100 Super Cute Sugar Glider Names You Need to Know

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Looking for some cute sugar glider names?

Well, we’ve come up with 100 of them just for you!

These adorable little creatures deserve the perfect moniker, after all.

Take a look at our lists for boys and girls!

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Looking for some cute sugar glider names? Well, we've come up with 100 of them just for you, with 50 each for male and female gliders. Check them out!

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Cute Sugar Glider Names For Females

  1. Abby – cute name for the best sugar glider.
  2. Amber – great name for a dark orange sugar glider.
  3. Andromeda – after the galaxy!
  4. Angel – because she is cute, and she can glide!
  5. Angie – this one refers to an angel
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  6. Anya beautiful name for a gentle glider.
  7. Aphrodite – after the Greek Goddess of beauty.
  8. Aurora – after the Disney princess.
  9. Bella – this means “beautiful” in Italian.
  10. Bambi – after the cutest Disney character.
  11. Beauty – it’s not untrue!
  12. Belle – after the main character in Beauty and the Beast.
  13. Blossom – she is one of the Powerpuff Girls.
  14. Bubbles – you probably know Bubbles too!
  15. Cinderella – after the magical Disney princess.
  16. Cinnamon – for the cutest sugar glider

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  17. Cocoa – this is a perfect name, especially if the color matches.
  18. Crystal – because she is adorable like a Crystal!
  19. Cupcake – you know, a muffin with a dream!
  20. Dory – after the brave Disney fish!
  21. Ellie – this is a great name for a gentle sugar glider.
  22. Fergie – this is a cute name, for a strong lady!
  23. Freckles – imagine how cute it will be to call her like this!
  24. Hazel – for the one who likes to climb all the time.
  25. Jasmine – after the Disney princess!
  26. Jewel – she is your jewel, right?
  27. Jinx – cute name, for a cute sugar glider!
  28. Joy – because she brings you a lot of it!
  29. Judy – after Judy Hopps of Zootopia
  30. Ladybug – because she’s adorable like that!
  31. Lemon – this name is perfect for a light-colored sugar glider.
  32. Lilo – if you have two, you need to call them Lilo and Stitch!
  33. Luna – this name means “moon.”
  34. Minnie – you surely know the cutest mouse!
  35. Moana – after the Disney princess!
  36. Moon – because she is like the moon! Majestic!
  37. Mulan – this is one of the toughest Disney princesses.
  38. Nala – after Simba’s partner.
  39. Petunia – this name inspires something pure.
  40. Queen – because she is a queen!
  41. Ribbon – give her a ribbon, and call her “Ribbon with a ribbon!”
  42. Rose – beautiful like a rose, right?
  43. Sandy – after one of our favorite stars!
  44. Savannah – this is a very cool name for a sugar glider.
  45. Snow – adorable name for a white sugar glider.
  46. Star – because she is a star!
  47. Storm – for the mischievous sugar glider.
  48. Sugar – because she is sweet like that!
  49. Tinkerbell – after our favorite fairy!
  50. Wendy – after Peter Pan’s best friend!

I absolutely love Tinkerbell! She’s sweet and sassy, just like your glider!

Cute Sugar Glider Names For Males

Looking for some cute sugar glider names? Well, we've come up with 100 of them just for you, with 50 each for male and female gliders. Check them out!
  1. Aladdin – after the Disney prince flying on his magic carpet.
  2. Almond – adorable name for a sugar glider!
  3. Alvin – this one is pretty straightforward. He just needs some chipmunks.
  4. Beast – great name if you have a couple of them! Belle and the Beast.
  5. Beatle – this, of course, if you’re a big Beatles fan!
  6. Bo cute sugar glider name!
  7. Bud – because he is your friend.
  8. Bumblebee – bumblebees are the sweetest, just like sugar gliders.
  9. Caesar – if he was made to rule!
  10. Chip – if you have brothers, call them Chip and Dale!
  11. Cloud – because he’s cute and doesn’t want to come down too often!
  12. Critter – truth be told, he is an adorable critter.
  13. Cupid – for the one who shows you how beautiful life is!
  14. Dale – this is Chip’s brother!
  15. Flash – because he is fast like that.
  16. Frosty – adorable name for a white sugar glider.
  17. Furby – after the cutest toys ever!
  18. Giggles – because he brings you giggles.
  19. Gizmo – Just don’t feed him after midnight!
  20. Jazz – this one is both very cute and cool!
  21. Jeremy – after Pinocchio’s Cricket.
  22. Jester – he brings you smiles, right?
  23. Jingles – for the one who’s always happy!
  24. Joey – if you think about F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ Joey and a sugar glider, you’ll see the cuteness!
  25. King – he is a king, right?
  26. Li – after Mulan’s hero, Li Shang.
  27. Lightning – because he is fast like that!
  28. Lord – for the rules of the living room!
  29. Lucky – well, you are the lucky one.
  30. Merlin – after the famous wizard!
  31. Mickey – this is everyone’s favorite mouse!
  32. Milo – after Atlantis’ Milo Thatch
  33. Nano – for a very tiny one.
  34. Nemo – after the cutest fish!
  35. Neo – this one means new, but his cuteness is not really new.
  36. Ozzy – super cool name for a sugar glider.
  37. Peanut – perfect for a brown sugar glider.
  38. Peter – after Peter Pan!
  39. Pongo – this is one of the most loving fathers!
  40. Quasimodo –  after the Hunchback of Notre-Dame
  41. Ralph – a little ironic, but it’s inspired from “Wreck-It, Ralph”
  42. Robin – after our favorite hero, Robin Hood!
  43. Simba – you definitely know this one!
  44. Space – for a free sugar glider.
  45. Spot – probably the cutest sugar glider name.
  46. Stitch – if you have a pair, name the lady “Lilo!”
  47. Tarzan – because he likes to climb!
  48. Wally – after the cutest robot in the world!
  49. Whiskers – because his whiskers are cute!
  50. Zeus – after THE God!

It’s hard to choose just one idea from all these cute sugar glider names.

Good think gliders do better in groups, right? So you don’t have to limit yourself to only one!

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What are your favorite cute sugar glider names? Share below!

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