3 Delicious BEARDED DRAGON Homemade Food Recipes (EXCLUSIVE Excerpt)

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If you’re looking for some easy healthy bearded dragon homemade food recipes, we’ve got you covered!

Below, we’re sharing an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of our new Bearded Dragon Feeding Guide book!

Here are just three of the simple yet versatile bearded dragon recipes you’ll find within the pages!

Let’s check them out!

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3 Delicious BEARDED DRAGON Homemade Food Recipes To Try  

You can make delicious homemade recipes for your bearded dragons by simply using the food items available.

This spices up their routine and makes it more fun to feed them as well! You’ll be whipping up a 5-star cuisine for your beardie after this!

bearded dragon homemade food salad


1. Stuffed Sweet Potato Skin Salad 


  • Acorn squash
  • Sweet potato
  • Green beans
  • Blueberries
  • Peeled apples
  • Collard greens
  • Calcium Supplement


  1. Boil the sweet potato and scoop the inside to create a hole to stuff greens and veggies. 
  2. Thinly chop the fruits and veggies and add the scooped sweet potato. Mix it with moistened bearded dragon food. 
  3. Stuff the puree in the hollowed potato. 
  4. Dust the stuffed potato with calcium powder! 

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2. Nutritious Slurry for Bearded Dragons with Health issues

A bearded dragon slurry consists of assorted greens, veggies, fruits, supplements, and/ or insect feeders all blended together into a liquid consistency.

It’s very useful for beardies that aren’t eating right (or at all) due to health issues.

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  • Mustard greens
  • Collard greens
  • Strawberries
  • Cooked squash
  • 20-30 medium-sized phoenix worms
  • Bee pollen
  • Multivitamins
  • Water


  1. Cut up all your greens, veggies, and strawberry.  
  2. Cook the squash. 
  3. Put everything in a jug. 
  4. Thrown in 20-30 medium-sized phoenix worms. 
  5. Add a tiny amount of bee pollen, multivitamin. 
  6. Finally, add ¼ cup of water.  
  7. Grind the salad just enough that your mixture stays thick and no clumps are left. 
  8. Take a 3 ml syringe and fill it with the slurry. 
  9. Feed the slurry to your bearded dragon from the syringe.

You can customize the slurry recipe based on your bearded dragon’s age.

If he is still young add more feeders to meet the protein requirement. If he’s an adult make the slurry more plant-based!  

The slurry is a great way to feed bearded dragons that are very picky with their food.

Syringe feeding should never be the first go-to if your bearded dragon stops eating, though. Consult your vet and check as there might be an underlying health issue. 

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3. Juvenile Bearded Dragon Salad 

This one is specially formulated for your young beardie!

  • Swiss chard
  • Carrots
  • Dried flowers
  • Dried mealworms
  • Bee pollen
  • Small hornworms
  • Medium-sized crickets
  • Calcium powder. 


  1. Dice up the leafy greens and veggies into bite size pieces. 
  2. Add dried mealworms and dried flowers. 
  3. Sprinkle small-sized 1-2 hornworms and medium-sized 5-10 crickets. 
  4. Nicely coat with calcium powder supplement and add a little bit of bee pollen. 

Check out this video for a quick recap:

Find more recipes along with valuable tips on feeding and caring for your beardie in our new book.

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What are some of your favorite homemade food recipes for bearded dragons? Share below!

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