Should You Leave Your Bird Cage Open? Is it Safe or Dangerous?

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When it comes to keeping birds as pets, there are a lot of things to consider.

One big decision you’ll have to make is whether to keep the bird’s cage open or closed.

There are pros and cons to both options, and it ultimately comes down to what works best for you and your bird.

Here’s a look at some of the key considerations involved in making this decision.

When Should You Leave Your Bird Cage Open?

Your budgie should be your friendly companion in your home, so you shouldn’t leave it stuck in a closed cage at all times.

Give it the freedom to play outside and get used to the environment.

open bird cage

However, take care, and avoid being careless by leaving the cage for hours. The need to give freedom to your pet bird should not surpass its safety.

You need to know the right time to leave the cage open and when to close the bird cage.

Only leave the cage doors open if you are sure that are no risks around. Here are some of the things you should consider before letting your bird out of its cage.

  • Ensure your room is free of any sharp objects that can hurt the bird.
  • Check there are no places where your bird can get stuck or objects that the bird can start chewing, such as cables. The room should be bird safe.
  • The doors and windows should also be closed to prevent the bird flying out of cage and escaping.
  • Ensure other pets are not in the room
  • Shut off any fans
  • Cover containers with liquids that the bird can drown in
  • Close drawers and cabinets that may lead to suffocation if your bird gets trapped in them

To learn how to play with your bird, watch this video.

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What Are the Benefits of Letting Your Bird Out of Its Cage?

Most bird owners know that it’s important to give their birds time out of their cages. But many people may not realize all the benefits of doing so.

bird out of its cage

Here are some of the top reasons you should let your bird fly free. 

  • Allowing your budgie to fly around your home is a great way to enhance its physical and mental health. [1] You can also leave toys outside for your bird to play with when it is outside.
  • The bird gets to experience new sites, scents, and sounds
  • Being outside helps to keep loneliness, depression, and anxiety at bay.
  • You get to bond with your bird better.

When Should the Bird Cage Door Remain Closed?

You don’t want to risk losing your budgie by escaping or being mauled by predators.

budgie eating in cage

Note that these are exotic birds; they can fly far, so don’t be careless to leave the cage open at all times.

Parrots require high-level monitoring of their wild nature; otherwise, they can quickly move out of the vicinity.

Dr. Georgia Mason, a University of Guelph professor says, “These intelligent species [2] are more invasive, too—another reason to treat them with extra care.”

When your bird is out of the cage, it’s important to keep an eye on them. But when should the bird cage door remain closed?

Here are a few times when you’ll want to keep your bird safely inside their home.

#1 When there is no one around your home to monitor your budgie, you should never leave the bird cage open.

The bird can move out and get lost or be eaten by snakes, hawks, and other predators.

#2 The prevailing weather conditions determine whether you can leave the cage open or not. Parrots are tropical birds that do well in warm weather.

a nice weather condition

These are the conditions provided inside the cage.

You shouldn’t leave the bird cage open during extreme weather conditions.

Cold weather is dangerous for your lovely bird since it can cause breathing issues, excess urination, and other problems.

On the other hand, when it’s scorching outside, your bird can be affected by extreme heat leading to heatstroke. Thus, always close the birds in cages when the weather is extreme.

#3 Make sure that your bird cage is closed at night. After a day of playing with toys or socializing with people, it’s time for your budgie to rest and sleep.

Train your bird to sleep by closing and covering the cage. This also ensures that the bird cannot escape when everybody else in your home is sleeping.

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How Do You Make Your Bird Comfortable in the Cage?

Your bird will spend most of the time in the cage every day, so you should make a comfortable cage to sleep, rest and play.

couple of bids inside of cage

The cage should not be fully enclosed. The bar spacing should be large enough to allow your bird to explore the outside.

It should have plenty of space for your budgie to play with toys inside.

Before buying, take time to check different birdcage stock pictures to find the one suitable for your pet. Consider cage size depending on the size of your parrot.

The correct sized cage should allow your bird to engage in all activities inside without feeling restricted. Add toys and perches to make your bird happy.

You can also add food dishes, plastic feeders, birdbaths, and water to make the bird self-sustained inside the cage.

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Can birds open cage doors?

pet bird trying to open its cage

Yes. Your birds can squeeze their bodies and push the door, and escape. This is why cage doors should be robust and bird-safe to ensure that your bird doesn’t get hurt when trying to open.

What does an open bird cage symbolize?

A bird cage usually depicts a loss of freedom for your budgie and an appreciation of its nature.

Should I leave my bird cage open?

woman showing an approve sign

Yes, you can leave the bird cage open to allow your bird to play outdoors. However, only do so when someone is around to monitor your bird. The environment should also be safe for your bird.


Leaving your bird cage open gives it the freedom to move out to play, appreciate nature and socialize with you.

Locking the bird inside the cage for long periods makes your budgie unhappy and makes it develop stressful behaviors.

However, only leave the cage door open when someone is around to monitor the bird. At night ensure the door is closed and cover the cage to allow the bird to sleep well without disturbances.

Should You Leave Your Bird Cage Open

Do you leave your bird cage open often? Please share with us your experiences on how you handle this down in the comment section!


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