150+ Unique & Adorable Names for Grey Hamsters [Girls & Boys]

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Whether you’re a pet owner or someone considering getting a new pet, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right name for your pet.

Grey hamsters are one of the more common pet hamsters available in the market which makes it quite easy to find a lot of names for grey hamsters! 

Though it can be hard to choose one which suits them depending on their behavior and personality.

Here are some of my favorite names for grey hamsters.

75 Grey Hamster Names for Girls

Hamsters are very cute, but if you have a girl hamster you might want to give her a feminine name. Here are some names that will work for your little grey friend.

Appearance Grey brown with white ears...Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster The Most Common Dwarf Hamster

  1. Ajax
  2. Anchovy
  3. Ash
  4. Ashyley
  5. Cami
  6. Carbon
  7. Chrome
  8. Cheerio
  9. Cinder
  10. Cloudy
  11. Coral
  12. Disco
  13. Dusky
  14. Dynamo
  15. Earl Grey
  16. Eclipse
  17. Egon
  18. Ember
  19. Esme
  20. Flint
  21. Flipper
  22. Fluffy
  23. Foggy
  24. Frosty
  25. Gainsboro
  26. Gandolph
  27. Ghost
  28. Glacier
  29. Granite
  30. Graycie
  31. Grey Gatsby
  32. Grey Poupon
  33. Gutherie
  34. Haze
  35. Hazy
  36. Inky
  37. Iris
  38. Karma
  39. Luna
  40. Manta
  41. Merlot
  42. Miku
  43. Misty
  44. Moby
  45. Mouse
  46. Mystique
  47. Nebula
  48. Opal
  49. Pale
  50. Pearl
  51. Pebbles
  52. Possum
  53. Rain
  54. Rhino
  55. Rocket
  56. Sabby
  57. Sage
  58. Senior
  59. Shadow
  60. Shady
  61. Shimmer
  62. Silky
  63. Silverbell
  64. Skylar
  65. Smoky
  66. Snowstorm
  67. Stormy
  68. Sued
  69. Sylvester
  70. Tornado
  71. Twilight
  72. Ursula
  73. Westley
  74. Windy
  75. Winter

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76 Grey Hamster Names for Boys

Just because you have a male hamster doesn’t mean you can give it a cute moniker. You can decide between a musky, bold name or a sweet cute name for your fluffy friend.

hamster eating peanuts

Here are some of my favorite cute hamster names for boys.

  1. Alloy
  2. Ammo
  3. Ashton
  4. Baloo
  5. Bandit
  6. Bandito
  7. Blade
  8. Blake
  9. Bolt
  10. Brick
  11. Cashmere
  12. Chrome
  13. Coal
  14. Cobweb
  15. Cocoa
  16. Comet
  17. Cosmo
  18. Da Vinci
  19. Daenerys
  20. Dakota
  21. Darkie
  22. Darth (Vader)
  23. Direwolf
  24. Domino
  25. Dorian
  26. Dumbo
  27. Dusky
  28. Dustin
  29. Dynamo
  30. Galena
  31. Grady
  32. Granite
  33. Grayscale
  34. Grayson
  35. Grey Hound
  36. Hamsterderm
  37. Hurricane
  38. Ivory
  39. Koala
  40. Mack
  41. Marble
  42. Mercury
  43. Midnight
  44. Milkyway
  45. Mishka
  46. Moonstone
  47. Moxie
  48. Neptune
  49. Nickel
  50. Nox
  51. Obsidian
  52. Ozone
  53. Pandora
  54. Pewter
  55. Phantom
  56. Platinum
  57. Poe
  58. Rebel
  59. River
  60. Rocket
  61. Scar
  62. Slate
  63. Smoky
  64. Steel
  65. Sylvester
  66. Tin
  67. Tornado
  68. Trout
  69. Tuna
  70. Windstorm
  71. Winter
  72. Yin
  73. Zeus
  74. Ziggy
  75. Zinc
  76. Zorro

Here are some more names:

What to Consider When Naming Your Pet Hamster

There are many factors to consider when naming your pet hamster. You should choose a name that is easy to remember, but also one that is fairly unique.

The first thing to consider when naming your pet hamster is gender. As with most animals, male and female hamsters have different physical characteristics that can be used as a basis for deciding on a name.

Gender is important because it determines the type of cage you will need. If you have a male or female hamster, you will need to pick a cage that is appropriate for those genders.

The second thing to consider when naming your pet hamster is its personality. Just like humans, hamsters have individual personalities and will respond differently to different things in their environment.

For example, some hamsters are more laid back than others, while others are very active and energetic. You might want to consider these personality traits when coming up with names for your pets!

Consider the kind of hamster you have. There are many different types of hamsters, each with its own personality and appearance.

Some of the most common names for these different types of hamsters are: Syrian Hamsters, Golden Hamsters, Chinese Hamsters, and Grey dwarf Hamsters. [1]

Also, try to pick a name that feels personal for both you and your pet. For example, choosing “Snoopy” for your hamster because of its resemblance to Charlie Brown’s dog works perfectly fine! Or perhaps choosing “Sparkle” because she has beautiful eyes?


Are grey hamsters friendly?

Yes, hamsters are usually friendly and docile with humans.

What is the rarest color of a hamster?

Beige is the rarest hamster color. It’s produced by breeding rust and dark grey hamsters.

What’s a cute name for a hamster?

Some cute hamster names are Ashy, Shady, Opal, Mystique, Smoky.

How long do grey hamsters live?

Hamsters typically live for 18-36 months. Syrian hamsters live longer than the dwarf hamsters. [2]


Grey Hamsters are a great choice for a first pet. They are very social and friendly, which makes them an ideal companion for kids of all ages. This is because they are not only cute but also very smart. 

grey hamster eating a carrot

Hope you will enjoy these hamster name ideas. Let me know in the comment section which are your favorite ones.


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