3 Things to Put in a Guinea Pig Playpen

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What do you put in a guinea pig playpen?

It’s a common question among cavy owners.

But I’m going to provide a few ideas to give you a good starting point. 

Let’s dive into this process and build the ultimate play area for your piggy!

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What to Put in a Guinea Pig Playpen

Any good owner will offer their pet guinea pigs an extensive pet playpen. But, each one has to have a few essential items when providing a piggy with a good time.

Here are three vital things any high-quality guinea pig exercise pen will have:

Idea 1: Fleece Liner to Keep Them Comfortable

Fleece liners are pivotal for any playpen because they provide a comfortable surface. It gives them somewhere to roam around that isn’t either cold floor space or outdoor playpens on grass.

Moreover, fleece liners are easy to clean and maintain. You only need a place outdoors where it’s possible to shake off any residue, and then your playpen’s ready for another usage. 

I only recommend washing or switch them out after every third or fourth usage. This process will help keep them odorless and free of any stinky guinea pig odor. 

As for a particular fleece liner, I adore 3GirlsStitching’s Absorbent C&C Fleece Liners. So let’s take a quick look at what makes them such a good product.

3GirlsStitching Absorbent C&C Fleece Liners

Absorbent C&C Cage Liners for Guinea Pigs Hedgehogs Rabbits image 0

Floortime should be a comfortable and clean experience for a curious guinea pig. 

These fleece liners ensure it with their cozy texture and middle absorbent material. 

They’ll also give an exercise pen some style, considering the various pattern choices.

You’ll have no issue finding one that meshes with your guinea pig’s personality. 

  • 78 pattern/style choices
  • Handmade
  • Reliable, durable stitching
  • Absorbent middle material
Simple to washA washing machine will shrink them
Effective odor controlThey get messy fast, so you need to wash them often.
Soft, comfortable feel
Excellent craftsmanship
Perfect for various small pet cages
How it Compare to Others and Why

Finding fleece liners with this level of craftsmanship is rare. Your furry friends won’t know what hit them when they start walking around on these comfortable liners

Additionally, the number of pattern choices isn’t standard. The seller keeps adding more and more to choose from, as well, which shows their dedication. 

Expert Tips 
  • Stretching them out solves the shrinking problems easily. 

Idea 2: Tunnel to Give Them a Hiding Place

Tunnels are an excellent item to put inside a playpen. It gives them a place to chill out and hide from the world while encouraging extra exercise.

Most piggies enjoy running in and out of them without any hesitation. Honestly, it’s a joy to watch as you can tell they love it. 

But it’s essential to choose one that provides easy guinea pig access and doesn’t hurt them. Living World’s Hagen Pet Tunnel is an example of an option to offer both. 

Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel

Everyone needs some privacy from time to time, even these furballs. 

This tunnel offers it to them with an outdoor/indoor versatility and impressive size.

Your piggy won’t mind the crinkly sound from the polyester, either.

It’ll make them want to scurry through the tunnel all day long.

  • 5.9-inch diameter by 35.4-inch length
  • Made from polyester fabric
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Foldable
  • Velcro ends on both sides
Produces enticing crinkly sound Difficult to clean
Easy to store and moveSome cavies may not like the crinkly noise.
Perfect hiding spot
How it Compare to Others and Why

The crinkly sound and affordability make this tunnel stand out from others. Plus, you get a high-quality product for a budget-friendly price. What’s not to love?

Expert Tips 
  • Cut off the strings as guinea pigs are prone to “biting it.”

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Idea 3: Chew Toy to Keep Them Entertained 

There are very few things that love chewing more than a guinea pig. So it makes sense to add chew toys into a playpen for encouragement and positive reinforcement.

However, these chew toys need to be safe and toxin-free. You’d be surprised by how many “guinea pig toys” fail in these two categories. 

Kaytee’s Carousel Chew Toy Carrot does not fail the test. So let’s see what makes it such a good fit for any guinea pig enclosure.

Kaytee Carousel Chew Toy Carrot

Kaytee did a solid job creating a cute, clever way of encouraging your guinea pig’s play. 

After all, it’s a carrot-shaped chew toy with tooth-cleaning loofah bits inside it.

It cures boredom while also improve your guinea pig’s overall health. 

Owners couldn’t ask for much more from a chew toy. 

  • Made from pet-safe chewable material
  • Carrot-shape wood design
  • Equipped with loofah pieces
Reduces boredomLoofah bits do fall out
Keeps teeth clean and healthy You need to remove them when the pieces get too small.
Fun design
Favorable price
Easy to toss or roll around
How it Compare to Others and Why

The fun carrot-shaped design and tooth cleaning loofah bits give it an extra kick. As a result, it promotes fun exercise/chewing while ensuring your guinea pig’s teeth remain healthy. 

Expert Tips 

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What household items can guinea pigs play with?

Crumpled paper and stuffed socks tend to be a favorite among guinea pigs. The sound from crumpled paper will entertain them for hours. Meanwhile, a sock stuffed with hay is a toy that any piggy will love.

Do guinea pigs bite?

Yes, they will bite a human, but it’s rare. These rare occurrences will happen when a piggy feels “threatened, bullied, mishandled or are ill.”


I hope these discussions provide a solid starting point to building your guinea pig’s playpen. But if you have any more questions, let me know in our comment section. Thanks for reading!


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How about you, what do you put in a guinea playpen? Please share with us below!

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