The Benefits of Raising Chickens and Building a Coop

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If you’re wondering “Why build a chicken coop?“, you came to the right place!

There are plenty of good reasons to consider raising chickens in your backyard:

Not only do chickens produce fresh, delicious eggs, but they can also provide natural pest control ― and fertilizer for your garden.

Plus, watching these feathered friends scratch and peck around can be a FUN and RELAXING hobby.

If you’re hooked and keen to learn more, KEEP READING to find out why building a chicken coop might be the perfect addition to your homestead or backyard…

Key Takeaways

  • A chicken coop provides protection from predators and harsh weather conditions, which promotes a stable and comfortable environment for your chickens.
  • It can help prevent diseases and infections, keeping your chickens safe and healthy.
  • You can get fresh and organic meats and eggs, and the chicken dropping is an excellent manure for your organic garden.
  • Building a chicken coop can be a great way to spend quality time with your family while teaching them new carpentry skills.

Why Build a Chicken Coop? Discover the Top Benefits of Raising Chickens at Home

“Why build a chicken coop”, you may ask. 

Jillian Kubala, MS, RD from Healthline, a TOP health and expert advice platform, has the following to say about the magic of keeping chickens (1):

Not only do laying hens give you fresh eggs, but they provide endless entertainment, pest management, and free fertilizer.”

Now, let me get to what a chicken coop is: A chicken coop is a house where the chicken is kept most of the time.

Raising chickens and building coops has become popular hobbies in recent years.

chickens inside a wooden coop

Many people enjoy the idea of providing their own fresh eggs or meat and taking care of their feathered friends.

Building a chicken coop can also be a fun DIY project, where enthusiasts can get CREATIVE with materials such as chicken wire and repurposed wood.

It’s important to consider factors like level ground and square feet per chicken when building your coop, and many hobbyists have taken it to the next level by constructing larger and more elaborate coops.

Overall, building a chicken coop is a rewarding and ENJOYABLE pastime that offers both practical benefits and a fun creative outlet.

If you’re planning to raise chicken either if it’s for meat or keep it as a pet, you will need a chicken coop.

To address this, I have revealed many other great reasons to build a chicken coop:

Benefit #1: Protection from Malicious predators

A chicken coop will prevent it from being eaten by predators and help shield them from the weather.

Another reason to build a chicken coop is to prevent predators from eating your chicken. Since chicken is a favorite food for many predators, you will want to keep them from harm.

Some predators that will eat your chicken if given the chance are foxes, hawks, snakes, squirrels, raccoons, dogs, and cats.

Yes, your pet dog and cat will eat the chickens if given the chance. They are predators by nature and chicken is one of their favorite prey. This is why it is important to build a coop for your chicken.

Benefit #2: Protection from Harsh weather conditions

Besides protection from predators, a chicken coop will protect it from mother nature as well.

A chicken coop also SHIELDS your flock from harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, and extreme heat.

Too much sunshine can cause your chicken to be stressed because of the heat. A coop will also help shield the chicken from rain and snow too.

This protection helps maintain a stable and comfortable environment for your chickens, which in turn promotes their health and egg-laying productivity.

Benefit #3: Prevents diseases

And also, a chicken coop can help prevent diseases and infections that may be transmitted to your chickens from the outside environment, keeping them safe and healthy.

By providing a secure and comfortable shelter for your chickens, a chicken coop also minimizes the risk of your chickens wandering off and getting lost or injured.

Benefit #4: Promotes an organic lover’s dream

If you want fresh and organic meats and eggs, building a coop for your chicken makes sense. In this day and age, organic eating is the way to go!

With so many dangerous chemicals used to feed the chicken, over time, it can cause harm to your body.

So when choosing to eat only organic food, you will eliminate that risk factor. Also, chickens that are fed organic food, will have better-tasting meat…

It will have more nutrients and flavors to the meat. The eggs from the chicken will also taste better and be healthier than eggs from the grocery stores.

The only disadvantage to raising chicken organically is that it takes longer to mature before it can be used to process food.

Benefit #5: Provides a much-loved Location

A good location to place the coop is somewhere that provides shade for at least half of the day.

One ideal location is under a tree and another is a shack or something higher where the sun can’t shine on it all day long.

As long as the chicken is kept out of the elements, it will be happy and a happy chicken is a healthy chicken.

Now, if you’re the visual type, DISCOVER the top reasons why building a chicken coop is the ultimate solution for fresh eggs, sustainable living, and a fun DIY project – watch this entertaining video now:.

Organic Gardening: The Know-hows

If you are into organic gardening, building a chicken coop is a good idea too. The dropping from the chicken is excellent manure for your organic garden.

Now it might sound disgusting to use dropping from chickens, but it sure has a lot of nutrients that plants need to flourish.

One way to use the dropping is to mix them with the bedding you used for the nest. Mix both of them and add soil to it and let it sit in the sun for a couple of days or so.

You might want to use worms as well to help break down the dropping and bedding. When it is ready, take a shovel and spread it around your plants.

Blood Runs Thicker Than Water: A Family Project

Regarding your family, it can’t be anything better than spending quality time with them. This is another excellent reason to build a chicken coop.

You can get your wife and kids to help you with the project.

Not only will you spend quality time with them but you will teach them some new skills in carpentry and some good learning experiences that they could use later in life.

Be careful, though, and take all precautions regarding sharp items.

As you can see above, there are many great reasons why build your coop.

Just remember, when building the coop, always have fun doing it. If you’re unhappy about building the chicken coop, you won’t be happy with the results either ― neither will your chickens!!

Check out our must-read article, “Can You Use Hay for Chicken Bedding?” for insights on providing the most comfortable environment for your flock.


1. Can I build a chicken coop myself or do I need professional help?

chicken coop

You can build a chicken coop yourself with the right tools and materials. Online resources, such as tutorials and plans, can be very helpful.

2. What is the best location for a chicken coop?

Choose a location with good drainage, ventilation, and sunlight. Avoid areas prone to flooding, drafts, and direct sunlight.

3. Which features should I include in my chicken coop?

Features like nesting boxes, roosting bars, and water and food dispensers are important. Also, ensure adequate ventilation, predator-proofing, and access for cleaning and egg collection (2).


So, Why build a chicken coop?

The coop is a fantastic addition to any homestead or backyard for many reasons.

Not only can chickens provide fresh, organic eggs, but they also offer natural pest control and manure for gardens.

A chicken coop provides a safe environment for chickens to live in and protects them from predators, harsh weather conditions, diseases, and other risks.

Raising chickens also presents an opportunity for families to bond and develop carpentry skills while building the coop.

A good location for a chicken coop should provide shade for at least half of the day, and a location under a tree or shack will do.

What’s also great is the droppings: the droppings from chickens make excellent manure for organic gardens, providing valuable nutrients to plants.

chicken coop


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