5 of the Best Sugar Glider Cage Vines (Top Picks Review)

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Are you looking for some sugar glider cage vines to spruce up your pets’ cages? Dr. Robert Ness says gliders need perching areas in their cages to continue their climbing behavior (1).

And that’s why any owner worth their salt should have cage vines for their gliders. But many don’t know which cage vines are best.

If you’re such, then today’s your lucky day. I have reviewed the best cage vines to make it easier to choose one.

Join me as I review the best five cage vines.

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Don’t have time? Check this comparison table of our top faves!

Top Cage Vines for Sugar Gliders at a Glance

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5 Best Sugar Gliders Cage Vines [Review]

1. Charming Ring Sugar Glider Vines (Winner) 

Charming Ring Sugar Glider Vines image 1

The charming ring sugar glider vines are my top pick for the creative accessories they have.  I’m talking of bracelet rings and special hidden charms the other options don’t offer.

It is also available in different colors and will last longer than most real plants. It is easy to install onto the cage, and you can remove it and is handmade with the best quality material.

All you have to do is hang it on the upper cage bars. These frilly fleece strips enable your little shuggies to snuggle inside them as they play and swing around.

These cage toys also come with hidden charms within the frilly pieces that your critters can look for as they play. 

The vines are held with sturdy hooks akin to a plastic chain. So you don’t have to worry about any accidental falls.

Add bracelet rings to that, and you have yourself a near-natural cage. Such a cage can even fasten the bonding process, especially in addition to a bonding pouch.  

Features and Attributes

  • Versatile
  • Made from critter-safe material
  • Soft, frilly, and fleece-like swing vines
  • Sturdy hooks for attachment

Benefits & Drawbacks of Charming Ring Sugar Glider Vines

The bracelet rings make it an excellent cage decor optionIt needs regular cleaning since it gets dirty fast
You can use it for other small animals such as flying squirrels and hedgehogs
The sturdy attachment hooks prevent accidental falls
It comes with multiple accessories such as the hidden charms

How it Compares to Others

These vines have more accessories than all the other products on our list. Unique hidden charms, attachment hooks, and bracelet rings make it stand high above the other products.

Check out how cool this cage looks with the vines.

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Expert Tips

The charming ring vines have different hanging toy cage accessories such as bracelets. But for the best use, combine it with common glider toys to make it better for your little marsupials.

2. Tinkare Glider Climbing Vines– Best Climbing Vine

These soft and fluffy vines will rekindle the playful nature of your shuggies. They are the best if you want to encourage your furry friends to climb and exercise.

These hanging cage toys are bouncy and waggly, making them a joy for gliders who love to bounce in cages. This waggly nature allows critters to jump on them and pinch some rides.

The vines will still come in handy if you have other small pets, such as rats or hamsters. 

Although the attachment hooks are waggly, they are sturdy to prevent falling off. The soft material they are made from is also easy to clean and will offer you good value.

Your critters will also love the snuggly nature of the toy. They might even be the pets’ best bet for glider couple bonding treats. 

Features and Attributes

  • Small Soft, full, and fluffy, frilly material
  • Sturdy
  • Sugar glider safe material
  • Have Leaf-like crevices


10 inches long

12.01 x 9.33 x 2.32 inches

Benefits & Drawbacks of Tinkare Glider Climbing Vines

The material is relatively easy to cleanTend to get smelly if not washed regularly
It offers good value for money
Durable since its sturdy
Soft material to boost glider safety

Expert Tips

Have a fixed time interval after which you wash the vines since the gliders will mark and make them smelly. According to Dr. Dayna Willems of the Aurora Animal Hospital, the best interval is one or two weeks (2).

How it Compares to Others

The frilly pieces are small and don’t have the leaf-like structure of the Charming Ring Sugar Glider vines. It’s harder to convert it into a hammock bed.

Get it With:

3. Sugar Glider Jungle Vines: Best Durability

Ready to ship Jungle VinesSugar Gliders climbing rope image 1

The standout feature of these vines is the tight stitching at the seams that greatly boosts their durability. Besides that, the vines are handmade allowing for more detail to go into fostering their strength.

Anti-pill fleece materials make excellent vines for sugar gliders, ferrets, and hamsters. These jungle vines are perfect for your gliders to relax their smooth muscles after running in the cage all night.

These hanging toy cage accessories offer your pets a comfortable place to play and relax.

You can also modify them into cage hammock beds for your gliders to relax as they sleep.

Attributes and Features

  • Handmade anti-pill fleece
  • Sugar glider safe material
  • Measurements: 3 Layers of 28-inch vines

Benefits & Drawbacks of Sugar Glider Jungle Vines

Steady to enhance cage set safetyReturns and exchanges aren’t accepted once you buy 
Machine washable material
Easy to clean
Soft, snuggly, and ideal for most small animals
Excellent quality material

Expert Tips

Remember to use mild detergents when washing with a laundry machine. They are soft and harsh detergents might ruin them.

How it Compares to Others

Three-layered leaf-like structures make it a bit more comfortable than the other options.

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4. Sugar Glider Toyland – 48” Reset Fleece Leaf Vine

Sugar Glider Toy 48 Reset Fleece Leaf Vine Sugar Bear toy image 1

I love these vines because you can get them customized to your taste. The customization goes as far as the color and the size of the vines.

They also come with c-clips that allow you to change the attachment style on the cage bars, even if you have a small sugar glider cage

Thanks to the leaflike pill fleece, you can easily mimic a glider’s natural habitat. These leaf vines are handmade, making them high quality and safe for your pets.

The careful stitching boosts durability while enabling your gliders to swing on these hanging toy cage accessories as they wish. 

Features and Attributes

  • Handmade with fleece material
  • It comes with adjustment clips
  • Plastic chains for toy attachment
  • 48 inches long

Benefits & Drawbacks of Sugar Glider Toyland Reset Fleece Leaf Vine

Handmade with the best quality stitchingIt is quite expensive
Fluffy, soft, and full to protect against injuries for gliders
Versatile and can work for other small pets
Easy to clean since its machine washable

Expert Tips

Although machine washable, always use fragrance-free detergents when washing.

 How It Compares to Others

It comes with plastic chains that allow you to get as creative as possible with cage decorations.

5. Custom Sugar Glider Fringe Vine– Best Pocket Friendly

Custom Sugar Glider Fringe Vine image 1

If you’re on a budget then you’d do well to consider these fringe vines

The material used is anti-pill fleece safe for critters and other small animals. When buying, you can request to have them deliver a specific fabric and size. The vines are about 21.5 by 6 inches.

Although the safety of each vine you buy will vary, these are made with glider-safe material. In the handmaking process, one of the factors they consider is the softness to protect your glider’s body.

Features and Attributes

  • Anti-pill and blizzard fleece material
  • Handmade
  • Custom Made Colors and Sizes

Benefits & Drawbacks of Sugar Glider Fringe Vine

Wide range of beautiful colors to pick fromGliders with long nails can tear them to pieces
Glider safe blizzard fleece material
Better than cheap plastic vines

Expert Tips

Consider buying the c-links and leaf fringes to make these vines even better.

 How it Compares to others

This is by far the cheapest option on our list. If you’re running tight on cash, consider these vines. The shipping costs might bump up the price a little bit, though.

Here is how you can DIY a sugar glider vine.

How To Choose The Best Vines For Sugar Gliders Cage?

Your pets need their new environment to mimic their natural habitats as much as possible. one of the best ways is to add hanging vines.

While you can find sugar glider cage room ideas from the many cage set tutorials, how do you choose the best hanging vines?

Here is what to consider.

#1 Glider Safe Material

Gliders are pretty delicate pets and can be sensitive to different materials (3). You can’t get any vine into their cages lest it harms them. 

#2 The Ideal Size

Dr. Robert Ness, an exotic pet vet, says sugar gliders need large cages with enough perching areas.

I don’t know how large a cage you have for your pets, but you’ll have to consider the size of the vine before purchase. 

#3 Ease of Cleaning

The sanitation levels need to be high when handling the little marsupials. So the hanging vines you buy should be easy to clean since shuggies will make them dirty fast!

Consider going only for machine washable fabrics when buying the vines.

#4 Sturdiness

You purchase the hanging vines so your sugar babies can play and swing on them. Thus they need to be as sturdy as possible to avoid accidental falls.

Gliders being the small animals they are means a fall even inside their cages could be fatal.

#5 Value for Money

How do you know you are getting good value for your money? By comparing the cost of the vines with the quality, you will get.

A faster way is to look at the vine’s ratings. Customers’ ratings are one of the quickest ways to tell if a product is worth the money. 

#6 Plant Vines vs. Fake Plants

A wide range of plants is ideal for use in glider cages as vines.

According to the Pocket pet website, Calendula species, Alyce clover, Allium cepa, B. Alternifolia, garden violet, and garden burnet are ideal plants to use as cage vines.

However, plants such as Allium ascalonicum and Aesculus Hippocastanum are toxic. Since it can be difficult to tell which plant isn’t harmful, most people opt for fake plants.


What do sugar gliders like in their cage?

sugar glider inside his cage

According to Dr. Robert Ness, gliders love it when they have climbing structures in their cages. Climbing structures encourage the critters’ natural climbing and playful behavior.

Can I put plants in my sugar glider cage?

Yes, you can. But you need to be careful lest you put a poisonous plant in the glider cage. Angelica Archangelica, china rose, rose mallow, or any plants of the basil variety are ideal sugar glider cage plants.


There are various options you can consider for sugar glider cage vines. You could go the real plant way, but it’s often difficult to know which plant species is harmful to gliders. 

I think you’re better off going with leaf-like fleece materials for hanging vines made from glider-safe material. They will last longer.

What vines do you use for your gliders’ cages? Please share them in the comments.

A cute glider staring through the cage under title sugar glider cage vines


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