appropriate for them.


Is breeding bearded dragons a lucrative business?

carrying a bearded dragon

Breeding beardies is not particularly lucrative. You’ll need to breed rare morphs if you want to distinguish yourself in the bearded dragon breeding community to make huge profits.

How expensive are albino bearded dragons?

Expect to pay about thrice the regular price of more common morphs if you want to buy an albino bearded dragon. They are very rare to find!


One advantage that you can derive from the companionship of a pet is relaxation. According to popular opinions by reptile owners, bearded dragons are peaceful creatures and this makes them excellent pets.

There is no point in acquiring a pet such as a beardie and spending the entire time raising them attending to concerns ranging from behavioral issues to health problems. Using the best bearded dragon breeders helps avoid this.

Bearded dragons can also be aggressive and dangerous health-wise when sourced from the wrong place.

This is particularly one reason you can’t downplay the essence of buying from a reputable breeder. If you took your time to read this article this far, then we have no doubt you’re very intentional about making the best decision for yourself. 

healthy beardie


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