How to Take Care of Bearded Dragon Eggs Without an Incubator

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Are you wondering whether your bearded dragon can have eggs without an incubator?

This guide provides you with information on caring for your beardies eggs!

Hatching Bearded Dragon Eggs Without an Incubator

Bearded Dragon Eggs on a container

It is tricky to hatch the beardies [1] eggs without an incubator. However, it is possible by proper management only.

Before placing beardie eggs for hatching, you should know more about bearded dragon eggs. 

Bearded Dragon Eggs

Female beardies lay eggs in the form of a group referred to as a clutch [2]. They produce 2-3 clutches per pregnancy. The average clutch size for beardies is recorded between 16-24 eggs. 

However, the number of eggs in clutches is variable. Female beardies (2-5 years of age) can lay 30-50 eggs in a single clutch.

Clutch size depends upon;

  • Age of female beardie
  • Previous breeding history
  • The physical condition of your beardie

After knowing about you should confirm their fertility as female beardies that live alone who can go without mating.  

However, these eggs are infertile. It is recommended that you should place the fertile eggs for hatching.

Provide your beardies with an egg container or nesting box for the laying. You can provide them with a suitable substrate.

Fertile Eggs for Hatching 

You should check the fertility of eggs before placing them for hatching. Infertile eggs do not comprise any bearded baby dragons inside them. So, these eggs will not hatch. 

These eggs will also compromise the hatching range. Ultimately, infertile eggs will lead to monetary losses. Therefore, it is a prerequisite to check the fertility of your beardie’s eggs before hatching.

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Hatching of Bearded Dragons Egg

Hatching of the beardies eggs occurs within 24-48 hours. During this period, moisture droplets accumulate on the egg surface. You can observe this common indication term to hatching. 

Baby beardies contain an egg tooth over their snout tip. This snout tip aids them in the slice opening of eggs. Ultimately it results in hatching. After the hatching, the egg tooth is lost.

Note: All eggs are not hatched together. Even after hatching most of the eggs, some eggs may remain unhatched. It might be due to the insufficient development of the egg tooth or emaciated baby dragons.

  • You should follow the undermentioned recommendations during the hatching process.
  • Allow your beardies to hatch off their own.
  • Don’t pull forcefully baby dragons from the eggs.
  • Give them some time for hatching.

After hatching, baby beardies require special care and nutritional management for their optimal health.

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How to Hatch Bearded Dragon Eggs Without an Incubator

You should adopt the following instructions when you intend to hatch the female beardies eggs without an incubator.

  • Remove your beardies from their enclosure (substrate surface)
  • Clean your beardie’s bedding. 
  • Remove any rotted or broken eggs. This will prevent bacterially and mold growth.
  • If your beardie lays eggs in the soil, cover their eggs with a thin substrate layer.
  • Place the digital thermometer into the substrate (soil) containing eggs.
  • Use the heating pads or lamp to maintain the appropriate temperature.

Maintain proper temperature for the hatching of your beardie’s eggs. You can use the under-tank heater and the overhead lamp. The temperature range for your beardie’s eggs is 80-85˚F. 

Follow this video and try making your DIY egg incubator:


What is a Gravid Female Bearded Dragon? 

A female beardie that has yet to lay an egg is called a gravid.

Why is Calcium Supplemented to Gravid Female Beardies?

The provision of extra calcium assists her in egg-laying.

Why is Calcium Supplementation Essential in Laying Beardies?

During egg development, calcium reserves of their body are decreased. If the calcium reserves are less, they take it from their skeleton. It may result in metabolic disorders and need additional calcium.

What Is The Best Incubator For Bearded Dragon Eggs?

The best bearded dragon egg incubator should provide the appropriate temp and humidity for beardies. It includes the automatic incubator (commercial).

How Long Can Beardies Eggs go Without Incubation?

Bearded Dragon Eggs on a container

The average incubation period is 40-90 days. This depends on several factors, in addition to temperature and humidity.

Can I Use the Chicken Egg Incubator for Beardie’s Eggs incubation?

It is possible only if the chicken incubators have the temp range beneficial for hatching. You should choose the reptile incubator to ensure safety and optimum hatching.

When is Sexual Maturity Achieved in Beardies?

Sexual maturity in beardies is achieved in 1-2 years. However, it could be minimized by efficient nutrition and husbandry.

What Age is Recommended for Breeding in Beardies?

The recommended age for breeding is 18-24 months for male and female beardies.

What is the Pre-requisite for Breeding in Beardies?

It is a pre-requisite that adult dragons should be in good health. Moreover, they should have an ideal body weight for breeding.

Can Female beardies Lay Eggs Without a Male?

yellow bearded dragon in a correct bearded dragon cage size

Yes, a female beardie can lay eggs without a male. However, in this case, eggs are infertile. [3]

Will Female Beardies Eat Their Eggs?

Female beardies are considered opportunistic eaters. They will eat their eggs only;
– When they are in the wild environment
– Nothing is available for their feeding.
– They will eat the infertile eggs.

When Do Beardie’s Lay Eggs?

Laying occurs in beardies from spring to early summer.

What Are the Egg-laying Indications in Beardies?

The following signs are observed when the beardie is ready to lay eggs. 
– Less activeness
– Decreased appetite
– Spending more time under heating elements like a lamp or heater.
– Abdominal enlargement
– Digging behavior

What is the Main Reason for Egg Binding in Beardies?

If you do not provide the proper substrate, it causes stress in your beardies. This may lead to egg binding.

What Do Beardies’ Eggs Look Like?

Beardie’s eggs are small ovular-shaped eggs. These eggs look creamy or whitish.

How Many Eggs Female Beardies Lay?

Female beardies lay eggs in groups called clutches. These clutches are typically comprised of 20 eggs. A bearded dragon will lay between 1-3 clutches per pregnancy.

In Conclusion

I know this article will be helpful for you and clarify that you can hatch the beardies eggs even without an indicator.

It is cost-effective compared to commercial incubators. However, it requires maintenance of appropriate temperature and humidity levels. It is an essential strategy for achieving a reliable hatching rate.


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hatching of bearded dragon eggs

If you have more tips on how to take care of bearded dragon eggs without an incubator, let us know in the comments below!

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