10 Insanely Adorable Sugar Glider Gifts for Humans & Pets!

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Looking for some super cute sugar glider gifts to give your favorite Petaurus breviceps lover?

Or perhaps you need some sweet little presents to give your own glider?

Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our top five ideas for both humans and pets below!

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Looking for some super cute sugar glider gifts for your friend? How about for your own sweet little glider? Either way, we've got you covered. Check it out!

Sugar Glider Gifts For Owners

I found the most adorable sugar glider gifts for your friend! Check them out, then we’ll look at ideas for your pet!

1. Mother of Sugar Gliders T-Shirt

Yes, this one is a reference to Game of Thrones!

It’s such a wonderful present, especially for that friend who just can’t get enough of their toys for sugar gliders.

It comes in seven different sizes and colors, so you’ll definitely find the right one. Grab it on Etsy.

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2. Sugar Glider Pin

This sugar glider pin is like having the cutest fur friend with you all the time.

I love the origami style, don’t you?

It’s a small gift, so it’s just perfect for a stocking stuffer, or as part of a larger gift basket.

You can find it on Etsy, and it comes in two styles (the gray may be sold out, though).

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3. Sugar Glider Scarf

This scarf has a cute little pocket, so your friend can carry their sugar gliders anywhere they go.

It’s perfect for bonding, and their sweet little glider will feel like he’s taking a ride with his mama (sugar gliders are marsupials, after all).

Because it comes with a zipper, they can wear it as a regular scarf when the furball can’t accompany them.

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4. Sugar Glider Tote Bag

This cute sugar glider gift is also great for the planet, since you can use it to replace plastic bags at the grocery store.

You can get this one over on Amazon!

It comes in two sizes, too, so grab one for small groceries like produce and one for the bigger stuff!

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5. Anatomy of a Sugar Glider T-Shirt

I think this just might be my favorite out of all the sugar glider gifts for humans!

I love the “stinky pellet dispenser” and “furry flying flaps” labels. Hilarious!

It comes in 10 different colors and sizes for kids and adults, all the way up to 3XL.

What are your favorite sugar glider gifts? Share below!

Gifts for Sugar Gliders

Now let’s take a look at some adorable gifts for you to buy your own sugar glider

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1. Braided Fleece Toy

When it comes to sugar glider toys, you need to think about something they can chew on, like this braided fleece toy.

It may become this favorite toy, of course, before he completely destroys it.

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2. Fleece Cuddle Couch

If you’re thinking of a spot a sugar glider can relax on, then this cuddle couch from Etsy will make the cut.

It comes in over 10 colors, four sizes, and more than 20 styles, so you can pretty much personalize everything about it.

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3. Sugar Glider Toy Set

This is one of the toys that will keep a sugar glider busy for quite some time.

Even though it looks super simple, the fact that it has many accessories will definitely win any glider’s attention!

Grab it on Etsy!

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4. Trash Can Toy

Sometimes the most basic toys will make our pets the happiest!

This trash can toy for sugar gliders will keep any of them busy for a while, and I’m sure they are hilarious trying to lift that lid and get inside.

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5. Treat Jars

Treats are a must, and it’s best to keep them safe, and where sugar gliders can’t reach.

These adorable jars will be a great addition to the accessory collection and you can choose from six different colors.

Sometimes, it’s easy to find the perfect sugar gliders gifts and with this list, you’ll definitely surprise someone!

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