7 Amazing Sugar Glider Cage Room Ideas That You Can Use

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Sugar gliders are becoming popular pets, so it isn’t surprising that many pet owners are constantly looking for sugar glider cage room ideas to keep this family member happy.

As a glider parent, you know that your furry companion needs plenty of stimulating activity.

To do this, you can decorate their cage with lots of fun toys.

I put together this simple guide of ideas to keep these social animals happy, so let’s get started!

Sugar Glider Cage Room Ideas – 7 Best Picks

girl thinking of what to decorate her cage with

These little nocturnal animals are best kept in pairs and are in need of constant activity in order to keep them happy and entertained. [1]

Before I get into all the cool ideas I have for your pet sugar glider cage, let’s quickly go over the basic needs of your pet.

It is recommended that their housing be big enough for them to roam around. Larger cages are always better.

Keep your pet’s home decorated with toys and other stimulating items to satisfy their curious and playful nature, regardless of the type of cage. A comfortable home can also help you with the bonding process.

The cage, should have a narrow wire mesh, and be kept out of direct sunlight. Also, a tall sugar glider cage is ideal.

Right, now that I’ve reviewed the basics, let’s look at my favorite sugar glider cage room ideas.

#1 Plants and Vines

plants with vines

Putting plants in your sugar glider cage is a neat way to make it attractive while giving your gliders a space to hide and explore.

It is important to only use safe plants such as lemon balm, lemon basil, anise basil, Melissa, and German chamomile.

Avoid plants are not safe, such as arnica, yerba mate, oak, elm, hickory [2]. Nelson Road Vet, also says never to give your glider access to “Bracken Fern, Dogbane, Elderberry, Jessamine, Mountain Laurel, Nightshade, Oleander, Rhododendron, St. Johnswort.” [3]

However, using real plants can create more work for you as you have to care for them. Artificial plants are a great option that can still look good in your cage and give your pet some hiding spots they can enjoy

  • You can use plastic plants and vines or check out alternatives, such as sugar glider cage vines made from fleece as shown here.
  • This plastic hanging plant can be another decorative option to place in your adult sugar gliders’ cage.
  • You can also try making one yourself. Check out this video to learn how.

#2 Tall Glider Cages

Gliders need more height than width in their cages since they love to climb. So it is ideal to create a room in this type of cage. Here are some ideas you want to look into for a tall sugar glider cage.

Make sure to add lots of hiding places in your tall that your gliders can play in like the one shown here. Always decorate your cage with nest boxes.

#3 Driftwood

Driftwood gives your pet’s home a more natural look and provides a hiding place. Take a look at how one glider parent used this here.

#4 Artificial Tree

I love adding artificial trees to tall cages. They really help create a natural environment, stimulation, and places to hide. Check out a great example here made from everyday materials and fleece

#5 PVC Pipes

Your glider will love PVC pipes. They create tunnels where they can explore and play. Take a look at this pic for ideas. 

#6 Glider Toys

Toys are essential and provide both you and your glider hours of fun. No cage is complete without exercise wheels. Something like this is perfect.

I found this tutorial on how to set up a glider cage really helpful.

#7 Sugar Glider Cage Sets

If you really are just starting out and not too sure about how to make your new pet comfy in their new home, you can check out a sugar glider cage set that can serve as a starting kit for you.

Sets will come with all the basics you need, including a water bottle, food dishes, a nest box, a dish for water, and toys. Some might even come with appropriate bedding material.

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What can you keep in your sugar glider cage room?

toy vine for cages

Keep toys, like wheels, balls, and safe bird toys, that can keep your gliders constantly moving since they need a lot of activity. Have some hanging toys and decorations, like vines, branches, and pipes for them to climb around and explore.

What kind of wheel should I get for my gliders?

Get a wheel that is not too open so that their tails and feet don’t get stuck in the openings, especially if you have a baby sugar glider.


Gliders are a fun household pet, but they also need an environment that will encourage them to keep active since they can be quite playful.

Having good sugar glider cage room ideas in mind is great in order for their physical and mental health.

Best Sugar Glider Cage Room Ideas

Do you have your own set of ideas on how to decorate your sugar glider cage? Please share with us a thing or two down in the comment section!


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