The Fastest Way to Build a Chicken Coop [Tips & Tricks]

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If you’re a chicken keeper looking to build a chicken coop fast, you will need the right tools to get the job done quickly.

A chicken coop is a house where your chicken will stay and lay eggs so you will want to build a house that will last.

While trying to build your backyard coop as fast as possible, you don’t want to sacrifice the quality either.

No matter if this is your first time, you can build a coop fast if you follow the basic guidelines.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the quickest ways to build a chicken coop is to use pre-made plans or kits that provide step-by-step instructions and all the necessary materials. 
  • If you’re short on time, it’s important to keep the design of your chicken coop as simple as possible. 
  • Another way to build a chicken coop fast is to break the construction process into stages.

Chicken Coop Plans

Having a plan is the most important element of building a chicken coop fast! The plan is what shows the coop design and tells you what you need and what to do.

Since there are many plans available to use, you will want to look at various design ideas with pictures and use the one that is simplest in design and easiest for you to understand.

There are free chicken coop plans available online, as well as paid ones. The difference between the paid and free is the quality of the plans.

When choosing a free plan, after you have downloaded it, look through the entire plan before deciding to use it. Sometimes, the free plan doesn’t include all the instructions.

Some free plans will make you buy an additional chicken coop plan to finish the project. This is why it’s very important to look through the entire plan.

As for the paid chicken coop plans, they will include all the details of everything you need to complete your chicken coop.

Before buying any plans, make sure to look over the sample first. Most paid plans will give you a page of the plan to examine.

If you are ever in doubt, ask the seller about it because most digital items bought online cannot be returned for a refund.

Chicken Coop Size

Size plays an important role in how quickly you can finish your backyard chicken coop when building the coop from scratch.

chicken coop

Of course, the smaller the backyard coop, the faster you can build it.

A key thing to keep in mind is that the coop has to be appropriately sized for the number of birds you have. Plan for four square feet per bird.

If it’s a large coop that will house more than 10 chickens at once, you can still build the coop fast.

To get the coop completed quickly, get your family or some of your friends to help out with the project.

If you’re planning on building a small chicken coop, this can be done within a day. The most important step is to get things organized first.

What you want to do before the day you start building a chicken coop is to get your plans, tools, and materials ready.

As mentioned previously, start with the coop design. Your coop will need nesting boxes, roosting bars, a coop door, a coop ramp, coop walls, roof panels, and coop ventilation. (1)

Coop ventilation is important to ensure appropriate temperatures and moisture levels for your flock in both warm weather and cold weather. 

Regarding nesting boxes, you will need one for every four hens. You can build your nesting boxes, buy pre-assembled ones, or even get creative with recycling old containers. (2)

You may also want to consider including a chicken run which can be made easily from chicken wire or hardware cloth. Hardware cloth is more expensive but provides better protection.

Next, gather the materials such as wood, nails, glue, and wire cutters all together.

For each building material, it is good to purchase a little extra of each. That way, if you made a cutting error on the wood or hardware cloth, you won’t have to run to the store. 

A larger coop with more square feet will require more materials. It will also require a larger budget so you may want to factor that part in when planning your chicken coop.


To get things done quickly, you may need power tools. The main one your will likely need is the saw, which is used for cutting wood.

Most people who plan on building a chicken coop fast will use an electric saw. This will definitely save you a lot of time building the coop.

electric saw cutting wood

The electric saw can be purchased at any hardware store or online store like Amazon. When it comes to electrical items, it’s best to choose a quality product over a cheap product.

Besides a saw, another useful tool that you will probably be using the most often is the hammer. 

Finally, a wire cutter will be the last tool you will need. Any opening in the coop will require covering with wire mesh, which you can cut to size and shape with wire cutters.

Veteran chicken keepers know that wire coverings like chicken wire will help protect your flock from predators.


Whether building a small or a large chicken coop, another important factor in building a chicken coop fast is considering the location.

Choose a location away from direct sunlight, if possible, so you won’t get overheated when working on your project.

chickens inside a wooden coop

If you’re working inside, make sure there’s plenty of ventilation in the room. Cutting wood causes the debris from the wood to float in the air.

Breathing in too much of the sawdust can cause irritation to your respiratory system, Also, be sure to wear a mask if possible.

Another thing to consider if you want to build the chicken coop fast is to build it close to the location where you will be keeping it. 

Stages of Building

Chicken keepers should start with the base and frame of the coop and then add the walls, roof, and doors as separate stages.

This approach allows you to work on the coop in shorter bursts of time and can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by the project.

Just make sure to plan out the stages ahead of time so you don’t end up with a partially constructed coop that can’t house your chickens yet.

Stick to a basic rectangular shape and use easy-to-assemble materials like wood and wire mesh.

Avoid complicated features like windows, multiple coop doors, or decorative trim that will add unnecessary time and effort to the construction process.

For those considering poultry care, explore our comprehensive guide “Buy Chicken Coop Online” for essential tips on purchasing the perfect home for your flock.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a coop cost?

chicken coop

Depending on the size and whether or not you are wanting a luxury coop, chicken coops can cost anywhere from $150 to several thousand dollars. 

2. What kinds of chickens are good for a new backyard chicken keeper?

Some of the best chicken breeds for beginners include Rhode Island Red, Australorp, Orpingtons, and Barred Rocks.

3. Do you need a floor in your chicken coop?

While a floor is not necessary, a wood or concrete coop floor is an important part of the design that keeps your flock safe from predators.
An elevated coop requires a wooden floor, no question.


I have reviewed the basics that you will need to know as a chicken keeper to build your chicken coop fast.

If you are careful and follow the instructions attentively, you can even get the chicken coop done in one day.

Avoid rushing too fast so you don’t make costly mistakes that will require more time and can be costly.

The most important part of building a chicken coop is to have fun! When you are having fun, time goes by faster and the chicken coop will be finished quicker.

red chicken coop


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