3 Best Heat Tapes for Reptiles [Expert’s Review]

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Looking to buy a heat tape for your reptile but don’t know which one to get?

I was in the same spot a few years ago when I had to get one for my bearded dragon! 

Luckily, you won’t need to do all the research.  I did it for you and am sharing it in this comprehensive review guide!

Read on to find out the best heat tapes for your beardie and how to choose one!

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Top Heat Tapes at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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3 Best Heat Tapes For Reptiles: Comprehensive Review Guide

To know how you can get and secure the best reptile heat tapes, I’ve gathered the best tapes of all time. 

I will be giving complete details to these products so you get the complete idea of what to purchase for your reptile friend.   

1) Flexwatt Reptile Heat Tape: WINNER

 Being one of the oldest running companies that produce reptile heat tape, Flexwatt is known for its flexibility and versatility.

They’re able to produce the accurate ambient temperature you’re looking for in the tank of your bearded dragons.

The heating tape is CE-approved and is UL-listed, so you shouldn’t worry about results. I enjoyed using this as the heating device as my tank heater.

Besides the fact that it’s easy to install, the product is lightweight, too!

Features & Attributes of Flexwatt’s Reptile Heat Tape

One of the Flexwatt reptile heat tape’s primary attributes is that it’s made from flexible polyurethane (PU), which is a strong and durable type of thermoplastic.

Another feature of Flexwatt’s heat tape is that it can hold temperatures upwards of 95 °F or about 35 °C, making it a perfect heating product for bearded dragons. [1]

Whether you house king snakes, leopard geckos, or any other type of reptile, you can count on Flexwatt’s reptile heat tape!

Size/Measurement of Flexwatt’s Reptile Heat Tape

What actually makes Flexwatt’s reptile heat tape the best is its flexible sizing. You can purchase anywhere from 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches –and even 11 inches in width, about 1 foot long.

You wouldn’t find it difficult to craft your own reptile heating mat or reptile heating pad with it!

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Flexwatt’s Reptile Heat Tape

I found the size and the ease of installation to be the top benefits. But, tons of other reptile owners also consider the following pros and benefits:

It can be used both indoor and outdoor.Customers complained about the wires not being included in the package
Has a 5-year warranty.The holding of the heat is not as effective as expected
Technical information and guidelines are included.
Even distribution to make up the ambient temperature

Why Choose Flexwatt’s Reptile Heat Tape?

Flexwatt will be my pick out of all other heating materials in the market.

Regardless of what other people said about it, it offered additional heating to my tank. Its constant source of heat was sufficient enough for my bearded dragons.

Even though it did not offer direct contact, it was effective as a tank heater in keeping the ideal temperature that my beardie needed. 

2) HEATIT Aluminum Foil Tape: Best Budget-Friendly Reptile Heat Tape

Purposely offered for HVAC applications, you will never go wrong if you choose HEATIT’s aluminum tape. It’s cheap, simple, and easy to understand!

Thanks to its make and material, the product has been sought out as the most budget-friendly and the easiest to set up.

Whether you house a ball python, a leopard gecko, or if you have a bunch of corn snakes here and there, the product isn’t flimsy –it’s powerful and durable.

Features & Attributes of HEATIT’s Aluminum Foil Tape

This 2.4 mil-thick surface heating product sticks well to whatever given surface you’ll need it for. It’s also chemically resistant, perfect for the times you need to clean the enclosure.

Overall, it’s a professional electrical tape that’s multi-purpose; you can use it if you’re looking for a cheap and affordable tank heater.

Size/Measurement of HEATIT’s Aluminum Foil Tape

HEATIT’s aluminum foil electrical tape runs about 10 yards long at a thickness of about 2.4 mils.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using HEATIT’s Aluminum Foil Tape

You’ll find pros and cons in using HEATIT’s aluminum foil tape. These include:

It’s UV-resistant and flame retardantThe tape doesn’t stick that well to the surface
Highly flexible and versatileThe product can easily be torn
Thermally conductive (perfect tank heater)
It has high levels of acrylic pressure
Extremely firm and long-lasting

Why Choose HEATIT’s Aluminum Foil Tape?

The HEATIT aluminum foil tape is a good product if you’re looking for a cheap and affordable alternative to costly ones.

It has a decent thickness and can actually hold the temperature to where you’ll be installing it. It will definitely help your beardie raise its body temperature easier.

3) GGR Supplies T.R.U AF-20R Heat Shield Resistant Aluminum Foil Tape: Best For Multifunctionality

If you’re looking for a bearded dragon heat tape that you can also use for other purposes, then GGR Supplies’ AF-20R aluminum foil tape is perfect for you!

It’s perfect for all different types of tanks and cages for bearded dragons for constant and steady warm environments.

Features & Attributes of GGR Supplies’ T.R.U AF-20R Heat Shield Resistant Aluminum Foil Tape

Part of the primary features and attributes of GGR’s T.R.U AF-20R heat tape is the synthetic rubber adhesive. Moreover, it has an elongation of about 3.5% with a core of three (3) inches in diameter.

It’s perfectly safe in all temperatures as it’s able to resist from -4 to 176 °F or about -15 to 80 °C.

Size/Measurement of GGR Supplies’ T.R.U AF-20R Heat Shield Resistant Aluminum Foil Tape

The AF-20R Heat Shield Resistant Aluminum Foil Tape is about 3.6 mils thick and can go as long as 4 inches in 50 yards. Its overall core is about 3 inches in diameter.

Benefits & Drawbacks of GGR Supplies’ T.R.U AF-20R Heat Shield Resistant Aluminum Foil Tape

It offers a tight positive grab even on smooth surfacesSeveral reports said that heat takes it off
Perfect for heat dissipation and reflectionThe product is too thin and hard to apply without developing air bubbles.
You can also use it to keep a stable humidity level

Why Choose GGR Supplies’ T.R.U AF-20R Heat Shield Resistant Aluminum Foil Tape?

You’ll be able to find a ton of benefits in using the T.R.U AF-20R Heat Shield aluminum foil tape, especially if what you’re looking for is a multi-purpose heat tape.

I liked the product because of its ability to retain heat and nothing else. And while it’s true that the product is too thin, hey, at least it’s lightweight.

Those are the top best reptile heat tapes you can use on a flat surface, a curved surface, and even on an uneven surface! They’re extremely effective – you should try them out for yourself!  

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Heat Pads vs. Heat Tapes: Are They the Same? 

At first, I thought that the reptile heating pads and heat tapes were the same until I dug deeper and found out that they were not. Here’s a video giving detail on how you can use heat tapes: 

You’ll easily distinguish heat pads from heat tapes from their term alone. Heat pads are designed to retain and keep heat within an enclosure.

They’re primarily used in bearded dragon enclosures that require a steady temperature. On the other hand, heat tapes are also used by owners for a tank to have a steady temperature. [2]

It’s just that they’re less durable, softer, but definitely more flexible and easier to carry. Both have the same purpose of keeping warm environments for our pet reptiles –for their body temperature to be retained and maintained.

Furthermore, a reptile heating pad and a heat tape fall under the same category, so putting both into the same spectrum is not wrong.  

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Choosing the Best Heat Tape For Your Rack Systems

The best heat tapes for your rack systems are those that are thick enough, contain easy clip attachments, and are durable and resistant.

Brittney Zamesnik Bearded Dragon
Credit: Brittney Zamesnik

Even if you’re aware of the best in the market, it’s still better if you know how to distinguish bad from good –and good from best.

1. Check the Thickness of the Heating Device

The ideal thickness of these heat tapes should be about 0.012 inches thick. This ensures that the tape will be able to do its job and that you wouldn’t have any trouble or problem with it in the future.  

2. Identify the Clip Attachments of the Heat Source

Most reptile heating tapes have clip attachments on the ends of tapes. This is good because it will be easier to attach and connect the heat tape to the tank or the enclosure.

NOTE: There are tapes where the clip attachments are hidden, making it difficult to clip and attach them to the bearded dragon enclosure.

This is also where the durability and resistance of the heat tape will be important. I experienced purchasing a low-quality reptile heat tape –I could clip it, but it didn’t last a day.

Try to check all of these to ensure that your reptile heat source will exceed your expectations.

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Still, feel like you need more knowledge? Don’t worry; here’s a quick overview of the most asked questions about it.

Is Heat Tape Better Than a Heat Mat?

Yes, heat tapes are better because they’re flimsier and more flexible than heat mats, making them perfect for various types of rack systems.

Is Using a Reptile Heat Tape Safe?

Absolutely! There’s no danger in using heat tapes for your reptile rack, regardless of the material. In fact, it’s safer to put heat tapes than ceramic heat emitters because they’re not powered.

What Heat Tape Would You Go For?

I’ve gathered the best heat tapes for reptiles in the market, and the choice is up to you! Follow the guidelines I’ve set for the best heat tapes for reptiles to get the best!  

In Conclusion, 

Securing the best heat tapes for reptiles is necessary for new bearded dragon owners. Besides its effectiveness and efficacy, it would help to consider its longevity and long-lastingness.

Being an experienced beardie expert, I came up with this review to help you get the best and highest quality heat tapes for your reptiles, regardless of the cage size!

hand showing the best heat tape for reptiles

What are your favorite heat tapes for reptiles? Please share with us!


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