Complete Guide to Sugar Glider Travel Cages: Top 5 Options (with Reviews)

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Looking for best and safest sugar glider travel cages for your next trip to the vet?

You’ve come to the right place as I’ll cover everything that goes into picking a perfect option. 

You’ll soon become an expert on all things sugar glider travel cages. 

Let’s not waste any more time and dive right into how to travel with a sugar glider properly. 

Our Top Picks

Use the table below to see all our top picks at a glance, then keep reading for more details.

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If you don’t have enough time to read our entire article, I’d suggest choosing SugarGliderAcademy’s Sugar Glider Travel Cage.

It offers everything a person could want in a sugar glider travel cage. 

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The 5 Best Sugar Glider Travel Cages

We’ll jump right into my reviews first. Then, keep reading for tips on traveling with gliders, what makes for the best travel cage in general, and more


If you’re looking at an option to house multiple gliders, Mcage’s 3 Levels Sugar Glider Animal Cage would be a suitable fit.

The spacious 3-level design, 3/8 bar spacing, and easy-to-carry handle make it a sugar glider owner’s dream. 

You shouldn’t have issues with this cage not being comfortable enough for your sugar gliders.


  • All-metal construction
  • Three levels
  • 3/8 bar spacing
  • Easy to carry handle
  • A slide-out bottom pan tray for easy cleaning
  • Foldable


  • You will need zip ties to secure certain parts.
  • Baby gliders can easily escape

Final Verdict:

Its all-metal construction and lightweight design make for a very convenient sugar glider travel cage.

I don’t see a single reason why it wouldn’t be easy to deal with it when traveling. 

But some customers did mention needing zip ties to secure specific areas of the cage.

These zip ties will help ensure a rambunctious sugar glider doesn’t find a way to escape.

Once the zip ties are in the right locations, this travel cage should be a perfect traveling companion. 

Also, some customers complained that their pet mice escaped through the bars, so it’s probably not ideal for baby gliders.

2. Kaytee Me Travel Cage

The Kaytee Me Travel Cage might be our most straightforward to use option. 

Its two-piece design makes assembling the cage a breeze. 

I don’t even think I’d have problems doing it, which is saying something. 


  • 16″ x10″ x 9.25″ design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes a tray pan
  • Carry handle
  • Large door


  • On the small side
  • Not super durable

Final Verdict:

Kaytee made this cage to work with most small pets, not specifically for sugar gliders.

So, if your furry family includes guinea pigs, hamsters, or even birds, it’s a one-stop solution.

It’s a bit on the small side overall, so I wouldn’t recommend it for long trips. However, for a quick ride to the vet’s office, it’s roomy enough for your glider.

However, it does have some durability issues, according to some customers. So don’t expect it to last a lifetime.


Buyers looking to transport their glider a short distance should consider Asoract’s Sugar Glider Carrier Bag.

Its comfortable velvet lining will create a safe, warm environment for your glider.

The adjustable shoulder strap and lightweight design also give it peak portability. 


  • Lightweight design
  • Durable plastic mesh
  • Excellent breathability
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Four color choices and two size options


  • It can only hold a single glider
  • Not chew-proof

Final Verdict:

Aside from its lightweight design and top-notch comfort levels, owners will love a few of its other features.

The multiple buying options and durable plastic mesh alone should entice a sugar glider owner or two. 

But this travel carrier’s only fit for a single glider and shorter trips. Therefore, it shouldn’t be looked at as a solution for a long-term enclosure for a glider. 

4. Midwest Spree Travel Pet Carrier

Midwest is one of the premiere names in crates and travel cages.

This one was explicitly built for transporting small pets from place to place. 

Its 20.70L x 13.22W x 14.09H hard plastic design is fairly basic, but it’s just right for a quick trip with your glider.

Midwest even included three color options to ensure you can give your snuggie a stylish enclosure. 


  • 20.70L x 13.22W x 14.09H
  • Three color options
  • Comes in two other sizes
  • 4.5 stars across over 16,500 ratings
  • No tools required to assemble


  • Hard plastic sides make it difficult to see your glider
  • What you see is what you get (no slide out pan or other extras)

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for something simple, there’s nothing about this cage that won’t meet your needs. It’s a useful sugar glider transport device capable of keeping them safe and secure. 


You won’t find a more comfortable option than SugarGliderAcademy’s Sugar Glider Travel Cage.

Its fuzzy, cozy interior and outstanding ventilation offer your glider a perfect place to relax during traveling. 

The included clips, food tray, and color options are icing on the cake of this excellent product. 


  • 24″ x 18″ x 22″
  • Cozy, comfortable interior
  • Great ventilation
  • Food tray and clips included 
  • Hanging clip for pouch


  • Expensive 
  • Only one color

Final Verdict:

You won’t ever hear me saying a single bad thing about this travel cage regarding performance. It has everything a person could ever imagine one could need. 

But you’ll have to spend a relatively large amount on its services. However, it’s more than worth it. 

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What to Look for in a Sugar Glider Travel Cage

If you’re looking for a travel cage, I’d suggest getting one with measurements of at least 23″ x 16″ x 16″. These dimensions should make gliders more than comfortable during travel.

Additionally, incorporating a sugar glider cage liner within the travel cage can add to their comfort while also making cleanup more convenient.

A well-fitted liner can absorb waste, making the journey more pleasant for both you and your sugar glider.

Another crucial element is spacing between the cage’s bars. Never buy a cage with bar spacing more than 1/2 inches, or your gilders might be able to squeeze through them. 

Other notable features include a carrying handle, perches, lightweight design, and a pullout tray. Each of these inclusions will make your life much easier when traveling with gliders. 

Owners who are taking shorter trips might look to buy cheap sugar glider cages for travel. These items are a lot more convenient for trips to the vet or friends’ houses. 

In this case, look for options with a screen like mesh rather than a fabric type mesh.

The fabric types are rather dangerous because your glider might get a toe or nail twisted in their threads

How To Travel With a Sugar Glider

Trying to decide whether a caramel sugar glider is the right pet for your family? Read on for our complete guide to this nifty little marsupial!

Many glider owners are looking to travel with their sugar gliders but don’t know how to properly.

This trip might be a shorter one to a store, an entire day out with family/friends, or long-term stays onboard an RV.

In any case, owners must put their gliders’ safety first when bringing them on these trips.

Your glider or gliders should always be in a secure travel carrier or cage when traveling in a vehicle. 

It’s also recommended to make sure you can secure these carriers with a seat belt or other means.

Your chosen carrier or cage should be large enough that it allows a glider’s pouch to hang and provide room for them to climb in and out.

Since gliders aren’t overly active during the day, these enclosures don’t have to be massive.

But it needs to be large where it allows them to get out of their pouches while still being secured within it.

This action will enable them to do their bathroom business when necessary without issue.

Your placement of the carrier/cage needs to be considered, as well. I’d recommend placing it in the middle of a seat, away from direct sunlight. 

Sun rays coming into your car can create a significant amount of heat, which can overheat a sugar glider.

It would be a good idea to have a piece of fleece or other light material to drape over the cage/carrier for shade.

You will need to ensure the air conditioner and heat vents don’t blow directly onto the cage/carrier. It’s another way to ensure your glider remains comfy during travel.

As you might expect, a travel water bottle is another necessary item for extended trips. I’d make sure this container can be quickly closed to stop any leaking issues. 

People who don’t own a one capable of closing can store their bottle upside down in a cup holder.

This essential travel item will offer the ability to provide your gliders with water whenever they’re out of their pouches.


What to Do With a Sugar Glider When You Go on Vacation

Looking for some sugar glider facts and info to help you decide if they're the right pet for you? Here's everything you need to know before adopting one!

If your gliders can’t come on the trip, you’ll need to make the right preparations. 

Owners should always make sure they have a trusted friend or family member who can come over each day.  

These people would feed them and check whether anything’s wrong.

I’d recommend having a few trials runs before going onto your trip to ensure this person knows exactly what to do. 

More importantly, make this process as easy as possible for your friend. Taking care of sugar gliders isn’t an easy thing for a new person to feel comfortable doing. 

An excellent example would be making up enough food for your trip before leaving. You should freeze each meal individually and put the date on each. 

It’ll streamline the process for your friend to make it much easier for them. If you’re overly worried, placing a bowl or two of dry kibble in their cage wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

Placing an extra water bottle in their cage would also be a smart move. These last two actions are extra precautions against any errors made by the person you select. 

Final Recommendation

My final recommendation would be to purchase SugarGliderAcademy’s Sugar Glider Travel Cage.

The comfort level offered by this cage isn’t unrivaled by any other on today’s marketplace.

If you have any more questions or concerns about travel cages, let me know in our comment section.

Are you looking for the best sugar glider travel cages? We chose and reviewed 5 of them that you will find helpful when carrying your pet!

what is your favorite sugar glider travel cage? share below!

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