9 Best Sugar Glider Hammocks for Your Furry Friend (Review)

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If you’re a glider parent like me you’ve probably heard of the sugar glider hammock.

These comfortable sugar glider hanging bed hammocks are the perfect way to give your pet some extra space to spread out. Plus, they’re perfect for keeping your sugar glider warm and cozy all winter long.

Here are my favorite sugar glider hammocks.

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Best Hammocks for Sugar Gliders at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites to add to your sugar glider supplies list!

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Sugar Glider Hanging Bed Hammocks – Our Top 9 Picks

1. Cute Orange Sugar Glider Hammock

Rat hammock rat cage accessories sugar glider toys 4 piece image 1

I’m a massive fan of bright colors. However, this hammock impressed me not for the colors but for how my critters took to it.

The complete package has a corner hut that can act as a sleeping place. Its beautiful colors mean it will be a facelift for dull cages. The suspended strings make it easy to install in the cages.

It is also versatile and can form the ideal bed for squirrels or dwarf rabbits [1].


  • Handmade
  • Fleece, Cotton, and Wadding Materials
  • Perfect for gliders, rats, and squirrels

Benefits & Drawbacks of Cute Orange Sugar Glider Hammock

Soft and comfortable materialDoesn’t have clips for hanging
Colors are customizable
Amazing stitching quality

2. Hanging Hammock for Gliders

Honeycomb Hammock/Sugar Glider Toy image 1

Unlike the top option, this hammock comes with clips to hang on the cages easily. I’d hang them in the cage corner to make a lazy corner hammock for your critters.


  • Three-tier hammock
  • Approximate Dimensions: Bottom(12 by 12cm), Middle( 10by 10), Top(8 by 8)
  • Custom made on order
  • Fleece and cotton material

Benefits & Drawbacks of Hanging Hammock for Gliders

Sturdy and high-quality materialStraps can easily break
It comes with hanging clips
Super comfy and warm

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3. Bright Colored Sugar Glider Hammock

Hammock Honeycomb sugar glider hammocks chinchilla cage image 1

This hammock stands out as the perfect corner hammock for small critters. That’s thanks to the careful sewing to ensure safety.

The green will help you mimic the natural forest habitat of gliders [2], and I’m sure they’ll take to the hammock fast.


  • Available in a wide range of bright colors
  • Minky Fleece and Cotton Material
  • 2cm Soft Filling for maximum comfort
  • Machine Washable

Benefits of Bright Colored Sugar Glider Hammock

Easy to cleanNeeds to be deep cleaned often
because dirt sticks to the material easily
Made with glider-safe material
Custom colors available
Sturdy sewing for durability

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4. Hanging Hammock For Shuggies

Pet Small Animal Hanging Bed Cage Hammock Toy Fit for Mice image 1

See how snuggly this hammock feels? These handmade pieces will beautify the cage and be a warm hiding place for your critters.

They offer an ideal sleeping place and swinging areas.


  • Material: Minky Fleece, upholstery sponge, and waterproof polyester
  • The complete set consists only of a double hammock
  • Dimensions: 30 by 30 cm and 38 by 38cm

Benefits of Hanging Hammock for Shuggies

Made with soft Minky fleeceTend to grab too much fur
Colors are customizable
Perfect for many types of small animals

5. Regular Corner Hammock For Gliders

Rat sugar glider ferret chinchilla hammocks cube image 1

I love it when designers add some insect prints to clothes. I’m not for the creepy spider prints you might have seen on some clothes.

Instead, I’m for the adorable black spider design that exquisitely fits the bright orange insides of this hammock.


  • Cotton, fleece, and waddling material
  • Overlock stitched seams
  • Dimensions 30 by 30 cm and 12 by 12 for the hammock

Benefits of Regular Corner Hammock for Gliders

Overlock stitching of the seams makes them sturdyStraps are a little too short
Warm and comfy

6. Cute Hammock Sugar Glider

Squirrel set for rats sugar gliders and other small rodents image 1

Notice how cute the squirrels and rats on these hammocks are? You don’t think your gliders will notice that and hate sleeping in them, don’t you?

I don’t think so. Gliders are pretty non-fussy animals that don’t mind the design or color. Any solid piece of a carefully sewn hammock is okay for them.


  • Customized colors
  • 30 by 30 cm and 12 by 12-inch hammock
  • Entire package hammock, honeycomb hammock, and corner hut
  • Material: Fleece, Wadding, and Cotton

Benefits & Drawbacks of Cute Hammock Sugar Glider

Top-quality glider safe materialStraps are short and tear easily.
Ideal for different small animals

7. Glider Bed Soft Hammock

8 options Sugar glider bed Soft hammock for chinchillas Soft #01

This sugar glider hanging bed hammock would be an excellent addition. Besides the adorable mix of colors, you can see how comfy it seems. Solid piece of art, you’d say.


  • Cotton material
  • Wide range of colors
  • features attachment hooks
  • Handmade

Benefits & Drawbacks of Glider Bed Soft Hammock

Beautiful colorsNo hiding place for gliders
Super comfy
Easy to install

8. Black Set Hammock Sugar Glider

BLACK SET hammocks for rats rat cage accessories sugar image 1

Are you a big fan of the Batman movies? You’ll love this solid piece of all-black antipill fleece hammock if you are.

You’d have made your critter’s cage the comfiest place if you added corner baskets and some sugar glider toys.


  • Cotton and Fleece materials
  • Honeycomb hammock dimensions: 30 by 30 cm and 12 by 12 inches
  • Handmade

Benefits & Drawbacks of Black Set Hammock Sugar Glider

Quality glider safe materialOne layered fabric tears faster
Soft and comfortable

9. Hamster Rat Sugar Glider Hammock

Rat hammock rat cage accessories sugar glider toys under title sugar glider hammock

One of the common questions most people ask is whether they can use rat hammocks for sugar gliders. The answer to that is an emphatic yes.

Take the example of this anti-pill fleece hammock that’s perfect for all small pets.


  • Materials: Fleece and cotton
  • Dimensions( custom)
  • Full set: corner hut, honeycomb, and hammock
  • Handmade

Benefits & Drawbacks of Hamster Rat Sugar Glider Hammock

Excellent craftsmanshipThe full set is a tad expensive
Soft glider safe material
Vibrant colors


There are many options when looking for hammocks for your furry friends. This guide will help you get to select the best sugar glider hammock.

Try any and see how quickly your gliders take to these unique cage accessories.

Don’t forget to share how it goes!

cute baby glider on a blue towel under title sugar glider hammock

What are your favorite sugar glider hammocks? Please share with us below!


1. Bradford A. Rabbits: Habits, Diet & Other Facts. Live Science. Published March 7, 2017. https://www.livescience.com/28162-rabbits.html

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