Can I Put Diaper on My Guinea Pig?

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Can guinea pigs wear diapers?

Given how much these sweet little critters poop, it’s something we’ve all wondered at some point!

Below, I’ll talk about whether it’s safe to swaddle your cavy’s behind and what to consider if you decide to try it.

Let’s get started.

Can Guinea Pigs Wear Diapers? 

a cute chestnut guinea pig held by a hand

Can guinea pigs wear diapers? Short answer, no. Or at least they shouldn’t be forced to wear them.

First, diapers are incredibly uncomfortable for cavies. Heck, they’re uncomfortable for humans!

Aside from that, though, diapers also carry other risks to your guinea pig.

For one thing, the very reason that you’re considering using them plays a major role in exactly why they’re such a bad idea.

Guinea pigs poop A LOT, and a diaper holds all that waste right up against their delicate skin. This, in turn, leads to everything from mild discomfort to UTIs and worse.

Imagine the infections they can get with all that poop and pee sticking to their skin for hours on end.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that guinea pigs will eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you put in front of them…or in this case, behind them.

It’s highly likely that your cavy will try to chew his diaper off, which can lead to choking.

So if you’re asking If you ask, can guinea pigs wear diapers so that you can keep your home clean, the answer is a resounding no.

There are other ways to keep your house clean. Use a playpen, for example, or only allow your cavy free rein of rooms with tile floors.

What if you REALLY need to find a way to control your cavy’s business end while you’re out and about, though? Let’s discuss whether or not that’s an exception to the no-diapers rule.

Can guinea pigs wear diapers when going out?

Honestly, the answer is still “no.” Or at least “not really.” Diapers are never a good idea for guinea pigs.

If you really MUST make sure that your cavy’s dirty business is carefully contained, you can get away with diapers for a very brief time.

If you decide to ignore all advice and go that route, please make sure you bring plenty of extras along with you. You’ll need to frequently check and change the diaper so that your cavy isn’t sitting in his own waste too long.

It’s also crucial to choose the correct diaper for your guinea pig to minimize the drawbacks as much as possible, and that’s easier said than done.

See, since they’re not exactly popular products (and for a very good reason, as we saw above), you won’t really find any of the big pet stores or brands carrying them.

So, you’ll have to rely on handmade guinea pig diapers, either that you buy on Etsy or make yourself.

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How Long Can Guinea Pigs Safely Wear Diapers? 

what should I put in my guinea pig carrier? put some cozy fleece bedding

As we’ve established, the short answer is zero seconds, since they’re not really supposed to wear them in the first place.

What about in the case of an emergency where you really have no choice but to use one?

They should not wear their diapers for long; it should be between 40 minutes to 1-hour maximum and not beyond that. 

Now that is the maximum time limit, but you actually should not make your pig wear it for that long. Please keep checking the diaper and when it’s full, remove it…or at least change it.

FAQs about Guinea Pig Diapers

Here are some frequently asked questions from guinea pig owners and their dilemma with diapers for the pigs.

Are guinea pigs’ diapers bad?

Yes, generally speaking, guinea pigs’ diapers are bad and you should avoid them. They’re uncomfortable to say the least, and they can actually lead to devastating infections at the worst.

Can guinea pigs wear clothes?

a pretty guinea pig wearing a polka dot dress

Ideally, they should not, as it’s not something they’d naturally do in the wild. If you do decide to dress the guinea pig, make sure the clothes are comfortable and not too tight.

Do guinea pigs pee and poop everywhere?

Yes, they really do. However, some can be trained to pee and poop in a specific area of their habitat as long as the habitat is large enough to create a “bathroom” area.

Why do guinea pigs poop so much?

The obvious answer: because they eat so much! Guinea pigs are constantly eating- be it hay, pellets, or fruits and veggies. All that food has to go somewhere, doesn’t it?

Can guinea pigs die from getting wet?

While it’s unlikely that your guinea pig will die from getting a little wet- or even after a bath in which you’ve carefully dried her- yes, it’s possible. Cavies who get wet are more likely to catch a chill, which can lead to hypothermia.

Long story short, diapers are a REALLY bad idea for guinea pigs. They’re uncomfortable and can actually lead to severe infections.

If you do need to resort to using one in an emergency, make sure you check it frequently and change it often.


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a cute tri-colored guinea pig

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