DIY Guinea Pig Diapers: How to Make One for Your Cavy

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Wondering how to make guinea pig diapers?

While you really shouldn’t put diapers on your cavy, if you have no choice but to use one in an emergency, DIY is definitely the way to go.

At least that way you can control exactly what goes into it- and onto your cavy’s skin.

Keep reading to learn the easiest way to make them.

Find out how to litter train a guinea pig in the video below.

DIY Guinea Pig Diapers

Again, I feel like it would be irresponsible if I didn’t remind you that diapers are a REALLY bad idea for guinea pigs.

Please consider any and every other option before resorting to using them, and NEVER use them for more than an hour tops here and there.

If you absolutely need to put a diaper on your cavy (for example, maybe you need to collect a stool sample and you have multiple other guinea pigs in the same habitat), handmade really is the best option.

In fact, aside from a small handful of sellers on ebay, it’s really the ONLY option. So let’s see how to do it.

What You’ll Need

  • Small size panty liners/sanitary pads cut to size
  • Reusable aby diaper with a hole cut in it for the guinea pig’s head, preferably one with Velcro snaps.
  • Scissors

Steps to Making the Diaper

  • Take the baby diaper and cut it to size. It should not be so large that it practically swallows your guinea pig. Nor should it be too small that its movement is restricted.
  • Cut in a hole for your guinea pig’s head to pass through with ease.
  • Stick the panty liner on the diaper just below the hole from where you will pass your guinea pig’s head. If you are using sanitary pad, use the smallest size or cut it to size to fit the diaper,
  • Now your guinea pig diaper is ready. Keep reading for how to actually put it on your piggy.

Steps to Putting the Diaper on Your Guinea Pig

  • Place your guinea pig over the prepared diaper and gently pass her head through the hole. Pull out your pet’s hands and legs.
  • Close the Velcro straps around and over your pig’s back so the diaper is secured around it’s body.
  • Don’t forget to check the diaper frequently and change it as needed.

Check this video for an actual demonstration:

Can Guinea Pigs Wear Diapers?

guinea pig sitting on top of wood chips

Can guinea pigs wear diapers? Aside from the extreme situations mentioned above, no, guinea pigs really shouldn’t wear diapers.

In general, guinea pigs are fastidiously clean animals and can even be “potty trained,” to an extent.

You can also train your fur buddy to use guinea pig litter boxes.

Some people are of the opinion that guinea pigs shouldn’t even wear clothes or costumes at all.

While I don’t see much harm in dressing up a WILLING guinea pig (in other words, one that doesn’t react with abject terror when dressed up) for a quick photo session, diapers are another deal entirely.

If you HAVE to use one, only use it for a short duration. If your pet shows any signs of distress, then please remove the diaper right away.

Never, ever, ever leave the diaper on your guinea pig when they’re at “home” in their habitats.


Why do guinea pigs poop so much?

cute baby guinea pigs

Guinea pigs tend to poop a lot due to their tiny bladders. They also poop a lot because they are a grazing animal that nibbles on food almost all the time! Sometimes, they just poop out of nervousness.

Will guinea pigs pee on you?

Yes, these adorable animals won’t hesitate to pee on you when you hold them.

Do guinea pigs poop when they eat?

Yes, guinea pigs tend to poop while eating. They especially poop when they eat hay. So you can place some hay in the guinea pig litter box so you can train your furry friend to use the box easily.

Do guinea pigs poop when you hold them?

Yes. Baby guinea pigs are tiny animals and they have very small bladders that need emptying out every 10-15 minutes. As a result, they poop and pee frequently. Their poop is very small and easy to clean and guinea pig urine is just a small puddle.

Even if you hold your adult guinea pig in your lap, chances are that it might poop on you out of nervousness. Worry not! Their small, hard pellets are not too messy and they are fairly easy to clean.


I hope that I have answered your question ‘how to make guinea pig diapers’ Please remember what I said, though, and only use them when you have absolutely no other option.


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a cute brown baby guinea pig: how to make guinea pig diapers for him?
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