Everything You Need to Know About Mini Rex Rabbits

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The Mini Rex is one of the softest and velvetiest rabbits in the world. One touch and you will fall in love with this overly cute bunny.

The breed has been around since the early 1900s and originated in France. They are on the smaller side of bunny breeds, being a dwarf, and have a scrunched-up cuteness because of that.

They are generally a calm and friendly bunny, but individual personalities can also show through.

The Rex breed was crossed with the Netherland Dwarf to add in the dwarf gene, giving us the breed we all know and love.

They are generally calm and friendly bunny, but individual personalities can also show through. Most bunnies of this breed make wonderful pets, but the temperament of some bunnies can be aggressive. Their size also makes them easy to care for.

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Mini Rex Color & Looks

a cute mini rex rabbit

Mini Rex bunnies are dwarf rabbits, so they are small, but their diminutive size only adds to the cuteness of the breed.

They are well proportioned, looking just like a regular bunny, only smaller. They are charming to look at (and charming to have around too). Their bodies are compact and rounded on the back.

They have straight legs which are not as short as other dwarf breeds. The neck is also short, giving the bunny a very compact look. They have thick ears which often stand straight up and give the bunny an alert look.

The fur of this breed is where the action is. Most rabbit breeds have a long outer coat which covers the hairs in the underfur.

This breed has a short outer coat that is the same length as the furbelow.

This means that you can feel the underfur when you are petting the rabbit. This fur below is soft and velvety. When you pet this breed, you are never going to want to stop.

Mini Rex comes in a variety of colors; a rainbow of colors, if you will. Unlike some breeds, there are not a limited number of colors, and you can find this breed in almost any color you can think of.

The bunnies come in solid colors, tricolors, and patterns.

Take a look at this video:

How Do I Care for a Mini Rex?

a mini rex rabbit at park

Mini Rex rabbits are famed for their soft and velvet-like coats. You need to take care of this amazing coat, and the best way to do that is not to do too much.

Most rabbits like to have their coat groomed, and this breed is no different, but you only need to groom this rabbit once a week (less frequently will also work).

You should also never bathe your Mini Rex. If you need to, you can wipe the coat of your rabbit with a slightly damp cloth but leave most of the bathing to the rabbit.

One of the differences between a Mini Rex and other rabbit breeds is the whiskers. Mini Rex’s whiskers curl up around their mouth, nose, cheeks, and eyes.

If left unattended, these whiskers can grow long and annoy the bunny (or result in health issues). The whiskers should be checked regularly and trimmed when needed.

Brushing the coat too often can actually damage it, and you can lose some of that softness.

All rabbit breeds need somewhere to eat, sleep, and relax, and the Mini Rex is no different. Being a smaller breed, it does not need as much space as some of the larger breeds. When you are looking at a cage, bigger is always better.

Mini Rex bunnies will be fine in a small cage but giving them the luxury of a large cage will make them happy. Look for a cage that has a solid floor to protect their little feet, and one with bars that can be chewed on without any health risks.

Use soft material for the bedding, such as cardboard, straw, or hay. If you have a place where your bunny can go and be alone, then that will add to their happiness.

Bunnies are social creatures but still need some time (and space) to themselves.

Spot-clean the cage as often as you can to maintain the health of your rabbit, and make sure to clean the cage every week, replacing everything inside completely.

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How Active Are Mini Rex?

an active mini rex rabbit at grass

Mini Rex rabbits are an active breed and should be given the space to run around in. Being so small, they can survive with limited space, but the more space you can give them, the better.

If you are in an apartment, think about dedicating a room (the same one their cage is in) in which they can be let out their cage and run around. Make sure that you bunny-proof the room first and remove anything which you do not want to be chewed (or could be harmful to the rabbit).

You can also take your Mini Rex outside with you if you have a protected back yard.

A large run will allow your bunny to run around while protecting the rest of your room from harm (and protecting your bunny too). You can also take your Mini Rex outside with you if you have a protected backyard.

Mini Rex rabbits do not do well in extreme heat or cold, so monitor the weather conditions if you are going outside. You should also be with your rabbit at all times when they are outside in case a predator should find your rabbit.

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What Should I Feed My Mini Rex?

a mini rex rabbit eating food

A well-balanced diet will give you a happy and healthy bunny. All rabbits need a mix of pellets, hay, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fresh, clean water.

Around 70% of your rabbit’s diet should be composed of hay.

You do not need to feed your Mini Rex a lot of pellets or fresh vegetables due to their small size.

This breed only needs 1/4 cup of pellets daily per every 5 pounds of rabbit. For many Mini Rex bunnies, this will mean that they get less than 1/4 cup per day.

When it comes to hay, you can give your rabbit an unlimited amount of timothy hay. The same goes for water. Give your rabbit unlimited amounts of fresh, clean water, and replace it as often as you can to ensure that it is not contaminated.

Mini Rex loves vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, leafy greens, celery, carrot tops, and more. They also love fruit, but that should be given sparingly as there is a lot of sugar. Save the fruits for treating your bunny.

Healthcare for a Mini Rex

Mini Rex rabbits are an easy breed to care for with no major health concerns. As with most rabbit breeds, you want to pay special attention to their teeth. Bunny teeth never stop growing, but that can be counteracted with a lot of hay.

When bunnies eat hay, they naturally wear down their teeth so that they do not get too long.

You can also add wooden toys into your bunny’s enclosure for them to gnaw on. Check their teeth regularly and have them looked over by a vet if you are at all worried.

Snuffles are a common respiratory disease for rabbits (and not at all cute, as it may sound). Bacteria can cause watery eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose.

It can cause blindness if untreated. The good news is that it can be prevented by keeping your bunny’s cage clean. It can also be easily treated if caught early.

Mini Rex as Pets

A Mini Rex is a great pet for both adults and kids. They are generally a quiet and calm breed that will bring joy to any family or individual.

The only thing to watch out for is an aggressive temperament. While most bunnies from this breed are friendly and relaxed, there are some which can be aggressive, making them better suited for adults.

Any toy which can be moved or interacted with will be appreciated by a Mini Rex.

They are an easy pet to care for and if you find a friendly Mini Rex (don’t worry as most are), then adults and children will love to be around them. Children will especially like to pet the rabbit, feeling the soft fur.

They are also social creatures who love interaction with people. When the rabbit is in its pen or out of its cage, be there with them to create a bond.

a toy for mini rex rabbits to play

Mini Rex rabbits love to play with toys. Any toy which can be moved or interacted with will be appreciated by a Mini Rex. We always recommend natural materials and those which a bunny can chew on. Make sure to give them lots of cardboard too.

Spend a lot of time with your Mini Rex, and you will see that they are the perfect pet.

a brown mini rex rabbit

What do you love most about Mini Rex rabbits? Please share with us below!

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