How Do Budgies Sleep? (5 Most Common Sleeping Positions)

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Are you wondering, “How do Budgies sleep in a cage?”

Caring for a bird can be overwhelming for a first-time avian owner, so it’s no surprise you’re having a hard time telling when your pet is asleep. 

Fortunately, I’m here to talk about everything you need to know about your Budgie’s sleeping habits.

Just keep reading.

How Do Budgies Sleep in a Cage? 

This video will show you all you need to know.

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Budgies, also called Parakeets, are popular pets thanks to their cheerful nature, playfulness, and social demeanor. They’re also easy to care for, even if you’re a novice bird owner. 

Still, you should know a couple of important things about how to care for a Budgie. Ensuring your bird has enough sleep is among them because you don’t want a grumpy Parakeet. 

So, how do budgies sleep in a cage? Parakeets sleep standing up – they grasp a branch with one or two feet, tucking their head under their wing or twisting it all the way to the back. 

But let’s discuss how Budgies sleep in the cage and how to tell when your Budgerian is sleeping. 

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How Do Budgies Sleep

In the wild, Budgies gather in large flocks and perch on the highest possible tree branch they can find. In this way, no predator can reach them unaware during the wee hours of the night. 

But how do budgies sleep in a cage? 

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Check out in this video of how a birdie sleep.

Pet Budgies exhibit similar sleeping behavior. (1) They prefer to sleep standing up on the highest available perch in their environment (a branch or a toy) and stay close together for warmth and protection. 

Usually, when your parrot is ready to rest, it grips the sleeping perch with its feet and lowers its body.

In this way, pet birds maintain their body temperature and avoid heat loss through the legs, especially in cold weather.

You may also notice that your pet rests its head on the shoulders or tucks it under the wing. It shows that your pet feels safe enough to let its guard down at its Budgie cage. 

However, Budgerigars have several sleeping positions. As such, you don’t have to panic if your feathered friend doesn’t rest at night in this way. 

Some budgerigars prefer to sleep standing on one leg, tucking the other close to its feathered body for extra warmth. Other budgies will sleep at night hanging from the cage’s roof.

A few Parakeets sleep on the cage’s floor in rare cases, even when they’re healthy. However, abrupt changes in your Budgies’ sleeping patterns can indicate disease. 

You’ll learn more about normal Budgie sleeping positions in a bit. 

Check out this video of budgie’s sleeping positions!

How To Know If A Budgie Is Sleeping?

It’s not always easy to tell when your Budgie is sleeping on its Budgie perch. As such, you may disturb your pet’s sleeping routine if you check all the time if your pet bird is napping. 

So, how to know if your Budgie is sleeping? Here are three tips to help you. 

Eyes Closed 

If you’re wondering about Budgie sleeping, check if your pet’s eyes are closed. Budgies do close their eyes when sleeping, so closed eyes are the obvious sign your pet is restings. 

Interestingly, some Budgies will sleep with one eye open. (2) That’s perfectly normal. Your pet is just keeping an eye on its environment while its brain is resting. 

However, some Budgies will close their eyes when they feel cozy and content. 

Weird Head Position 

Budgies often swivel their heads when they’re sleeping. They rest their head on their backs or shoulders or tuck it close to their feathers. 

budgie folding their

If you’ve never cared for a bird, you can get the shock of a lifetime seeing your pet’s head so twisted. But Budgies have very flexible neck muscles, allowing them to tilt their heads in such impossible angles.

Standing on One Leg 

As I already said, many Parakeets sleep standing on one leg. Since your Budgie’s legs are featherless, tucking one leg close to the body helps with heat loss and keeps the legs warm.

So, whenever you see your Budgie standing on one leg, they’re probably sleeping, even if one of the eyes is open.  

Do Budgies Need Darkness To Sleep?

People and most housepets, such as cats and dogs, can sleep no matter how light or dark. But what about Budgies? Do Budgies need darkness to sleep? 

complete darkness at night

As studies point out, “constant light has dramatic effects on budgerigar sleep.” (3) It reduces the amount of REM sleep your pet gets. So, Budgies do need darkness to sleep and don’t require a night light.

That’s because Budgies are hardwired to be on constant alert during the day and can’t slip into a deep sleep with too much light. Not enough sleep can make your Budgie anxious and stressed. 

Moreover, too much light exposure on a regular basis can trigger your Budgie’s mating cycle. That’s why you should cover the cage at night to block the artificial light.

And as one Budgie owner shares, “Covering them reduces their stress greatly.” (4)

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Why Don’t Budgies Fall Off When Sleeping? 

So, how does your pet Budgie sleeps without falling off all night long? It has to do with your Budgie’s toes and their unique grip on the perch. (5)

budgie toes

Take a closer look at your pet bird’s feet. You’ll see that Parakeet has four toes – two pointing backward and two pointing forward.

These toes work as opposable thumbs in humans, allowing your pet to establish a firm grip on the perch and not fall off when asleep. 

Moreover, the more your Budgie is relaxed, the tighter they hold on to the brand. This involuntary reflex prevents your Budgie from falling when asleep. 

Do Budgies Need Quiet to Sleep?

Parakeets are one of the most vocal birds, filling your home with their happy chirping all day long. But while noisy, Budgies are light sleepers and don’t do well in a noisy environment. 

sleepy budgies

While low-volume music, white noise, and soft sounds are fine, sudden noises can startle your Budgie and keep them from getting enough rest during the night. 

As such, you should keep your Budgie cage in a quiet room without any hard-to-ignore noises. 

When Do Budgies Sleep?

Have you ever come home to find your Budgie asleep? Then you probably want to know if that’s normal or not. So, let’s talk about when budgies sleep. 

What Time Do Budgies Go To Sleep?

Wild Budgies go to sleep as soon as the sun settles and wake up with the first sunrays of the new day. Pet Budgies are tuned to the sun’s movement in the same way. 

a representation of time

As such, your parrot should fall asleep once it gets dark outside. When your parrot is awake during the dark hours of the night, the reasons are artificial lighting or noise.  

As such, Budgie owners should place their parrot’s cage in a dark room with low noise levels and a cage cover to mimic your Budgie’s natural sleep pattern.

You can also keep your Budgie’s cage outdoors as long as you avoid extreme temperatures and provide adequate shelter from heat and cold. 

What Time Should Budgies Wake Up? 

As I already said, Budgies’ natural cycle follows the sun. As such, your parrot should wake up around 6 -7:30 a.m. However, don’t start to panic if your bird wakes up earlier or later.


Sometimes, Budgies will stay asleep longer due to lack of sleep the previous night or wake up early if there is too much loud noise from the rest of the house.

Moreover, some pet birds adapt to their owners’ sleep routines, especially if you keep an artificial light turned on in the room with the cage. 

However, birds need plenty of rest during the night. Otherwise, they can get sick and stressed.

So, establish a regular bedtime routine to ensure your Budgie wakes up on time in the morning and doesn’t get cranky from insufficient sleep.

How Long Do Budgies Sleep?

Budgies come from tropicalBudgiens where the nights last around 12 hours. So, since their sleep pattern fBudgie the sun, Budgerigars need about 10-12 hours of sleep per 24 hours.

If your Budgie doesn’t get their beauty sleep, the lack of restful sleep can make your Budgie aggressive or cause excessive squawking, feather plucking, and anxiety.

budgie sitting on a branch casually

Moreover, insufficient sleep can lead to fights with the other Budgies in the cage and compromise your pet parrot’s immune system. 

Since sunlight and artificial light can influence the amount of restful sleep your pet parrot gets, think carefully about where to place the Budgie cage.

And ask yourself, “What do budgies like in their cage?” to ensure you’ve prepared a comfortable cage with plenty of perches for dozing off during the night. 

Do Budgies Take Naps During the Day? 

While Budgies need 10-12 hours of sleep, they don’t always get it in one stretch of time. And Budgies get tired because they’re energetic and cheerful birds, spending much of their time playing.

child thinking

As such, a Budgie taking naps during the day is normal. Usually, these naps don’t last more than 30-45 minutes, and then your parrot is up to its usual chirping self.

However, if you notice that your Budgie is sleeping for several hours a day, check for other signs of illness, such as fluffed up feathers, diarrhea, and lack of appetite.

Besides illness, lethargy is also a sign of depression and anxiety in Bugderians, so you should consult a vet if you’re worried about the amount of time your bird naps during the day.   

5 Most Common Budgie Sleeping Positions 

Since your Budgerian sleeping position can tell you a lot about your pet’s mental and physical health, let’s talk a bit about the meaning of these 5 common Budgie positions.

#1 Budgerian Lying Down In Cage

As I already said, most Budgerians rest perching on a branch. However, sometimes you can discover your parrot napping on the bottom of the cage. Don’t be quick to panic.

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Here’s a sample on the first part of this video.

Sometimes there’s not enough space in the cage for all the Parakeets to perch. In this case, some will take the floor. And sometimes your Budgie is so tired they fall asleep on the spot.

However, sleeping on the floor is also a sign of an illness, especially if it’s new behavior and your pet bird doesn’t have the energy to perch.

#2 Budgerian Sleeping On the Perch 

Some owners report that their pet parrots sometimes nap lying down on their sleeping perch. In this position, the bird is still standing on one leg but is resting its chest and head on the perch.

Usually, your Parakeet falls asleep in this way because it’s extra tired and can’t keep up its body upright. In a couple of days, your pet should return to normal.

Some birds will also rest lying down on the perch to conserve heat. In this case, the cage is too cold for your parrot, and you should take measures to remedy it. 

#3 Budgerian Sleeping on One Leg

Usually, a Budgie sleeping on one leg is a good sign. It shows that your pet bird feels safe and comfortable. 

In some cases, Budgerians assume this position because they’re too cold and want to retain heat and protect their featherless legs. 

#4 Budgerian Sleeping with Its Head Tucked Down 

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It’s normal for Budgies to sleep with their head tucked close to the body – under the wing or nestled against the shoulders/back. 

In this way, Budgies keep their faces warm, especially during the cold winter month. And this position also allows your pet bird to protect its head from predator attacks. 

#5 Budgerian Sleeping Near the Top of the Cage

Some Budgies prefer to sleep near the top of their cage, hanging from the roof or the cage’s side. While alarming, this is a normal Budgie sleeping position.

Birds like sleeping in this way because they have a better vantage point to watch their surroundings. And it’s less likely for predators to bother your parrot if it’s as high as possible.

Moreover, a male and female couple often sleep in different locations when nesting. And some Parakeets move to the top of the cage because the rest of the parrots are bothering them. 

Take a look at this video of sleeping budgies with mellow music.

How Do Budgies Sleep? FAQs

Do Budgies Wake Up Easily? 

In general, most Budgerians are light sleepers because their brains are hardwired to wake up the moment they detect a threatening sound. 
As such, you should ensure there are no loud noises to disturb your Bugerians during the night to ensure your pet has a nice rest. 

What’s Budgies Average Sleeping Time?

eye mask and a clock

Most Budgerians sleep between 10 and 12 hours per 24 hours. However, if you’re worried that your Budgie is sleeping too much, you should talk to a pet bird specialist. 

What Do Budgies Like to Sleep in?

In the wild, Bugerians find the highest possible branch to sleep on during the night. When you raise them as pets, you should provide a cage with comfortable perches to mimic their natural environment. 


As a responsible bird owner, you should know how Budgies sleep in their cage to provide the right environment for your pet bird to thrive.

In general, most Parakeets will sleep standing up with their eyes closed, body lowered on the perch, and head tucked in. Still, many Budgerians have a unique personality and may rest in different positions. 

As such, if you’re worried about your Budgie sleeping position, you should consult a professional and watch for other red flags, such as lack of appetite and lethargy. 

What are the Common Budgie Sleeping Positions

What do you think about this topic? How do Budgies sleep in the cage? Share your experience with us in the comment section. 


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