Bearded Dragon Diet Expenses You Need to Know

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Curious about how much money to put aside for bearded dragon diet expenses?

Stick around, because we’ll help you out!

Below, we’re sharing an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of our new Bearded Dragon Feeding Guide book, with details on how much it costs to feed your beardie!

Where to buy bearded dragon food online and bearded dragon homemade food recipe are also covered within the guide!

Let’s get started!

Bearded Dragon Diet Expenses

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Bearded dragons are generally not that expensive. Upfront costs of purchasing a bearded dragon are estimated at 300-700$.

You only have to dish more money initially. After buying, most of the cost is due to food, vet check-ups, and supplements. 

Fortunately for you, bearded dragons don’t require wagyu beef or anything! They are omnivores and will eat different plants, insects, fruits, and even flowers.

Young ones require more insect meat and adults tend to eat more veggies and leafy greens.

Food costs are always fluctuating.

They never remain the same.

In this chapter, we will estimate how much money you have to spend on their food, which includes vegetables, fruits, feeder insects, and supplements like multivitamins and calcium.

Check out this video about homemade recipes for bearded dragons.

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Leafy greens

Leafy greens are very cheap compared to other food items. Owners spend about 2$ per week on these.

And if you can bargain then that’s awesome! It depends on the size of your beardie. If he is small then you don’t need to get a lot. But if he is big you might want to shop with a whole week in mind!

This can cost up to 5$ per week. We haven’t mentioned the fancy greens yet! These can cost you another 5$, so basically, you spend 10$ if you get fancy. 


Veggies like carrots, bell peppers, squash can cost up to 7-10$ a week. It all depends on where you get them from!

Many people have their own greens and veggies planted in the backyard. Which is great, if you ever run out on their salads, simply get vegetables from the garden!

Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Bearded dragons require minerals and supplements that can be found easily in the market. The total cost of these supplements is about 10$.

A bottle can last a long time. All you need is multivitamins, calcium powder, and calcium with D3. Other items could include bearded dragon food dressing, protein mix, and dry feeder mix.

You don’t need these all day. They are simply used as treats for your bearded dragon.

Feeder Insects

Feeder insects are a bit pricier than veggies. Many factors contribute to their price. If you go to a pet store to buy these they will be expensive as compared to a supplier.

Many online sites sell these live feeder insects at a cheap price. Do your research and compare various sources just to get the general idea of the insect’s price.

Below we have provided the general price range for different feeder insects. 

Overall feeder insects can cause you around 30$ to 80$ per month. To cut up the cost try breeding your own.

Most of the staple feeder insects are easy to breed especially dubia roaches. Live feeder insect cost together with the vegetable cost can be around 40$ – 120$ every month. 

  • 1” Large Crickets (250 count) = 9.99$
  • Superworms (50 count) = 6.99$
  • Black Soldier Fly Larvae (250 count) = 9.99$
  • Waxworms (50 count) = 4.99$
  • Large Dubia Roaches (100 count) = 29.99$ 

Learn more about their diet expenses and find the complete bearded dragons food list on what else to feed them (and what NOT to feed them) in our brand-new book!

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How much does it cost to feed your bearded dragon? Share below!

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