What is the Best Size for a Bearded Dragon Cage?

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Wondering what’s the best size for your bearded dragon cages?

I’ve put together a DETAILED guide with a growth chart that will help you decide on the perfect tank size!

I’ll be discussing what sized tank a bearded dragon needs, how you can choose a terrarium for them and much more!

Bearded Dragon Cage Size Chart

I promise you that this guide will be everything you need.

So, I did extensive research and came up with this table outlining the recommended tank size for each specific timeline of your beardie’s life.

Months of AgeSize/Length of Your BeardieCorrect Size Tank
0 to 2 months (baby beardie)3 to 4 inches20 to 40 gallons
2 to 4 months (baby beardie)5 to 12 inches40 to 75 gallons
4 to 5 months (baby beardie)12 to 16 inches40 to 75 gallons
6 months (young adult/juvenile)11 to 18 inches50 to 75 gallons
8 months (young adult/juvenile)13 to 20 inches50 to 85 gallons
12 months and above (adult beardie)16 inches and above75 to 120 gallons and above

The next time you find yourself in need of information, you can go back to this chart and search for the answers you’ve been looking for.

There you go! Just like you, a lot of new bearded dragon owners can’t decide what the optimal tank size is for their beardies.

With this complete guide, you’ll no longer have to think about it too deeply!

What is the Best Cage Size for Your Beardie?

Do I need a big tank for my bearded dragon?” – Alduin, a new beardie owner

The correct size of bearded dragon tanks depends on your pet’s age, as well as the number of them that’ll be in that particular enclosure.

Here’s a quick clip of an expert outlining the size requirement of a bearded dragon enclosure as well as the steps on how to build it:

So, let me discuss what size tank is best for your dragons based on these factors.

Best Tank Size for Baby Bearded Dragons

In my experience, I purchased a rather big bearded dragon terrarium for my baby beardie. I thought I could use the same cage for when they grow and become bigger.

What I did was fine, but it was not for the best. So how many gallons does a beardie need?

The optimal tank size for baby dragons is between 20 and 40 gallons. This is because the tanks require to be about 4 times the length and width of the dragon [1].

baby bearded dragon inside his cage

QUICK NOTE: These 20 to 40-gallon tanks would only be temporary. As they grow bigger, they’ll need a larger enclosure size that would be appropriate for their sizes.

Best Tank Size for Young and Mature Adult Beardies

Since a young adult dragon isn’t as big as an adult or full-grown beardie, the recommended cage size would be slightly smaller.

For a young adult bearded dragon, the recommended size for their terrariums should be at least 55 to 75 gallons.

yellow bearded dragon in a correct bearded dragon cage size

This is so they can run around and do the activities they want in their terrariums.

EXPERT TIP: If they’re bigger than the usual size of young adult beardies, go for a 75 gallon bearded dragon tank.

Constricting their habitats can decrease their overall mood [2] and eventually – their health.

Best Tank Size For Adult or Full-Grown Beardies

If your beardie is already at adult size, the size of the cage should be between 75 to 120 gallons.

If your dragon is larger than usual, you need to consider going with a 120 gallon bearded dragon tank size. 

And while all of our situations may be different, these are recommendations from reptile experts and professionals.

Best Tank Size For Two or More Bearded Dragons

But what if you have more than one beardie? What should the minimum size be?

When I had my second reptile, I thought fitting them in a single tank (that meets the size requirement) was sufficient.

By all accounts, that’s not how it works. The measurement of 4 to 5 times their length and width would be per beardie.

So, if you’ll be housing two dragons, the tank size should be doubled according to the size requirement of each dragon.

two beardies facing each other

For instance, if you adopted two young adults that are of normal size, you’d need a 150 to 160-gallon tank. Consider this the minimum tank size, as they can grow bigger.

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What Should the Tank Height Be?

The ideal height of a tank setup should be at least 21 inches (61 cm). However, you can set it at 18 inches or 46 cm.

Going for this size can help your beardie provides a good and wide range of cage temperature. Not only that, but you can also be sure that they won’t just crawl out of it!

This was one of the things I was aware of when I had two beardies in a single enclosure.

It actually is the very reason why I intended for my tank’s height to be 26 inches.

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Do Bearded Dragons Grow to the Size of Their Tank?

Yes, dragons grow to the size of their environment. Therefore, if your pet dragon’s terrarium is too small, it can hinder its natural growth.

bearded dragon on top of a log

Similar to many types of fish, if you place them in an aquarium that’s too small for them, their growth can slow down.

Eventually, they could adapt only to their sizes in accordance with their habitats.

Don’t worry too much about it, though.

As I often tell my clients, putting them in a slightly smaller tank than the recommended won’t have much effect.

The hindrance of growth only happens if your pet reptiles are struggling to fit inside their cages since they’ll be inside them for a few hours per day.

FAQs on Bearded Dragon Cage Sizes

It can be confusing at first, I know – been there, done that. However, some of you might still have a few questions in mind that our guide wasn’t able to answer directly.

So, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the size of your dragon tank.

Is a 40-Gallon Tank Good For a Bearded Dragon?

Yes, temporarily, a 40-gallon tank would be suitable for a baby bearded dragon.
As it gets bigger, you’ll need a bigger tank for your pet beardie to have plenty of space for more activities.

Is a 70-Gallon Tank Good For a Bearded Dragon?

Yes, 70-gallon tanks are perfect for juveniles (young adults). Just keep an eye on the size of your beardie when it transitions to being an adult.
They will need a larger tank in the future.

When is a Tank Too Big?

One sign that your tank is too big is if the UVB lights or the heat lamp are not enough to make a particular spot in the terrarium warmer.
This restricts them from getting a comfortable temperature. 
A larger tank would need more heat to give proper temperature and for it to match the body temperature of your bearded dragon.  

What Types of Tanks Are Available?

reptile tank with uvb light

There are many different types and kinds of tanks available. The best ones are:
1. Plastic Container or Tank (PVC or ABS)
2. Glass Tank or Terrarium
3. Wooden Tank or Cage

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide gave you the information you needed about the best bearded dragon cage size for your pet.

The next time you think about the best size for your dragon’s tank, you know what guide to look for – you know where to go!


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bearded dragon inside his tank

What is your bearded dragon cage size? Please share with us in the comments below!

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