10 Boredom Buster Ideas for Your Guinea Pig

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Wondering about some really fun boredom buster ideas for your guinea pig?

Maybe you feel bad because you can’t play with her as often as you’d like?

Or perhaps you have plenty of time but just don’t know what she’d actually enjoy doing with you?

Either way, I’ve got you covered with the ideas below!

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Wondering about some really fun boredom buster ideas for your guinea pig? Check out 10 things to do either with your cavy or without!

Boredom Buster Ideas for Your Guinea Pig

Before we get started, let me give you a bit of advice. Two pigs are better than one! Cavies are social creatures and do better when they have friends around.

Plus, when your cavy has a companion, she’s far less likely to get lonely and bored.

That said, even if you have a whole muddle of piggies (that’s what a group of them is called), boredom can still occur.

It makes sense. After all, we’ve all been to parties surrounded by people and still found ourselves bored out of our minds, right?

So, these guinea pig boredom breakers work well whether you have one or more cavies!

The first five are things you can do with your piggy and things she can do on her own.

Boredom Buster Ideas for Guinea Pigs to do Alone

As much as we’d love to spend every waking moment with our pets, it’s rarely feasible.

These ideas will keep cavies from getting bored out of their minds when you’re not around.

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1. Let her be part of the action

Let’s start with the easiest of all the boredom busters for your guinea pig- setting up her habitat where she can be part of the family!

She’ll love joining in on the chatter, people watching and- especially- listening for the fridge door to open.

2. Hide tasty treats for her to find


Piggies love discovering tasty surprises hidden around their habitat.

Try hiding fruits & veggies in a cardboard tube, under a bit of fleece, or other places throughout her home.

If you’re worried that veggies will get soggy or covered in nasty stuff (piggies poo everywhere!), try something like these rice pops! My girls love them!

3. Get her some fun toys


I’ll be honest, store bought toys are really hit or miss with my pigs. I’ve bought them everything from fancy tunnels to wooden chew toys to cute little balls. They ignore most of them.

However, they LOVE homemade toys. Right now, Krystal has a sock buddy that she snuggles up with. It’s literally just a sock stuffed with bedding.

If you do want to try store bought toys, try something simple at first, like this willow branch ball.

4. Put her in a piggy playpen

Sometimes a change in scenery is exactly what your piggy needs to combat boredom.

Playpens are fantastic because they give your cavy room run around and play while still keeping them contained to a safe area.

5. Upgrade her habitat

If your piggy is constantly bored because she’s stuck in a tiny cage with no room to explore, it’s time for an upgrade.

Consider choosing one of these best guinea pig habitats and adding some other fun touches, like tunnels and ramps.

You’d be surprised by how far a new home can go towards keeping cavies happy and busy.

Supervised Boredom Busters & Things to Do With Your Guinea Pig

These next 5 either require supervision or your active participation.

6. Take your piggy outside


Is it a nice day? Take that playpen up there in #4 and move it outdoors! She’ll absolutely love it!

While some people do leave their cavies outside in a special run, I’m not really comfortable with that. Too many things can go wrong. So, it’s best to at least be close by.

7. Build her a maze or obstacle course

Use things you already have on hand-like toilet paper rolls, fleece blankets, and cardboard boxes- to create fun obstacle courses.

Make them as simple or as elaborate as you want. Hide treats throughout the entice her to run through the course.

8. Play a game of chase (with her doing the chasing)

Guinea pigs love chasing games…as long as they’re the ones doing the chasing.

Obviously, you’re not going to run around your house with your piggy in pursuit. Well, I guess you could, but you’d have to take itty bitty steps and walk in slow motion!

Instead, use a flirt pole (commonly used in dog training) and dangle or drag it along the ground in front of her.

9. Send her on a scavenger hunt for treats

This one is similar to the “hide treats” game above, except on a larger scale. Rather than just putting them in her cage, hide them around the room (assuming you’re playing in a piggy-proofed room, of course).

You may need to show her where they are until she understands the game, but once she gets it she’ll be thrilled.

10. Teach your cavy some fun tricks

If you have a lot of time and patience, teach your guinea pig some fun tricks! They’re incredibly smart little creatures and catch on pretty fast.

Check out the video below for tips on how to do it.

Remember, cavies are social creatures, so the more interactive your boredom buster ideas for your guinea pig are definitely the best.

Can you think of any other boredom buster ideas for your guinea pig? Share below!


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