Want To See Guinea Pigs Enjoying Their Favorite Thing? Video

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Nom nom NOM! Just look at those piggies enjoying their healthy lettuce snacks.

If there is one thing in the world that is so satisfying to watch, it’s to see piggies and their healthy appetite for healthy food.

Notice those little squeaky sounds that they make? This simply goes to show that these little piggies are having the time of their life and enjoying the simple comfort of munching on a snack. (Like, who wouldn’t??)

So what exactly is that noise they make? Let’s see!


a abyssinian guinea pig.

If guinea pigs could stand on their hind legs and clap at the sight of food, they probably would. But since they can’t do what we do when we see a bag of popcorn, they do resort to the next best thing. They wheek.

Guinea pigs are, without a doubt, smart creatures. Part of what makes them smart is their ability to communicate. (1)

Guinea pig sounds come in different ranges and volumes. Loud squeaks may mean discomfort or danger. (2)

Then there are those soft, contented sounds like the one in the video known as wheeks. Wheeks are your guinea pig’s way of showing excitement or anticipation towards a fun activity.

And who’s to disagree that eating is fun?

Eating Makes Guinea Pigs Happy

a peruvian guinea pig eating veggie

Guinea pigs have a voracious appetite. In fact, a happy piggy is one that eats and munches most of the day.

Guinea pigs get the munchies because that’s the only way they can keep their digestive system going.

Remember that a piggy that doesn’t get the munchies is a stressed, if not sad, piggy. If your piggy doesn’t wheek or look forward to this favorite pastime, chances are he may be sick or he may have dental issues.


Maybe We Should All Take After Our Piggies?

Take it from these two little piggies to know what it feels like to leave all your cares to the world. Hakuna matata and just munch those woes away.



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  1. Thank you for sharing your video, that totally made my day! Such a cute sight to see those little guinea pigs munching on tiny pieces of lettuce, which reminds me I need my salad fix for dinner haha


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