Feeding Chickens Dragon Fruit: Safe and Nutritious Treat?

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So, can chickens eat dragon fruit?

YES, they can!

This nutrient-rich, naturally fat-free fruit is packed with antioxidants, minerals, and other essential nutrients that can help strengthen the immune system, aid in digestion, and prevent weight gain.

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Key Takeaways

  • Dragon fruit is high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, making it a healthy food for chickens to strengthen their immune system and aid digestion.
  • Dragon fruit skin is also rich in nutrients, but avoid chemical residues by choosing organically grown fruits and cutting the tough skin into small pieces before feeding it to the chickens.
  • To feed the fruit, cut it in halves or hang it from a branch, and rotate it with other fruits as a treat a couple of times a week, giving 2-3 fruits per feeding depending on the flock size.
  • By providing dragon fruit to chickens, they can benefit from the exotic fruit’s unique nutrients and stay healthy, especially during colder seasons with temperature changes.

Is It Healthy For Chickens To Eat Dragon Fruit: 4 Benefits

Here’s what Registered Dietician Rachael Link, MS, RD, notes about the magic of dragon fruit (1):

“Although it may sound like it belongs in a fairytale or storybook rather than on your plate, dragon fruit is a versatile, vibrant, and nutritious ingredient brimming with health benefits.” 

Dragon fruit may not be as popular as other fruits, but this exotic fruit has a lot of nutrients that other fruits don’t have.

dragon fruit for parrots but can parrots eat dragon fruit

It’s primarily grown in the tropical region and can be found in grocery stores when it’s in season.

Due to the high nutrition content, you may wonder if it’s safe to feed dragon fruit to chickens. After all, dragon fruit is a fruit, and most fruits are safe for chickens.

Dragon fruit is one of the fruits that’s high in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

It’s naturally fat-free and high in fiber as well. This makes dragon fruit healthy food for chickens. There are many reasons why dragon fruit is beneficial to feed chickens:

Benefit #1: Rich in Antioxidants

Dragon fruit is saturated with antioxidants. This substance is very important for chickens as it helps protect the cells against free radicals (2).

Free radicals are produced when the body breaks down food or when the chickens are exposed to radiation.

Benefit #2: Great for their immune systems

Letting the chickens eat dragon fruits can help strengthen their immune system. This is important during the colder season when differences in temperature change often.

Benefit #3: High in Fiber

Dragon fruits are high in fiber, making them great for the digestive system. It will help with bowel movement and help prevent constipation.

Benefit #4: Naturally fat-free

The last reason dragon fruit is healthy for chickens is that it’s naturally fat-free. This means you don’t have to worry about them being overweight from eating dragon fruits.

Can Chickens Eat Dragon Fruit Skin?

Dragon fruit skin can be fed to chickens. However, they will be a bit tough to eat, so you’ll need to cut them into small pieces.

dragon fruit for rabbits but can chickens eat dragon fruit?

One reason to feed dragon fruit skin to chickens is their nutritional value. The skin of this exotic fruit is rich in antioxidants, pectins, betacyanin, vitamins, and dietary fibers.

Most people throw the dragon fruit skin away because it’s tough and bitter. Instead of throwing them away next time, feed them to the chickens. They will significantly benefit from the nutrition it’s packed with.

One thing to be aware of is the chemicals in the dragon fruit skin. Most grocery stores that sell dragon fruit will be grown with chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers.

These chemicals will reside in the skin of the fruit. Too much of it can be toxic for the chickens.

Instead, you should buy dragon fruits that are organically grown. Some grocery stores specialize in organically grown produce only. If they have dragon fruits for sale, they will be organic.

Additionally, these fruits are usually imported from other tropical countries, but now they are found to be grown in the United States as well.

If there are dragon fruit farms, you can go and directly pick from there where it will be the best qualities and organically grown.

Another choice would be to grow your dragon fruit plant. This exotic fruit can be grown in your backyard if you live in the lower parts of the U.S.

How To Feed Dragon Fruit To Chickens

Chickens are easy to feed since they are not picky eaters. So for dragon fruits, there shouldn’t be any issues feeding this tropical fruit to them.

Dragon fruit is like other soft fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, watermelons, and bananas. They need to be given to them without getting dirty.

To avoid dirt from getting on the dragon fruit, below are the best methods to feed chickens:

  1. Cut the dragon fruit in halves and lay them on the ground. The skin will keep the flesh from getting dirt on it. The chickens will start pecking at them.
  2. Hang the fruit from a branch and let the chickens peck at it. Cut the fruit into smaller pieces and tie a line around it. Then find a secure object and hang the fruit from it.
  3. Peel the flesh away from the skin and place it into their feeders.

There you have it: A simple, short, and sweet method for feeding dragon fruit to your chickens. If you’ve trouble cutting dragon fruit, check out this zesty video:

How To Feed Dragon Fruit Skin To Chickens

Dragon fruit skin is filled with vitamins and minerals. Therefore, feeding the chickens will benefit their health in many ways.

To feed the dragon fruit skin to the chickens, you’ll need to chop or cut them into tiny pieces.

The pieces should be the size of their feeds. When ready to feed them, place the skin pieces into their feeders.

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How Much And How Often To Feed Dragon Fruit To Chickens

Due to their high water and sugar content, dragon fruit should be fed to the chickens in moderation. Dragon fruits don’t have the nutrition to meet the chicken’s dietary requirements.

Therefore, a couple of times per week is enough for them. You should also rotate the dragon fruits with other fruits so they can get additional nutrients that the dragon fruit can’t provide.

At each feeding, place 2-3 dragon fruits for the chickens to eat. However, it will depend on how large your flock is.

The larger the flock, the more dragon fruits you should put out. Again, dragon fruits should only be given to them as treats. Once they finish it all, don’t give them anymore.


1. Can chickens eat dragon fruit every day?

fresh dragon fruit but can parrots eat dragon fruit

Chickens can eat dragon fruit daily as part of a balanced diet, but it’s essential to feed them in moderation and in combination with other nutrients.

2. Is it safe to give dragon fruit to chickens?

This fruit provides a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can benefit their health.
But it’s vital to ensure that it’s fed in moderation and not as the only source of nutrition.


So, Can chickens eat dragon fruit? Absolutely!

Not only is it safe, but it also offers many health benefits for the birds.

From strengthening their immune system to aiding their digestion, incorporating this exotic fruit into their diet can be an excellent choice for chicken owners.

Before you leave, please comment and let me know all the dirty secrets you know of to feed dragonfruit to chickens (I’d LOVE to hear from you)!

dragon fruit


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