New Brunswick Guinea Pig Sanctuary in Need of a Helping Hand

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Hello, fellow pet lovers! Today, I want to share a story close to my heart. It’s about a guinea pig rescue in New Brunswick facing a tough challenge.

For the Love of Guinea Pigs Rescue and Sanctuary has been a haven for nearly 600 guinea pigs over the past five years.

This sanctuary, run by Jennifer Maybee, provides food, water, and, most importantly, love to these adorable creatures. But now, they’re facing eviction.

Jennifer received a notice that her home insurance was being dropped due to the number of animals and cages in her home.

She was given less than two weeks to find a solution. This news was devastating, as Jennifer has dedicated her life to these guinea pigs.

The insurance company, Co-operators, stated that the decision was due to concerns about the upkeep and maintenance of the premises.

They did, however, mention that they would consider providing coverage in the future if the situation was rectified.

Jennifer is now in a race against time to find a new space for her guinea pigs and secure another insurance company.

The thought of closing down the rescue is a scary one. What would happen to all the guinea pigs still waiting for their forever homes?

To help raise funds for a new space, the rescue has set up a GoFundMe and is holding several raffles.

They’ve already raised over $1100 and received a small shed from one of Jennifer’s coworkers. But they still need around $12,000 to secure a suitable building and the necessary facilities.

Despite these challenges, Jennifer remains hopeful. She’s reaching out to other insurance companies and exploring all possible options. She’s determined to continue being a voice for these voiceless creatures.

So, if you’re in a position to help, consider donating to their GoFundMe or participating in their raffles. Let’s come together as a community and help this sanctuary continue its important work.

Remember, it’s not just about us. It’s about giving a voice to those who don’t have one.


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