Where to Find Sugar Gliders for Adoption in the US (Including Free Ones)

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If you’re looking for free sugar gliders for adoption in the US, I have some good news and some bad news.

First, the bad news: you’re unlikely to find these unique pets anywhere completely for free.

The good news, though, sugar glider cost is low, and there are plenty of rescues that adopt them.

Let’s talk about how to find them, then we’ll check out some other resources for adopting gliders in the US.

How To Search For Free Sugar Gliders for Adoption

Looking for low cost or free sugar gliders for adoption in the US? Check out these resources for finding reputable breeders & rescues!

So, as I said, the chances of you finding free sugar gliders for adoption are virtually nil.

Even if you go through a reputable rescue, you’ll likely have to pay at least a small fee.

There’s actually a very good reason for that, too.

First, that fee covers not just the care given to your glider, but towards maintaining the rescue so that others can find a safe sanctuary.

Second, charging a fee helps rescues weed out people who aren’t committed to actually caring for their new pet.

Way too many sugar gliders get rehomed because people snatch them up on impulse without thinking it through.

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How to Find a Good Sugar Glider Rescue Group

Are having trouble deciding whether a leucistic sugar glider is right for your family? Check out our complete guide to this unique pet!

The best way- or at least the way that works for me- is just searching “sugar glider rescue + your state.”

You can also use “adoption’ instead of rescue. For example, “sugar glider adoption Florida” will bring up rescues and breeders in that state.

Here’s where it gets tricky, though. You really have to weed through the results to find a legit option.

Like, the first result seems great. It’s a well-known site backed by a major company.

However, a quick click on their dropdown menu shows you that sugar gliders aren’t even included.

So, scroll down a bit until you find rescues that actually have “Sugar Glider” in the name.

These groups have smaller budgets, which means they can’t pay the big advertising and optimization bucks it takes to get their sites to the top of the search results.

FYI, that little trick works for finding any pet for adoption (or heck, anything else you could ever need to find on the internet).

Also, don’t judge the quality of the rescue by the quality of their website. Again, building a good site takes money.

These groups typically prefer to use all of their funds to actually help the animals.

Knowing the laws and regulations surrounding pet ownership is crucial to ensure the safety of both you and your pet. Stay informed and up-to-date by reading the ‘full list of legal pets in California‘ and make informed decisions about your pet choices.

Are there ANY Sugar Gliders for Free Adoption?

Well, yes. I mean, you can pretty much find anything for free in this world if you look long enough and hard enough.

I highly recommend staying away from online classified ads for the most part.

However, if you search local Facebook groups for something like “free sugar gliders to a good home,” or “sugar glider needs new home“, you may get lucky.

Remember, though, even if you find a free pet, you’ll still have care costs to consider.

Check out our guide to the cost of owning a sugar glider for more tips.

Rescues are always my first choice for adopting any type of pet.

However, if you can’t find one and have your heart set on getting a glider now, the next section will guide you in the right direction.

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Where to Find Sugar Gliders for Adoption in the US

When searching for the best places to buy and/or adopt a sugar glider, check out hobby or United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) licensed breeders, rescue organizations, animal shelters, and reputable exotic pet stores.

I am only including breeders who are licensed by the USDA on this list.

Places you should avoid purchasing a sugar glider from are Craigslist (or any classified ads), flea markets, mall kiosks, pet expos, and trade shows.

These types of exhibitors/venues prey on impulse buyers by having everything (sugar glider, cage, toys, food, etc.) bundled together, ready to go.

Here are some of the top places in the United States to adopt sugar gliders.

I did not include the states of Alaska, California, and Hawaii since sugar gliders are illegal in those states!

Also, I searched high and low but didn’t find any information for the following states: Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Last note- The inclusion of a breeder on this list is NOT an endorsement. Think of this list as a starting place for your own research.


Fairy Tale Gliders– Breeder- Florence

Fleeko’s Gliders and Glam– Breeder- Sheffield

KMJ Glider Gems– Breeder- Owens Cross Roads


Arizona Sugar Glider Rescue– Rescue Organization- Phoenix

Ashley’s Animals– Breeder- Tucson

Candy’s Lil Sugar Lumps– Hobby Breeder- Surprise


River City Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Little Rock


Moon Beam Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Brighton

Parker Exotic Pets– Pet Store- Parker

Suggie Savers– Rescue Organization- Northglenn


Southeastern Connecticut Hedgehogs & Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Lyme


Moon Over Miami Gliders– Breeder- Miami

My Gliders– Breeder- Lakeland

Mystical Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Zephyrhills

Panhandle Exotics– Exotic Pet Store- Pensacola

Wild Things Exotic Animals– Exotic Pet Store- Middleburg


Georgia Sugar Glider Connection– Breeder- McDonough

Paradise Valley Farm– Breeder- Cleveland


Tara’s Exotic Rescue– In-home Exotic Rescue- Nampa


Wilmette Pet Center– Pet Store- Wilmette


My Glider Community– Hobby Breeder- Goshen

Uncle Bill’s Pet Centers- Pet Store– 6 locations- Fishers, Fort Wayne, Greenwood and Indianapolis


Animal Rescue League of Iowa– Animal Shelter- Des Moines


C&H Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Leavenworth


Animal Welfare Society– Animal Shelter- Kennebunk

Patagia & Tails Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Waterville


Glider Invasion– Breeder- Mt. Airy


Glidergals Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Boston

Pet World– Family-owned Pet Store- Natick


Mid-Michigan Sugar Gliders– Hobby Breeder- Durand

Serenity Gliders– Hobby Breeder- Edmore


Minnesota Pocket Pet Rescue– Rescue Organization- St. Paul


The Jungle Exotic Pets– Pet Store- Florence


KyTy Critters– Breeder- Kansas City

Sugar Exotics– Hobby Breeder- Vulcan

The Three Sisters Exotic Rescue & Sanctuary– Rescue Organization- St. Louis


Night Sky Sugar Gliders– Hobby Breeder- Missoula


Hand’s Hedgehogs– Breeder- Fremont


Sugar Glider Tree– Hobby Breeder- Las Vegas


NH Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Farmington

Our Sugar Gliders of New Hampshire– Rescue Organization- Raymond


NJ Exotic Pets– Exotic Pet Store- Lodi

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A+ Gliders– Breeder- Albuquerque


Lollypop Farm (Humane Society of Greater Rochester)- Animal Shelter- Fairport

Meet the Pricks– Breeder- Lawrence


Cochran Clan Sugar Glider Rescue– Rescue Organization- Winston-Salem

Rhyver’s Songh Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Garner


Honey Sweet Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Fargo


Akron Sugar Glider Rescue– Rescue Organization- Akron

Ever Faithful Exotics– Breeder- Holland

Glider Palace– Breeder- Cincinnati

Pet Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Andover


To & Fro Gliders– Breeder- Tulsa


Critter Cabana– Pet Store- 2 locations- Newberg and Wilsonville

House of Exotic Pets– Breeder- Eugene


Carolina Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Aiken

Sugar Gliders Galore– Breeder- Blythewood


Sugar Glider Alley– Breeder- Kodak

Sugar Gliders R Us– Breeder- Eagleville


Critter Love– Breeder- Beeville

Dragonstone Ranch– Breeder- Gatesville

Hartland Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Red Oak

The Pet Glider– Breeder- Houston


Epic Gliders– Breeder- West Jordan

My Little Sugar Glider– Breeder- Lake Havasu City

Outback Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Logan


Vermont Sugar Glider– Breeder- Killington


Fierce Love Rescue– Rescue Organization- Stephens City

Highland Sugar Gliders- Breeder- Smithfield

Oceanfront Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Virginia Beach

White Oak Sugar Gliders– Hobby Breeder- Pound


RJ Snuggies– Breeder- Richland

VC Washington Sugar Gliders– Breeder- Spokane Valley


Sarah’s Suggie Shoppe– Breeder- Butte des Morts

Wisconsin Sugar Glider Sanctuary & Rescue– Rescue Organization- Stoughton

Sugar gliders are unique and adorable pets with distinct personalities and temperaments. Expand your knowledge and find the right breed for you by reading ‘different breeds of sugar gliders‘. Get started on your journey to becoming a knowledgeable and responsible sugar glider owner.

Looking for low cost or free sugar gliders for adoption in the US? Check out these resources for finding reputable breeders & rescues!

Once again, I want to remind you that this list is merely a good starting place.

We’re not backing or endorsing any of the breeders. You’ll need to do some extra research yourself.

I suggest visiting their location and seeing how they keep their gliders.

Talk to others who adopted through them, ask for references, and trust your gut.

If you do the legwork, you’ll find the perfect sugar glider for your family in no time!

Do you know of any places that offer free sugar gliders for adoption? Any other great rescue groups? Share below!


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