6 Best Heat Pads for Reptiles According to a Vet (Review)

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During regular vet checkups, new bearded dragon parents often ask, how do I determine the best heat pad for my reptile?

There are factors affecting the quality of heat pads that can be confusing for a new owner, 

Don’t worry though! 

I’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide where I reviewed 6 of the best heating pads, based on my experience as a vet! 

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Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

Heat Pad for Reptiles Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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6 Safest and Best Heat Pads For Reptiles: Review

Buckle up and ready yourselves because, in this list, I will enumerate the best heating pads you can use for the terrariums of your reptiles.

They are as follows. 

1) Zoo Med ReptiTherm Under Tank Heater: WINNER

I consider Zoo Med’s tank heating pads as the best and most durable reptile heat pad because of their overall quality. It can be a good and reliable heat source for your reptile glass tank.

It’s more ideal for 24/7 usage, and therefore, you’ll have no problems controlling the ambient temperature of your glass terrariums!

Not to mention the fact that it’s compatible with most terrariums, too!

It’s safe, it has low wattage requirements, and it has a decent price considering all of its features and functionalities. The quality of Zoo Med’s ReptiTherm is unparalleled in the industry.

Whether you have corn snakes, bearded dragons, nocturnal lizards, or other reptile species, Zoo Med’s ReptiTherm Under Tank Heater [1] will suffice what you need!

Features of Zoo Med’s ReptiTherm Under Tank Heater

Here’s a quick video outlining some of the most notable features of Zoo Med’s ReptiTherm heat pad: 

Zoo Med’s ReptiTherm heater has an upgraded adhesive that’s more solid, stickier, and more effective in attaching the pad to the tank’s external surface.

Another thing to note about this heater is its ability to produce uniform temperatures across the terrarium. These are just two (2) of the best and most notable features you can get with it!

And there’s a lot more! All of its features are fully functional and advantageous regardless of the pet reptiles that you have!

Zoo Med’s ReptiTherm Under Tank Heater Size

The size of this particular heater is 15.1” x 8” x 1.8”. It weighs just above a pound and has a wattage of 24 watts.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Zoo Med’s ReptiTherm Under Tank Heater

It can either be mounted by the side or bottom.The adhesive wears off rather quickly, it’s not too powerful.
Can be used for either the primary or secondary heat source.It does not provide extensive heat.
It’s equipped with a low-wattage heating element.It’s not compatible with other materials (other than glass).
Carefully and thoroughly tested before release.
Versatile and flexible – can effectively thermo-regulate heat in the tank.

Why Choose Zoo Med’s ReptiTherm Under Tank Heater?

For people who want an efficient under-tank heater that’s proven to be effective, you can take advantage of Zoo Med’s ReptiTherm heating pad.

It’s an all-around heat pad that is affordable, versatile, and completely flexible. It utilizes solid-state nichrome [2] as its primary heating element, which is entirely safe and effective.

2) VIVOSUN Reptile Heating Pad and Thermostat Combo: Best Heat Pad For Reptiles’ Ease and Convenience

If what you’re looking for is a reptile heat pad that’s easy and convenient to use and navigate, VIVOSUN’s reptile heat pad is the one for you.

It’s engineered to have an intelligent digital interface, perfect for easy monitoring of the temperature gradient within the tank.

Equipped with a 3M adhesive, it’ll indeed hold onto the surface you’ll put it to.

Should you choose to use different heating mats, the thermostat will be fully compatible with it!

Features of VIVOSUN’s Reptile Heat Pad

Part of the main features of the VIVOSUN reptile heating pad is that it’s capable of providing warmth and hotness quickly.

It can be energy efficient without compromising its performance.

The product is also completely waterproof, moisture-proof, and dustproof, leaving no trail of dilemma behind.

VIVOSUN’s Reptile Heat Pad Size

You can choose from two (2) sizes of VIVOSUN’s heat mat for terrariums, one is 6” x 8”, and the other is 8” x 12”.

The small one has a wattage of 8 watts, while the big upgraded one has a wattage of 16 watts.

Benefits & Drawbacks of VIVOSUN’s Reptile Heat Pad

The adhesive of the heat pad is solid and durable. The reptile heat mat can no longer be removed once installed.
Waterproof, moisture-proof, and low wattage – it’s completely safe.The digital thermostat controller is difficult to navigate.
It’s easy to set up.Difficult to press.
Multi-sized – you can use it for all different sizes of tanks.
Controlling the temperature of the heat pad is easy.

Why Choose VIVOSUN’s Reptile Heat Pad?

VIVOSUN’s reptile heating pad wouldn’t give you much of a headache because the controls are simple and easy to understand.

It can be used as a tank heater mounted on the sides or at the bottom part of the tank. It has a 3M adhesive on it, which made everything more accessible and more convenient.

3) Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Mats: Best For Big Reptile Terrariums

“Zilla” –from the name alone, you already know what’s up. Zilla’s Reptile Terrarium Heat Mats are perfect for more extensive or larger-sized bearded dragon tanks.

What I liked about this reptile heat pad is its sizing – it’s flexible as it can be used for all sizes of bearded dragon tanks and terrariums.

It’s also easy to mount and can help you with thermo-regulate heat within the tank.

Features of Zilla’s Reptile Terrarium Heat Mats

Known for its size, you can place your complete trust in Zilla’s heat mats if you need constant warmth all throughout the tank.

It’s famous for its ability to not leave hot spots within the enclosure, carefully helping regulate the body temperwith of your beardie.

I enjoyed using this bad boy when I had a big tank where two (2) of my beardies are. They also do not have any points of breakage or pinching.

Zilla’s Reptile Terrarium Heat Mats Size

Zilla’s tank heater can be purchased in different sizes, which you can specify to the size of your tank. There’s a 6” x 8” heating pad, an 8” x 12” heat mat, and an 8” x 18” heat pad.

The smallest one has a wattage of 8 watts, the medium size is at 16 watts, and the big or the largest is at 24 watts.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Zilla’s Reptile Terrarium Heat Mats

Regardless of the heat, it does not burn the rubber (it doesn’t smell burnt, too).Does not have complex features.
Can be both primary and secondary heat source.The adhesive falls off easily.
The carbon fiber coating makes it easy to radiate uniform temperatures.Heating isn’t adequate for bigger/larger terrariums.
The adhesive isn’t challenging to mount and attach.
It’s large and can accommodate medium-to-large-sized terrariums.

Why Choose Zilla’s Reptile Terrarium Heat Mats?

You’ll want to go with Zilla’s reptile heating pads if you have a rather big tank or terrarium. It’s also one of the safest, in my opinion, because of its carbon fiber coating.

Choose from all the different sizes they offer so that you can match it with the exact size of your tank!

Whether you’re looking for a primary heat source or a secondary heat source, Zilla’s reptile heat pads will be the bomb!

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4) iPower Reptile Heat Pad: Best Budget-Friendly Heat Pad

This reptile heating pad is the best and most ideal if you’re on a budget but you want a high-quality product.

It’s one of iPower’s reptile heating pads perfect for providing the heat you’re looking for.

It is equipped with a solid and sturdy 3M adhesive, which is reliable for attaching it onto glass surfaces.

You can use it to heat many different types of reptiles –including, including bearded dragons. The technology is not complex as you wouldn’t need an adapter to plug it into power.

Features of iPower’s Reptile Heat Pad

The iPower reptile heat pad has carefully been designed to provide consistent ambient temperatures within the terrarium.

Thanks to its sturdy and robust adhesive, it will stick to your glass surfaces neatly!

It’s also famous for its optimum performance, providing a type of natural environment to the reptile enclosure. For a cheap price, I can tell you that you’ll get what you expect.  

iPower’s Reptile Heat Pad Size

This new and advanced iPower reptile heating pad is sized 8” x 12” with a 16-wattage capability.

The length of its cord is 6 feet, making it highly flexible and long-reaching.

Benefits of iPower’s Reptile Heat Pad

It’s a good heat source that’s also energy-saving.Adhesive failure is quite common.
Can be used for a wide range of animals and reptiles.The heating is not as effective as how it’s advertised.
Considering its overall functionality, it’s cheap and affordable.The wattage of the reptile heating pad is not accurate.
It has a moisture-proof and waterproof design.
Multi-purpose –can be used for brewing, germination, and so forth.

iPower’s Reptile Heat Pad Development

Over the years, iPower has been producing many different types and kinds of heat pads for reptiles, and out of all their innovations, this is the best.

The new PTC or Positive Temperature Coefficient technology is what’s driving the effectiveness of the controlled temperature to wherever you’ll install it.

Why Choose iPower’s Reptile Heat Pad?

Thanks to its intricate and well-thought-of design, you’ll find it easy to set up and attach! I was able to install this in less than five (5) minutes when I tried this.

Not only that, but the heating is quite decent for its price, too! I honestly thought iPower’s heating pad willwould be a flop, and I’m surprised by my own experiences.

5) Fluker’s Heat Mat For Reptiles: Best For Versatility and Simplicity

Thermo-regulate heat within the terrarium whatever reptilian species you currently have! Fluker’s Heat Mat for reptiles is one of the most versatile I’ve come across in the market.

It has proven its effectiveness to my bearded dragons by giving a desert tropical-like atmosphere without it being too hot.

It’s a simple reptile heating pad and is purposely made to be used for all different types of glass terrariums.

Features of Fluker’s Heat Mat For Reptiles

While this particular heating pad does not contain any special features, it’s perfect if what you’re after is a reptile heating mat that’s easy and simple to use.

The primary feature of Fluker’s HeatMat is its equal heat distribution. It’s accurate and precise, you wouldn’t be worried about excessive heat spots within the terrarium.

Fluker’s Heat Mat For Reptiles Size

You can purchase Fluker’s reptile heat mat in different sizes. The best and most popular ones include 6” x 11”, 17” x 11”, and 29” x 11”.

The wattages of these heat pads are 7 watts, 20 watts, and 35 watts, respectively.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Fluker’s Heat Mat For Reptiles

It’s 100% safe for all reptilian species.It does not have a lot of extra features
DurableThe size is too small to be a terrarium heater
User-friendly.The temperature increase isn’t too extravagant
It can be attached on the side or on the bottom part of the tank.
The construction uses good materials. 

Why Choose Fluker’s Heat Mat For Reptiles?

A lot of bearded dragon owners go with Fluker’s reptile heat meat because of its simplicity. It’s not a complex material that needs complex knowledge.

It’s a pretty straightforward device if you ask me, and I loved it because of it.

However, it’s not suitable for owners who are meticulous about the features and added functionality of heating pads.  

6) AIICIOO Under Tank Heater: Best For Functionality

The AIICIOO heat mat is among the most functional and most durable reptile heat pads in the market today.

This upgraded mat can thermo-regulate heat within the enclosure without sweat.

The AIICIOO heat mat has been engineered and designed to cater to the needs of different reptilian species – take your pick!

After Zoo Med’s reptile heat pad, I consider this the runner-up.

It’s fully functional, it has a strong adhesive, you’ll be able to install it with ease, and you can use it with an external thermostat device!

Features of AIICIOO’s Under Tank Heater

Being the best in functionality, the AIICIOO heat mat indeed possesses all features and functionalities you’re looking for in a heating pad.

The most notable ones include the easily controllable thermostat, its economical factor, as well as the ease of installation and setting up.

AIICIOO’s Under Tank Heater Size

You can purchase the AIICOO heat mad in varying sizes, but among the most popular would be 8” x 12”, 6” x 8”, and 6” x 11”.

These wattage is 16 W, 8W, and 7W, respectively.

Benefits & Drawbacks of AIICIOO’s Under Tank Heater

The AIICIOO heat mat is compatible with almost all glass terrariums.It’s not practical with thick-walled tanks.
Uniform heating will never be a problem –you can leave it as it is!Costly
Equipped with an LED screen for more accessible controls and navigation.The reptile heating pad is smaller than expected.
Easy to use and navigate. 

Why Choose AIICIOO’s Under Tank Heater?

I consider the AIICIOO heat mat as the second-best reptile heating pad after Zoo Med’s ReptiTherm because of its overall functionality.

It has a lot of features, and you’ll be able to play with, and you can its thermostat and temperature control with other reptile heat pads, too!

AIICIOO’s reptile heating pad is the perfect device to produce the ambient temperature you’re looking for in your glass terrariums.

How Do You Choose Your Heat Pad For Reptiles?

Choosing a heating pad for your reptile can be challenging, particularly, if you are unaware of the best in terms of cost and use on the market.

Before deciding on a reptile heat pad to go with, you need to consider the size, materials used to build it, the wattage, and the features of the device.

This video will help you properly set up an under-tank heat pad for your tank. 

1. Considering the Size of the Heat Pad

In choosing your terrarium heater, you need to take note of its size to see if it will fit the enclosure.

To be more accurate, measure the heater’s size (side or bottom) first before purchasing.

EXPERT TIP: Don’t purchase a terrarium heater the same size as the panels – keep it a few inches smaller to avoid excess heat.

2. Double-Checking the Materials Used to Build It

Check the materials of the terrarium heater and see if it’s durable enough for the purpose you’re aiming to use it for.

The best materials that can make the device up include carbon fiber, rubber, or any other material that can withstand and prolong the heat/temperature.

3. Ensuring That the Wattage is Just Right

The heat that the reptile heating pad emits would be something the wattage would be responsible for. Small tanks need about 4 to 8 watts, while big ones need around 20 to 24 watts.

Going over this can produce excess heat which will be bad for the health of your reptile friend.

4. Checking the Features of the Heat Pad

Lastly, take the time to look at the features of the heat pad. The best and most important features include being waterproof, temperature control, adhesive type, and so on.

When I choose mine, I always consider the size of the tank, what it needs, and what I think my pet reptile is looking for.  

I had many questions as a new reptile owner, so I am aware of what yours might be.  I’ll save you the headache by answering the most important ones.  

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Do Reptile Heating Pads Use a Lot of Electricity?

No, they do not. They use the same energy and electricity as a light bulb. Longer use saves energy costs. 

Where Do You Place a Heating Pad For Reptiles?

You can place most heat pads anywhere on the side of the bottom part of the terrarium, given that it’s equipped with one (1) adhesive side.
However, you should only place them at one (1) end or side of the terrarium so that you could establish a “cold spot” inside it.

How Hot Do Reptile Heat Pads Get?

Most reptile heating pads don’t get hotter than 120 °F (49 °C). The typical temperature for these reptile heating pads would be about 90 to 110 °F (32 to 43 °C).  
This will still depend on the wattage of the device. 

Can You Leave a Reptile Heat Mat On All the Time?

Yes, you can leave your reptile heat mat on for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Even if you’re trying to save electricity, turning it off would not have a substantial effect.

How Long Does it Take a Heat Mat to Heat Up?

To be sure, wait a total of 24 hours before letting your reptile friends settle inside the terrarium with the heating pad.
Some users report a few minutes, a few hours, but those have not been proven yet. So at best, turn your heat pads on for at least 24 hours before placing your pet reptile in.

In Conclusion, 

Now, you know what the best heat pads for reptiles are on the market. Other than that, I was able to present to you a couple of tips on how to purchase the best heat pads.

The next time you require any of these, you know where to look for it. Go back to this guide in case you get confused about what type of heat pad to get for your pet reptiles!


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What is your favorite heat pad for reptiles? Let us know below!

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