New Book release: BEARDED DRAGON FEEDING GUIDE (Available NOW)

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We’re celebrating the release of our brand-new book, Bearded Dragon Feeding Guide: Safe & Toxic Food list, Cost, Common Food Disorders!

Keep reading to learn more about it and find out how to snag your copy for a special introductory price.

Plus, we’ll share an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek excerpt that you don’t want to miss.

Let’s jump right in!

Bearded Dragon Feeding Guide: Safe & Toxic Food list, Cost, Common Food Disorders NOW Available

Searching for the BEST and PROVEN strategies to help your bearded dragon live longer?

You’ll find everything you need to know within the pages of our brand-new Bearded Dragon Feeding Guide!

Within the pages, you’ll learn:

  • Different care needs
  • Safe AND Toxic food lists
  • EASY recipes that you can make for your beardie (including one just for sick bearded dragons).
  • Common food disorders and how to identify them
  • …and more!

EXCLUSIVE Excerpt: When and How to Feed Your Bearded Dragon? 

Excerpt from Bearded Dragon Feeding Guide: Safe & Toxic Food list, Cost, Common Food Disorders!

It’s the question of the century “how many times per day should we be feeding our bearded dragon?”

And we totally get it!

Making a routine that meets the daily nutrient requirement for a bearded dragon can be daunting.

For beginners, it gets a lot confusing. When to feed? How to feed? How much to feed?

All these questions arise and need to be answered! 

As we’ve said earlier, bearded dragons are opportunistic eaters. This simply means that they eat whenever and wherever they can find food in the wild.

If we try to follow their “diet schedule” in the wild, we’d have to give them food at different hours of the day and night.  

Obviously, we can’t follow this routine otherwise we’ll be up 24 hours a day overseeing when to feed them.

For this reason, we need to compose a routine. It can be a daily or a weekly diet plan that you can easily follow.

This way your bearded dragon gets the most nutrition out of his meals.

Moreover, your day will not revolve around your bearded dragon and you won’t have to sit around and scrutinize your pet. 

Routine is great. In fact, routine is amazing not only for bearded dragons but humans as well.

Humans forget easily, important things like ‘having a bearded dragon that you have to feed’ are common examples of things that we forget unconsciously.  

There have been plenty of instances where new owners have forgotten to feed their dragons for a whole day.

These hysterical owners then go online and search for questions like “forgot to feed bearded dragon for a whole day, what to do?”

Now if you miss a day once in a while it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world or life for your bearded dragon.  

This doesn’t mean that it’s perfectly fine to miss a feeding. If it happened by accident then it is ok, but do better next time and don’t make a habit out of it!  

Bearded dragons don’t come with a manual, unfortunately. So, caring for them does become confusing.

In this chapter, we will tackle all the questions and queries regarding the bearded dragon feeding schedule and frequency.

Read on to make your own feeding routine based on the age of your bearded dragon and the kind of food available!

Get Your Copy Today!

Bearded Dragon Feeding Guide: Safe & Toxic Food list, Cost, Common Food Disorders is available NOW for a special introductory price.

Click here- or on the image below- to buy. After your purchase, you’ll immediately be directed to our Thank You page with details on how to sideload the book onto your favorite device.

Bearded Dragon Feeding Guide: Safe & Toxic Food list, Cost, Common Food Disorders introductory offer

About the Author

Alina Hartley is a small-town girl with a ginormous love of bearded dragons.

It all started with Winchester, a baby bearded who was abandoned at the shelter by his former owners because of a birth defect that caused one front leg to be shorter than the other.

Alina originally went to the shelter looking for a guinea pig, but one look at Winchester and it was love at first sight.

From that day on, Alina has dedicated her life to learning everything she can about bearded dragons.

She loves helping new beardie parents start their incredible journey with these magnificent reptiles.


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