5 Best Outdoor Guinea Pig Cages (Housing Review)

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Are you looking for the best outdoor guinea pig cages to keep your pets safe and healthy?

Guinea pigs are active creatures that appreciate a rich environment, but finding the right habitat can be hard, especially if you’re planning to let your cavy outside.

Don’t worry, though, we’ll help you out!

Start with our quickie list of the best outdoor guinea pig housing, then read on for the full reviews!

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Best Outdoor Guinea Pig Cage Top Picks at a Glance

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  1. Editors Top Pick: GUTINNEEN Indoor/Outdoor Cage
  2. Best Budget Pick: CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof
  3. Most Luxurious Option: BuskApetsupplies 2-Tier House
  4. Best Outdoor House for Multiple Cavies: Gengyue Pethouse Cage
  5. Best Space-Saving Option: Petsfit Rabbit Hutch
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5 Best Outdoor Guinea Pig Cages for 2021 Review

two guinea pigs in an enclosed cage with bedding

Guinea pigs are not only cute and cuddly but also curious, playful, and mischievous pets that quickly bond with their owner.

They’re also highly active animals and need sufficient stimulation to thrive.

Allowing your piggies to play outside during the day is an excellent way to relieve boredom and ensure that they get sufficient exercise.  

Still, unless it’s an enclosed garden and you’re watching them very closely, you can’t just let your cavies run around your garden all willy-nilly.

And that’s where outdoor hutches and enclosures come into the picture.

As you’ll find out, these types of habitats come in a variety of sizes and shapes to keep your pets safe and provide the necessary level of weather protection.

So, let’s see five of the most impressive outdoor guinea pig cages that you can find on the market.

#1 Best Budget Pick: CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Guinea Pig House

CO-Z Store has an excellent indoor/outdoor guinea pig cage for anyone on a tight budget.

The shelter ensures your pets’ safety and provides them with enough floor space to play and retreat for some quiet time.

Available in two different models, CO-Z Store’s products are made to withstand harsh weather conditions with an elegant design to match your garden/backyard.

Standout features

  • Solid cedar
  • Smooth cutting
  • Measures 20 x 16 x 17 inches
  • A three-layered hinged roof


  • Durable construction
  • Waterproof roof
  • An entrance ramp
  • Air vents
  • Safety features
  • Easy access

The biggest benefit of this outdoor guinea hutch is that you can lock it when you’re not around to supervise.

No stray cat, fox, or other predators will manage to get their paws on your cute cavies.

Moreover, due to the durable weather-resistant construction and water-proof roof, you don’t have to worry about your guinea pigs getting wet in a sudden rainstorm.  

The roof is also heat insulated and heat resistant to ensure maximum comfort for your pets. They will remain warm and dry inside.

The hinged roof also gives you easy access to the inside so that you can change the bedding, refill the water bowls, and feed your pets.

Best of all, your guinea pig has a ramp to get in and out of the hutch quickly whenever they get scared of something or need a little rest.

The hutch is built to last and won’t crack or warp in a couple of seasons, and it’s got several air vents to ensure maximum ventilation.

And as one Amazon reviewer states, ” it’s super easy to assemble, ” so you don’t have to worry about spending hours upon hours setting it up.


  • Since there are gaps around the entrance for ventilation, it’s possible for a small animal to get injured if you’re not careful when you close the door.
  • This guinea pig shelter is big enough to house one guinea pig but won’t be spacious enough for two or more.
  • Some reviewers also note that the wood cracked sooner than expected.

What Makes This Hutch Unique?

  1. Unlike other outdoor enclosures that we’ve tried, this outdoor hutch impresses with its three-layer roof for maximum insulation, air vents, and a hinged roof.
  2. Moreover, it boats non-skid feet to ensure that the enclosure stays stable on different surfaces, making it a great choice for outdoor and indoor guinea pigs alike.

Upgraded Features

When you compare CO-Z Store’s small animal shelter №1 to this outdoor hutch № 2, you notice that the shelter №1 is more spacious and has steel mesh doors.

However, it’s also more difficult to clean, and your guinea pigs can make a run for it while you’re busy cleaning the first floor.

The steel mesh does provide better ventilation, but it also exposes your pets to the elements and requires more insulation in winter. 

That’s why CO-Z has created a more compact outdoor hutch with better cedar construction and insulation to withstand cold weather.

Considerations and Expert Tips

  • CO-Z Store’s outdoor guinea pig hutch has an elegant white finish. While white is a color that matches most interiors, it gets dirty quickly and needs more maintenance.
  • The outdoor hutch requires assembly. 
  • The hutch is suitable for use only in escape-proofed areas, or you risk losing your guinea pigs.
  • Check the wood for holes and gaps at least weekly. Guinea pigs aren’t as heavy chewers as rabbits, but they do chew a lot.

#2 Best SpLurge: The 2 tier Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig Run by BUSKApetsupplies

2 tier Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig Run Chinchilla Hedgehog Ferret Cage Home

BuskApetsupplies is a small company that produces hand-made pet shelters, playhouses, nest boxes, and maze houses.

They’ve got an impressive outdoor guinea pig run that will keep your pets entertained and allow them to enjoy fresh air and sunlight.

Standout Features

  • Handmade from 9mm plywood
  • Ramps and arches 
  • Large meshed doors 
  • Two tiers
  • Measures from 60 to 120 cm in length


  • Quick access to the inside
  • Ample space
  • Custom guinea pig cage’s size 
  • Handmade 
  • Available in different sizes
  • Roomy 
  • High-quality construction

The best thing about this outdoor guinea pig cage is that it’s available in different sizes to suit your need. You can also message the seller and request a custom size. 

As such, this secure guinea pig cage is an excellent choice for owners that have multiple pets and want something spacious and roomy to house them.

Moreover, each outdoor guinea pig shelter is handmade with utmost care to ensure a high-quality construction to withstand cold weather. 

The large meshed doors are another great benefit because they allow you easy access to feed your guinea pigs or change their drinking water. 

But wait – there’s more.

You can add layers and arches to enrich your guinea pigs’ environment and make sure that they’ve got separate sleeping and playing areas.

Moreover, since the two tiers are separated, you can use one floor for your guinea pigs and the other for rabbits/small pets.

You can also separate a pair of guinea pigs that don’t get along and bites each other. 

two guinea pigs facing each other


  • Not the cheapest option
  • Shipping cost extra 
  • Ramps and arches cost extra

Since this outdoor guinea pig cage is handmade, it’s more expensive than other commercial products, and shipping is only free for the UK. 

What Makes This Outdoor Guinea Pig Cage Unique?

  1. We’ve selected this outdoor guinea pig cage as one of the best on the market because it’s crafted with care, and the seller is quite responsive to custom requests.
  2. Moreover, it’s made of plywood, an excellent choice for outdoor furniture since it’s weather-resistant.
  3. And since it’s handmade, you don’t have to worry about chemicals used on the treated wood. 

Upgraded Features

Comparing this outdoor guinea pig hutch to other models available, it’s evident that the seller has made several improvements to accommodate more pets.

And unlike the open guinea pig houses with no bottom, the meshed doors give you peace of mind that no predators will bother your guinea pigs.

The bottom floor also keeps your guinea pigs dry and warm. 

Considerations and Expert Tips

  • The handmade outdoor guinea pig cage comes assembled for UK orders but ships flat for international. As such, it requires some assembly.
  • You might have to pay customs tax if you order outside the UK. 
  • Shipping varies for international orders between $20 – $65. 

#3 Best For Multiple Pets: Indoor and Outdoor Cage Pet House by gengyue pethouse

If you’re looking for spacious but affordable outdoor guinea pig house, you should consider this impressive guinea pig run by gengyuepethouse. 

Standout Features

  • Made from firm wood
  • Measures 1580 x 580 x 680 mm
  • Gridding fences
  • Sliding tray
  • Raised housing area


  • Handmade 
  • Strong wood construction 
  • Spacious
  • Easy to access 
  • Protection against predators
  • Separate living and playing areas
  • Suitable for more than one guinea pig

We like this outdoor guinea pig cage so much because it has a spacious fenced outdoor area.

It’s perfect for allowing your guinea pigs to run and exercise without getting lost or attacked.

Moreover, it has plenty of indoor space where your guinea pigs can rest without being disturbed, hide when spooked by loud noises, predators, or bad weather.

The spacious guinea pig run also boasts a sliding tray so that you can clean it easily, a ridged ramp for access to the fenced area, and a resting box for privacy.

But that’s not all. Best of all, the seller uses non-toxic, eco-friendly varnish to ensure that the guinea hutch can withstand harsh weather and low temperature. 

Moreover, the construction is waterproofed and UV-resistant to ensure maximum durability and make it as dry and warm for your guinea pigs as possible. 


  • No bottom floor
  • Not as easy to clean as other models 
  • Requires assembly

The main drawback of this outdoor pig cage is that the fenced area doesn’t have a bottom floor.

As such, it’s not as easy to clean, and you need to place it somewhere your guinea pigs won’t get wet or cold.

Some customers also note that the hutch has an unpleasant smell upon unpacking and needs airing.

What Makes This Cage Unique?

  1. Unlike other models we considered, this outdoor guinea pig cage impresses with its extra-large outdoor space, making it perfect for housing multiple guinea pigs.
  2. Moreover, you can separate the fenced area from the main resting box to create extra space and latch your pets inside when you have to clean. 

Upgraded Features

The seller has only this model available for sale, so we can’t compare it to previous models.

But we do think that the design can be improved to add more safety features and make the cage easier to clean. Check our guide on how to clean guinea pig’s cage effectively.

Considerations and Expert Tips

  • This outdoor guinea pig cage requires assembly, and it’s best for people with at least some DIY skills. 
  • The seller has a quick response time if you want to ask questions or request modifications. 
  • Place it in an area that you don’t mind getting dirty.

#4 Winner: The Indoor/Outdoor Rabbit HutCh 

Don’t let the name confuse you. This shelter is suitable for a variety of small pets, including guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, etc.

It also has pretty impressive features, which is why it takes the winning spot in our top 5 best outdoor guinea pig cages.

Standout Features

  • Made of natural fir wood
  • Weight 55 pounds
  • Non-toxic varnish
  • Four caster wheels
  • Wire netting
  • Sliding door 
  • Measures 40.6 x 26 x 37.6 inches


  • Roomy
  • Caster wheels for portability
  • Quick access to the inside
  • Minimal assembly
  • Removable waste trays
  • Detachable roof
  • Predator protection

This indoor/outdoor guinea pig cage has plenty of animal living space with its two separate tiers. 

Your guinea pigs can have a living/playing area downstairs, a cozy space for sleeping on the upper level, and the ability to go outside through the entrance ramp.

Moreover, there’s plenty of space for toys, tunnels, and other things you should put in your guinea pig habitat. 

The collapsable PVC curtain on the upper door allows you to observe your guinea pigs without disturbing them and provides a safe hideout. 

Moreover, all doors have thick meshed wires and locks to provide maximum protection against predators.

The netting is small enough to ensure foxes and cats can’t get their paws through.  

But best of all, you can move this spacious outdoor guinea pig cage around with ease, thanks to the four caster wheels.

Two of the wheels have brakes to park the cage safely on various surfaces. 

That’s a great benefit because you can move the cage indoors when the temperatures go down and take it back outside when the weather is nice. 

Another great benefit is that the unit comes with pre-drilled holes and requires minimal assembly. As such, you don’t have to worry about being DIY handy. 

Furthermore, each shelter comes with a metal feeding tray and a removable waste tray with wiring.

The roof also detaches and gives you quick access to the inside for cleaning.

And if that’s not enough, the whole construction and both roofs are waterproofed and weather-resistant to keep your guinea pigs healthy. 


  • Metal tray makes it challenging to clean.
  • Some complain the ramp is too steep.

As several reviewers have noted, the metal waste tray is difficult to slide in and out, and some of the waste remains trapped. That’s why cleaning can be a chore. 

According to rabbit and guinea pig owners, “the indoor ramp is too steep,” and their guinea pigs and rabbits have problems using it.

What Makes This Hutch Unique?

  1. Compared to other small animal shelters, this hutch impresses us with its spacious design, sturdy construction, and portability.
  2. Thanks to the caster wheels, you can keep your guinea pigs outdoors during the day and indoors during the night. In this way, you don’t have to worry about predators or temperature variations. 
  3. Moreover, each cage is pained with an eco-friendly varnish for optimum anti-corrosion, not any harsh chemicals.
  4. And the removable wire netting really makes this guinea pig cage stand among the competition because it ensures that your pets don’t have to walk through their feces. 

Upgraded Features

The manufacturer is aware customers have problems with the metal tray being too shallow.

That’s why they’ve improved the design to make the tray deeper and prevent leakage.

The manufacturer is also ready to send a free replacement tray to any customer who has problems with a defective tray. You just need to contact customer support.

Moreover, the caster wheels are improved with stronger stainless steel and latched for maximum portability and durability. 

Besides stronger wheels and a thicker removable tray, the manufacturer has also added removable wire netting.

Considerations and Tips

  • It can take your guinea pigs some time to learn how to move between the levels. Teach them to use the ramp.
  • If your guinea pig is afraid to climb to the top level, you can use it to store your pet supplies and food. 
  • Contact customer support for any damage during transportation, and expect to hear from them in 24 hours.  

#5 Best For Limited Space: The Wood Bunny Cage

Petsfit has another excellent guinea pig accommodation that impresses us with design, functionality, and price. 

It’s perfect not only for guinea pigs but other small animals, such as rabbits, gerbils, chinchillas, ferrets, and hamsters.

Standout Features

  • Available in grey, red/white, and wine red
  • Measures 38 x 19.5 x 34 inches
  • Made from Finnish spruce wood
  • 33 pounds of weight
  • Plastic removable tray, 1.97″ thick
  • Detachable roof and removable floorboards


  • Attached fenced outdoor area.
  • Tight wire design ensures your cavy can’t escape
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of thick spruce wood

The great thing about this guinea pig shelter is that it has a fenced outdoor area where your pets can enjoy fresh air without fear of predators. 

The fence wire is also small enough to ensure your guinea pig can’t squeeze through and prevents predators from bothering your pets.

Moreover, your pet will have a private cozy place to rest without being bothered by noises and other house pets. 

And since no one likes cages that are hard to clean, Petsfit’s pen has a removable plastic tray and removable floorboards. 

Moreover, the roof opens to give you quick access to the insides and allow you to change beddings and refill food/water bowls. 

The whole unit is also made of thick spruce wood to prevent your guinea pigs from chewing through the material and provide adequate protection and insulation.  

But wait – there’s more.

The cage assembles quickly, thanks to the pre-drilled holes, and doesn’t require any special skills.


  • Requires some modifications for outdoor use
  • Less spacious than other models 

The biggest drawback of this animal shelter is that you’re going to have to varnish it yourself for outdoor use.

But as an Amazon reviewer notes, it “works well with modifications.”

Moreover, the open roof over the fenced area is inconvenient during rainy weather because you will have to cover it with something. 

Some customers also note that the cage is smaller than expected. 

What Makes This Cage Unique?

  1. We’ve selected this shelter for guinea pigs because it’s small and doesn’t take much space.
  2. That’s why it’s perfect if you have limited space but want something enriching for your guinea pigs. 
  3. Moreover, it’s available in several colors to match a wide variety of interiors. 

Upgraded Features

The pull-out tray’s design is improved to ensure that the tray is deep enough to collect waste properly.  

It’s also improved to prevent leakage and make it easier to clean and maintain. As a result, customers have fewer complaints regarding the tray’s functionality. 

Considerations and Tips

  • Use recycled newspapers, shavings, or fleece mats on the inside to make the floorboards easy to clean.
  • There’s no ramp to allow your guinea pigs to exit the cage. But you can make a guinea pig cage ramp easily with some tutorials. 

What to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Guinea Pig Cage?

Now that we’ve discussed our top 5 best outdoor guinea pig cages, it’s time to talk about what features you should consider when shopping for animal shelters. 

a man feeding a guinea pig in an outdoor guinea pig cage


When you’re choosing a weather-resistant guinea pig hutch, size matters the most.

Guinea pigs are bigger than other small pets, such as hamsters and gerbils, and need a roomy cage to have enough room to exercise and play.

Enough space ensures that your guinea pigs don’t get bored or depressed and don’t develop health problems. 

In general, the Humane Society states that a 7.5 square feet cage is the minimum size for one guinea pig.

But “10.5 square feet is preferred” for two and “13 square feet (minimum)” for four.  

We recommend that you err on the side of caution and get a bigger cage to ensure that it meets your guinea pigs’ mental and physical needs.

Moreover, larger space reduces the likelihood of tension and fighting about two and more guinea pigs and ensures plenty of space for exercise. 

Easy to Clean

Guinea pig cages are as easy to clean as cats’ litter boxes.

You should change bedding at least once a week and wipe the whole thing with water and vinegar to prevent mold growth and remove the stink of animal urine. 

As such, you want an outdoor cage that’s easy to clean.

Ideally, you want a removable tray with wire netting above it to keep the inside clean and prevent waste build-up.

A roof that opens and gives you access to the inside is also an excellent idea. 

Protection Against Predators

If you’re going to keep your guinea pigs outdoor for prolonged periods of time, you need to ensure that the cage is predator-proofed.

Look for cages with door latches and meshed doors/roofs to ensure that a predator can’t sneak inside and harm your guinea pig.

Any other anti-predator defenses are a welcome bonus. 

You also want a cage with a private covered area where your guinea pig can hide if predators are in the vicinity. 

black guinea pig eating grass

Waterproof and UV-resistant

An outdoor guinea pig cage should be completely waterproof. Otherwise, your pets will get wet and cold during bad weather.

Moreover, bacteria and mold with grow in the beddings if it’s exposed to water frequently. That could be dangerous for your guinea pig’s health. 

You also want something made of high-quality material with an anti-corrosive finish to prevent premature wearing and wood warping. 

And don’t forget UV resistance. Guinea pigs can overheat easily during hot summer days. 

Pet lover? Check out our intriguing article ‘Can a Guinea Pig Live in a Hamster Cage?’ – it’s full of surprises!

Easy to Assemble

Most outdoor guinea pig cages will require some form of assembly, depending on their design and material. 

You want something easy to put together and doesn’t require any advanced DIY skills. Reading customers’ reviews can help you determine how easy it is to assemble the cage. 

Best Outdoor Guinea Pig Cages FAQs

Can Guinea Pigs Live Outsides?

Guinea pigs can live outside, provided that they’ve got a suitable enclosure to keep them warm and protected from potential predators. However, they are social animals and will be miserable if you leave them all alone outside for too long. Supervised outside playtime is the best.

What Temperature Can Guinea Pigs Go Outside?

Guinea pigs don’t like too cold or too hot. They thrive best outdoors when the temperature is between 64 to 74 degrees F. When temperatures are below 59 degrees, you should move them inside or provide additional bedding to keep them warm and dry.
Temperatures over 80 degrees can be dangerous and lead to heatstroke. That’s because guinea pigs don’t have sweat glands and can’t cool down by sweating/panting.

How Do I Keep My Outdoor Guinea Pig Warm in the Winter?

To ensure that your outdoor guinea pig is warm in winter, you should move the hutch inside the house or place it in a well-insulated outdoor structure, such as garden sheds.
If moving the cage isn’t possible, you should add insulation, reduce draught, and provide extra bedding to keep your pet guinea pig warm. A heating pad is also an option, but you have to monitor the temperature carefully to ensure your guinea pig doesn’t overheat.

Are Guinea Pigs Happier Inside or Outside?

Guinea pigs can thrive indoors and outdoors when they’ve got suitable dwellings with plenty of toys, space for exercise, and social interactions. However, since guinea pigs have sensitive hearing, they won’t be very comfortable in a loud environment and will be miserable if you keep them in a tiny cage.
You can let your guinea pig have a free range of your house or garden as long as you ensure that you’ve escaped-proofed the area and removed dangerous objects and plants.


Outdoor guinea pig cages are an excellent way to make your guinea pig happy and provide them with a rich environment to explore.

Just remember that guinea pigs are social and cuddly animals who don’t thrive when left alone. They need interaction and protection against predators and low/high temperatures. 

If you don’t have enough time to meet your guinea pig’s social needs, you should consider getting at least two so that they can keep each other company.

Our Top Pick

guinea pig on his cage

What do you think about these 5 best outdoor guinea pig cages? Which one is your favorite? Share your experience in the comment section.


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