Do Chickens Fart? (The Scoop on Flock’s Poop + Fun Facts)

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In awe about the echoing question, “Do chickens fart?” You’d be surprised to know you’re not alone:

Yes, chickens do fart, which is generally a good sign that their digestive system is in good health.

Farting is a normal biological process that chickens do to pass unwanted or excess gas and air out of their system, but farting should not be excessive or have a strong smell.

If you’re curious about the ins and outs of this cause, keep reading…

Key Takeaways

  • Most people are aware that their dogs or cats can fart, but guess what: chickens do too!
  • Farting — as with every animal —  is a sign that your chickens are healthy, so don’t worry if it happens. 
  • Certain foods are especially dicey and can aggravate a lousy smell — dairy products, whole grains, and certain vegetables such as Brussels sprout —  are a few.
  • Chicken farts smell — yes, the odor can be foul, not rosy as some might expect. But if it’s too strong, consult a vet…

What Causes Chickens To Fart?

Every animal on this planet needs to get rid of gas, a process known as farting.

Backyard chickens

If animals don’t fart, they can become bloated and have all sorts of health issues. Most people know cows, dogs, and cats can fart. But can your chickens fart too?

Interestingly, farting happens because of trapped air in the digestive system. As the body needs a way to expel the air, it will result in the chicken farting.

If this happens, it’s usually due to a particular food source, or they may have an issue with their health.

Besides this, such is perfectly normal, and it’s a great indication that the chicken is in good health.

Two different factors can trap air in your chicken’s digestive system. The first is swallowing air.

Usually, when chickens eat food or drink water, they inhale some of the air with it into their stomach.

When you eat or drink fast, you can swallow a lot of air, which can cause gas“, says Stephen Brickstone, MD [1].

The second is digesting certain foods. Some foods contain complex sugar known as raffinose. As food passes through the digestive system, bacteria will break it down.

“Which gases smell so bad” you may ask. Interestingly, farting, like most things in life, consists of building blocks called gases.

The body produces these 3 gases responsible for your fart’s awful smell: hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane gas [2].

Some foods that cause excess gas include beans, dairy products, whole grains, and certain vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and asparagus.

Are Chicken Farts Smelly?

Now that you know the answer to do chickens fart, you may wonder by yourself, “does it smell bad?” I’ll tell you in a second…

When it comes to the farts of a chicken, they do smell. Some farts will smell better or worse than others.

For that reason, you shouldn’t expect the smell from a chicken fart to have a flowery scent or a pleasant aroma.

Due to a coop’s unpleasant smell, farmers are famous for putting a lot of effort into controlling it. When your flock is gigantic, your nose can take a beating with terrible smells…

This smell is usually due to the foods the chicken consumes and is not a health-related problem. But if you’re concerned, it’s always best to consult a vet.

How To Stop The Smell

Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop the fart from smelling. The smell depends on the digestive gases and environmental factors, which the chickens have no control over.

However, while you can’t prevent the smell of the fart from stopping completely, there are ways you can reduce the smell.


One of them is investing in the right foods. Not all commercial feeds are of a high standard. Certain feeds are high in quality and use better ingredients without additives or fillers.


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Due to the high quality of these feeds, the price will usually be higher.

Regardless of the food you feed them, the chicken will still fart and give off some smell naturally.

Managing The Smell

The other way is to keep the smell to a minimum. Again, you cannot stop the smell of the fart, but you can manage it.

In their coops, good quality bedding will help keep the smell to a minimum. Besides, it will make the entire coop smell fresher.

Quality bedding should absorb a lot of moisture. What’s great is that you can chuck it away after you use it.

Regarding bedding, I recommend Dr. Hemp Bedding, which is an excellent choice for chickens. It’s superabsorbent, repels pests, and lasts a long time.

Since you can’t stop the smell completely in the coop, you can minimize it by using a refresher. The Coop Refresher is a great product to help keep the smell down while giving the coop a fresher scent.

It’s natural, non-toxic granules that naturally lower the odor in the coop.

Another thing you can do to manage the smell in the coop is to provide proper ventilation. Fresh air should be able to enter and exit the coop without restriction.

If there’s a restriction, the bad odor won’t be able to escape and will cause the coop to smell.

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1. Do Chickens Fart Methane?

When the chicken farts, the gases are a combination of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane.

2. Do Chickens Fart Out Of Their Mouth?

Actually, chickens do fart out of their mouths, but the correct term for it is “burping”.


Dying to know the answer to do chickens fart may have surprised you, especially after learning that they do fart. Before ending, here’s a summary:

Farting is common.

But should you be worried? Not really! It’s in fact a common occurrence, a dirty little secret, of which humans and animals are equally guilty…

When your chickens suffer from digestive health problems, their farts may smell, and it can, contrary to what some think, smell BAD. 

But the smell isn’t quite like that of humans: chickens have a digestive tract different from humans, which means the aroma of the mix inside their stomachs will be different.

So, now that you know that farting is common and nothing to worry about, be rest assured that the next time you notice your chickens fart, rest easy! They’re all right!

If you have something to share, feel free to let me know in the comments section (I’m looking forward to it!)

Until next time…

chickens walking in the backyard


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