6 Amazing Ways to Make Your Guinea Pig Happy

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Looking for ways to make your guinea pig happy?

I’ve got you covered!

Below, we’re checking out some easy ways to entertain guinea pigs and give them the best life possible.

Let’s skip the chit chat and dive right in, shall we?

6 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR GUINEA PIG HAPPY & give them the Life They Deserve

When we adopt a pet, we take on the enormous responsibility of caring not just for their physical needs, but their emotional needs as well.

It’s not enough to just buy your pig a good cage, fill it with bedding, toss in some good food and call it a day.

Let me be blunt: if that’s all you have time for, you’re better off getting fish!

Sure, they’ll survive…but they won’t truly live. Does that make sense?

Just like we humans need more than just food, shelter and a bed, so do our piggies.

So, with that in mind, let’s talk about some of the easiest ways to keep guinea pigs happy and help them truly live the life they deserve.

Looking for ways to make your guinea pig happy? I've got you! Check out these 6 easy things every cavy owner needs to be doing!

1. a Balanced Diet with Plenty of Variety

Feeding your guinea pig a balanced diet keeps her healthy, but variety is what keeps her happy

I remember when I adopted my first piggy, I admittedly didn’t really know much.

The pet store clerk told me that I just needed to give her pellets, hay, and a quarter of an orange a day.

I did that for about a month, but then came across the well-known Happy Cavy food list while browsing for guinea pig tips.

When I saw the massive list of things guinea pigs can eat, I thought, “I am definitely depriving her!”

Would YOU like to eat the same thing for every meal, every single day of you life? Didn’t think so!

So, I started making her (and her “sister,” as we added a friend for her that same month) a nightly salad.

The squeaks and squeals and popcorning alone were all the proof I needed that I had made the right choice!

So, along with pellets and hay, feed her a diet that includes several fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals.

Experiment with different options from the “safe” list until you find their favorites. Then, rotate those into their nightly salad.

2. Give them a Habitat, not a Cage

I never like to use the word “cage” when talking about what I keep my cavies in.

It’s just so…cagey! Just like you can survive in a room with four walls, a roof and heat, your cavy can technically survive in a cage.

If you want to make your guinea pig happy, give her a habitat instead. Make sure she has plenty of room to run around, eat, and do her business.

Choose safe and comfortable bedding. Avoid wood chips, as some are toxic and all are uncomfortable.

I prefer fleece bedding because it’s inexpensive, cozy and easy enough to make on your own.

See tutorial video below for tips on how to do it.

Also, make sure you keep it clean! If the piggy’s home is tidy, she’ll be a lot happier.

Each day, remove soggy hay, pick up waste (poo), and spot-clean the rest of the floor.

Once a week, you’ll want to do a complete bedding change and deep-clean her home.

Check out our guide to the best guinea pig habitats for more tips.

3. Routine Health Care

Since guinea pigs don’t need vaccinations like cats and dogs, owners make the mistake of never taking them at all.

An annual vet visit helps you make sure that your cavy is in tip-top shape and address minor problems before they get out of control.

Just make sure you choose a vet with experience in treating small animals.

At home and in-between visits, you’ll also want to pay attention to your piggy’s overall health and appearance.

Watch for hair loss, a lackluster coat, or loss of appetite. All of these signal that something is wrong.

4. Adopt in Pairs (or More)

Remember, guinea pigs are social animals. I know I say that a lot, but it’s that important to know.

You will see many guinea pigs who share their food, sleeping space, toys, and everything with the other members of their group.

Like extroverted people, cavies aren’t really happy just sitting all alone in their habitat every day.

Consider adopting two at once. If you have a solitary piggy now, look into adding a friend!

So, if you want to keep your guinea pig happy and comfortable, then get her a companion who understands her language.

5. Bonding time 

Do you want your pet to build a bond of trust with you? Are you interested in understanding her natural behaviors and how she responds to your actions?

Then you need to spend some time building up that relationship.

You should devote some time to playing with your cavy every day so that you get to know each other well.

Play time also gives you the best opportunity to scan your pet and see if everything is well.

6. Don’t Put baby in a corner!

Remember that line from Dirty Dancing, “no one puts Baby in a corner”?

Well, if you want to keep your guinea pig happy, don’t put her in a corner.

By that, I don’t mean you can’t put her habitat in a literal corner of a room.

What I mean is that she doesn’t belong tucked away someplace where you and your family rarely go.

Instead, choose a room where everyone spends a good chunk of time, but that isn’t terribly loud.

Keeping her in a room where she can see everyone not only helps with her socialization, it gives you a change to observe her and watch for signs of illness.

For example, if she’s usually perky and active every day at noon, but one day she seems lethargic, you’ll know something is up.

Final Words

If you follow these tips, you’ll have no trouble keeping your guinea pig happy.

They really are easy to care for overall. Sometimes, I think that’s a bad thing.

We tend to confuses low-maintenance with no-maintenance, and that’s just not the case.

The fact that you’re looking for ways to keep your guinea pig happy, though, tells me that you’re willing to put in the effort.

Looking for ways to make your guinea pig happy? I've got you! Check out these 6 easy things every cavy owner needs to be doing! https://petsvills.com/make-guinea-pig-happy/ #pets #guineapigs

What are your favorite ways to make your guinea pig happy? Share below!


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