Lionhead Rabbit Names: 110+ Cute Names For Male & Female

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Yay! I finally got myself a new pet, a rabbit, and I can’t help but think of the best lionhead rabbit names. I have been thinking through different names for over a week because I need to have one soon.

Yesterday, I took the search more seriously and sought inspirational insights. Here is a list of the names I found, and you can also pick one for your domestic rabbits.

Lionhead Rabbit History

Lionhead rabbits came into the limelight in the 1990s and have grown into popularity. Their exact origin remains unknown, but speculation hints it’s a breed from the Swiss Fox and the Neanderthal dwarf rabbits.

The ring of fur on the lionhead rabbit is because of a genetic mutation of the two breeds. Depending on the parents ‘ mane gene, your bunny can have a single mane or double mane.

This species is recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the British Rabbit Council. [1] So you can rest assured you are keeping an adorable and recognized pet rabbit.

Male Lionhead Rabbit Names

cute white lionhead rabbit with black ears

Your male bunny deserves a pretty name, one that you can proudly call your furry friend in front of family and friends. So here is a list of male bunny names that you will love too.

Roger RabbitGizmo Aslan 
Cooper HarperPeter Rabbit
Skippy FiverHarvey
Stuart Bugs BunnyGinger
Chester Fluffy Coco
Thumper Snoop Sorrel 
Oliver VulcanJelly Bean
Pebbles Jerry Yoda 
Hooper Peanut Pumpkin 
Bougie Dumbo Skippy 
Houdini Harry Inky 
Columbus Snowball Jack 
Cookie Oreo phoenix
Dusty Candy Crimson 
Panda Digger Pepper 
Fudge Teddy Harry Potter
Fluffy ManeWool ManeCarrot Tops
Bing BunnyJive BunnyBugz Bunny

Can you guess this cute bunny’s name?

@brooklynbundad What would it be? #lionheadrabbit ♬ original sound – Pixie-Pie

Female Lionhead Rabbit Names

girl lionhead rabbit with a cute pink bow

You got a female lionhead rabbit; no worries, there is a vast list of names you can check out. Here are some lionhead bunnies‘ names for your new female rabbit.

Cinderella Honey Scamper 
Lavender Cupcake Dolly 
Berry Neemo Flopsy 
Molly Chico Dewey 
Dutchess Lola Wiggy 
Milo Miffy Iggy 
Dixie Shiloh snowy
Tinkerbell Trixie Smoochies 
Lily Sheeran Georgie
Flower Jasmine Harley 
Missy Jessica RabbitMisty 
Penny Maggie Peaches 
Angel Rosie Bubbles 
Milly Marshmallow Buttercup 
Blossom Nala Bailey 
Honeydew Hazel Bluebell 
Princess Willow Beatrix Potter
Lola BunnyBugs Bunny’sMarilyn Bunroe
Jersey Woolies  

Checkout this cute girl lionhead bunny.

@poeticpetunias she is best girl #rabbit #bunny #lionhead #lionheadrabbit #houserabbit ♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

How to Choose A Name for Your Lionhead Rabbit?

While the whole naming process may seem easy for some, it is challenging for others. You want to pick cute lionhead rabbit names everyone can associate your bunny with easily.

Apart from considering the lazy rabbit breeds, consider naming your lionhead rabbit from the following factors;

a lionhead rabbit in hand

Based on Personality

This aspect can be one of the easiest ways to name your rabbit. As a rule of thumb, you have to spend a few days noticing what your bunny likes.

Also, note that they can have several traits you can attribute to them, so note down the common ones. Within no time, you will have a hint on which character stands out and fits to be a name.

Doing this also eliminates the need to name your bunny using generic names. For example, if your bunny is an escape artist, call them Houdini, after the magician.

Based on Color

A bunny’s fur color is another amazing way t name your lionhead rabbit. This name would stand out as unique even when the rabbit is in the company of domestic rabbits.

Moreover, this name will be curated specifically for your bunny. For example, if your bunny has a black and white color, using the name Oreo can suit them perfectly.

Hazel can go well with rabbits having shades of brown and blue eyes depicting Hazel’s color. Snowy and Snowball are also cute bunny names to call your white rabbits.

Based on Famous TV Characters

There is no short of famous rabbit characters you can use to name your lionhead bunny. If you have one particular favorite character, using it as your pet’s name is an excellent way to keep the fun alive.

For instance, if your lionhead rabbit is fond of stamping its feet, you can name it Thumper. Snowball, a character from the movie “The Secret Life of Pets,” is a good idea for a white-haired bunny.

How Will My Rabbit Recognize Their New Name?

Now that you have chosen the perfect name for your little buddy, it is time to let them learn about it. While some animal owners say their rabbits take time to learn, others say it takes less.

a lionhead rabbit

However, note that bunnies are similar to humans because they have different levels of understanding. You can make your lionhead bunny learn its name faster by;

  • Smiling when you call them,
  • Having a treat as you call their name,
  • & using the name as you play with them.

The name will not stick overnight, so you must be patient with your rabbit, as The Bunny Lady explains in the video below.

Eventually, they will respond to the name, and you won’t have to make an immense effort to get them engaged.

Can the Name Be Changed Later?

Changing a pet’s name after being used to the initial one can be confusing. However, this situation is unavoidable, especially if you adopt a bunny from the animal shelter.

One way to change your cute lionhead rabbit name is to select one similar to the initial name. Your pet rabbit will not be confused when you ditch the initial name they knew. 

The other way to change your pet’s name is by selecting a name you can use alongside the initial name. For example, if your rabbit’s name is Pete and the new name is Toby, choose to call your rabbit Pete-Toby.

Drop the initial name and use Toby with time since your bunny will have got used to it. After the name change, inform your local vet and family members so they can have an easy time engaging with the rabbit.


Finding the perfect name for your adorable lionhead rabbit should not be a challenge anymore. There exists a vast range of names you can use on your new bunny and as a rule of thumb, avoid generic names.

The above guide on choosing the best name for your lionhead bunny. Which name do you think fits your cute pet?

cute black and white lionhead rabbit

What are your favorite names for Lionhead Rabbits? Please share with us below!


  • 1. Randy Hall. Recognized Breeds. ARBA.
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