10 Healthy Sugar Glider Treats That You Can Buy Online

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What can sugar gliders eat? Looking for some amazing and healthy sugar glider treats that you can buy online?

We’ve got you covered!

While you can definitely make your own sugar glider diet recipe, too, sometimes you just want something quick and easy.

That’s where these 8 options below come in super handy!

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Looking for some amazing healthy sugar glider treats that you can buy online? Check out our top 10 picks that our own gliders love!

Top Pick

Want to skip ahead and just grab our top pick? Go with the Suncoast Sugar Gliders Diced Mango!

They’re affordable, made with human-grade ingredients, and come from a company that’s been around for 20+ years.

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Healthy Sugar Glider Treats

As with all pets, tasty treats play a major role in helping you bond with and train your sugar glider

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I didn’t have trouble finding treats for my cat and dogs, but when I was looking for something for my gliders, I realized my options were very limited. 

Yet, there are still some fantastic treats for gliders out there.

Check out the table below for my top 5 picks available on Amazon, then read on for the full list!

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FYI, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. 

1.Kaytee Fiesta Yogurt Dipped Treats Tropical Fruit & Yogurt Mix 

Kaytee Fiesta Yogurt Dipped Treats are very fun and healthy for your pet.

This treat is very smooth, delicious, and has a fruit-flavored yogurt coating.

If you have other small animals, this will work very well for you because they’re suitable for hamsters, rabbits, rats, etc. 

The treats are great for bonding time with your glider as well as training. My gliders loved them so much that every time they had me touch the package, they came to me. 

However, I’d advise you to buy them along with other treats (instead of several packages) because the pets seem to get bored with them after a while if they’re served in a row.


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2. Taro Fish Snack Original Flavor 

Technically, these are made for people, but my sugar gliders go crazy over taro fish snacks!

They come in 12 packs, which is very fair based on the price. 

Taro snacks are ready to eat, but you can microwave them for 2-3 minutes at 180-200C to increase their crunchiness once in a while. 

You can also fry them up and eat them yourself! I personally don’t like them (just not my thing), so I only feed them to my gliders. 

Taro fish snack original flavor is available on Amazon

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3. Peter’s Papaya Nature Treats 

 Peter’s Papaya Nature Treats

If you want to treat your sugar glider with healthy treats that are additives, preservatives, and flavor-free, then Peter’s Papaya Nature Treats are your best shot. 

The treats are made from highly nutritious papayas.

Not only do they serve as amazing treats for your sugar gliders, but they also help with dental health. 

Since they have no additives or preservatives, you don’t have to worry about your sugar glider getting allergies or unnecessary increased weight.

You can also use the treats for other small animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters. 

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4. Eucalyptus Sticks Sugar Glider Treats 

The treats are made of a flavorful variety of oats, fruit, and wheat.

They’re packed with healthy vitamins and eucalyptus leaves (a native plant from sugar gliders origin).

They are triple baked to increase their crunchiness and the long chewing time gives gliders so much pleasure. 

Since the eucalyptus sticks are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, you can use them to break your glider’s monotonous diet. 

The eucalyptus sticks for sugar gliders are available on both Amazon and Chewy. 

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5. Yogu Drop Treats 

Yogu Drop Treats

Just like the eucalyptus treats, the Yogu Drops are designed to make your sugar glider happy while supplementing their diet.

The main ingredients of the treats are fruits& berries and yogurt. 

The yogu drops are made into fruity chunks so you can place them in a foraging toy to boost exercise and stimulation.

You can also feed the treats to other mammals and fruit-eating birds. 

These are excellent treats, especially if you’re on a fixed budget.

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6. Gliderade Nectar Sugar Glider Treats 

Gliderade Nectar Sugar Glider Treats

If you have a sugar glider that you’re struggling to bond with, maybe better treats can improve your relationship.

And these Gliderade Nectar treats can serve the purpose.

They’re designed to be high vitamin blueberry treats that can mix with water to form a nectar paste. 

They’re also crafted into fruity chunks meaning they can be placed in a foraging toy to encourage exercise and stimulation.

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7. Exotic Nutrition Nectar Pods Melon Flavor Sugar Glider Treats

The Exotic Nutrition Nectar Pods Melon Flavor Sugar Glider Treats are fantastic to fill your glider’s fruity cravings.

They’re packed with calcium and can be placed in an exotic nutrition nectar holder to increase exercise and stimulation.

Thanks to the treat’s high nutrition, they not only keep your glider happy but also boost their health. 

You get eight melon pods for one package at a very friendly price on Amazon and Chewy.

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8. Sugar Beet Sugar Glider Treats 

I really love this last recommendation because it’s also packed with high nutrition value. I’m very keen on the treats I buy for my sugar gliders because one of them is very fussy. I’ve purchased the sugar beet sugar glider treats in a row, and they didn’t seem to get bored.

The dehydrated treats are made from real sugar beets that are high in vitamins and minerals.

They are made into ¾ inch treats to exercise your pet’s teeth and jaw. If you want your glider to exercise more, you can place them in a foraging toy.

Get them on either Amazon or Chewy.

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9. Suncoast Sugar Gliders Diced Mango 

The Suncoast Sugar Gliders Diced Mango treats are 100% human-grade goodies made without additives or artificial junk.

The brand, SunCoast, has been making treats for gliders for over 20 years, so they know how to make quality products.

Mango isn’t just tasty, it’s also rich in Vitamin A for healthy eyes.

The treats are small enough for your glider’s tiny hands, too.

10. Sugar Glider Treat Variety Pack

Just like we humans don’t like to eat the same thing for snack every single day, neither do our pets!

Variety is the spice of life, after all.

This last one is a fantastic way to get a variety of Exotic Nutrition’s tasty sugar glider treats in one handy package.

It comes with four of their most popular treats, including Crunchez Berry Blend, papaya, pineapple, and yogurt drops.

Best Sugar Glider Treats (Final Recommendation)

Getting a balance between pleasing your fussy sugar glider and ensuring they stay healthy can make your search for treats very hard. 

Luckily, most sugar gliders will love all of the treats listed here.

Not only did my gliders love them, but they also come highly rated from other glider parents. 

My personal favorite, though, has to be either the Suncoast Mango treats or the variety pack.

If you have other sugar glider treat recommendations, we are always open to new suggestions. So please don’t shy from telling us in the comment section. 

What are your favorite healthy sugar glider treats? Share below!

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