10 Best Toys for Sugar Gliders + Complete Guide to Keeping Them Entertained

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Looking for the best toys for sugar gliders? How about some other tips on keeping them entertained? Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Read on for our complete guide to making life fun for your sweet glider!

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Looking for the best toys for sugar gliders? How about some other tips on keeping them entertained? Either way, we've got you covered! Check out our complete guide!

The Ultimate Guide of How to Entertain Sugar Gliders & Their Favorite Toys

As a sugar glider parent, you are always looking for different ways of making your baby happy. You want them to have fun and stay entertained.

Like human beings, happiness can reflect directly on your glider’s health.

They’ll glow more when they’re happy and seem a bit sickly if they’re bored.

Like some sugar glider parents, I didn’t think my glider needed any form of entertainment like cats and dogs. 

I was researching how to bond with my sugar gliders when I came along a blog post on sugar gliders’ toys.

And since I started incorporating toys into their routine, I’ve seen a change in mood.

Here is an ultimate guide of toys for gliders and how to keep your glider happy. 

How Do You Keep Sugar Gliders Entertained?

As I mentioned in the beginning, a sugar glider’s health can be impacted by their happiness.

This is critical if your glider is living alone because they originally lived in groups in the jungle. 

It’s important to keep sugar gliders in pairs to avoid boredom.

If you’ve just acquired a glider, you may need to give them time before introducing them to games and toys. Allow them to adjust to the environment first.

One way to entertain your glider is to find a safe place for them to play.

You can do this by doing the following:

  • Place a cloth or towel under the door
  • Ensure all windows are shut
  • If they can access the bathroom, ensure the drains are plunged, and all drains are shut 

All this is necessary because sugar gliders are tiny, and it’s easy for them to slip away through small spaces and lose them.

You’ll realize that your sugar gliders enjoy exploring under the bed and couches, climbing higher areas, or staying on your shoulder. 

But what if you’re not around to supervise them? You get safe toys for them.

For me, buying toys is the best option because I want my gliders to stay safe from my dogs and my cats. 

I’ll be discussing cheap sugar glider toys and homemade toys for sugar gliders in this post. 

First, check out this great video on sugar glider toy safety:

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What Do Sugar Gliders Like to Play With?

There are so many toys that sugar gliders enjoy playing with. But in general, gliders love toys in these categories.

Climbing toys.

I don’t think there is anything gliders love to do more than climbing.

You can buy your glider climbing toys like a ladder and possibly add a few hiding toys along with it.

Chewing toys.

This is an excellent toy for a new glider owner.

By directing their energy to chew toys, it can reduce their aggression towards their owners by swinging, dangling, and chewing toys instead of biting their hands. 

Sleeping toys.

Since sugar gliders originated from the wilderness, they’re used to cuddling with each other when sleeping.

Therefore, your glider will enjoy soft toys to cuddle with while sleeping. 

Hiding toys.

As a sugar glider parent, it’s important to remember your glider has wild instincts that they need to use once in a while.

Hiding toys act like prey, which is very exciting for gliders. 

Running toys.

You probably think that only hamsters love running wheels (wrong).

Placing sugar glider wheels in your glider’s cage can motivate them to exercise. 

Top 10 Toys for Sugar Gliders 

There are so many sugar gliders toys available online, and it’s easy to get confused and end up with one that your glider doesn’t enjoy. 

To avoid this, I prepared a list of my favorite sugar gliders for you. 

Let’s dive right in! Check out my top 5 picks on the table below, then read on for the full guide. 

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FYI, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. 

1.Exotic Nutrition Triple Treat Forager 

Your glider will love this toy because there is so much, they can do with it.

Some of the reasons why I love the exotic nutrition triple treat forager include:

  • It has a strong clip that allows me to hang the toy in my glider’s cage
  • It’s a great foraging toy for my glider
  • It has three cups that hold insects, yogurt drops, and fruits
  • It’s made with a sugar glider friendly and long-lasting material 

You can find it on Chewy or Amazon


2. Leeko Pet Hanging Toy

If you’re looking for a toy that can serve your gliders without having to purchase more toys, then the Leeko hanging toy is your best shot. 

Your glider will enjoy this toy, whether it’s in winter or summer. It’s made from safe, non-toxic materials.

And it has fantastic bright colors that make it even more appealing to your pet. 

Here are the features of the leeko pet hanging toy:

  • Pet ladder. The ladder is wooden and has colorful wooden beads, it’s safe for chewing, and your glider can enjoy climbing it.
  • Pet swing. This is a beautiful swing that allows your pet to relax or sleep in style. They can also swing while playing and chasing each other.
  • Pet hammock. This is a great house or resting place for your sugar glider or any other small animal. 

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3. Exotic Nutrition Forage Globe Toy 

The toy is suitable for all small animals. The exotic nutrition forage toys have a bell that rings every time your glider interacts with it. 

The toy is made with tough polycarbonate material, which is both long-lasting and safe for your glider. 

The globe is easy to unscrew for cleaning, and it also comes with a clip to safely attach it in your glider’s cage. 

You can check the globe toy on Chewy and Amazon


4. Niteangel Small Animal Trio of Fun Balls Activity 

This is an amazing gift for your sugar glider.

The pack comes with three balls, and each of them has a different natural material (rattan, seagrass, and water hyacinth).

This offers your glider different chewing feels. 

The toy doesn’t contain any glue, metal, or plastic, so it’s safe for chewing.

In fact, you can stuff food or treats in the balls to boost your glider’s engagement and keep them busy. 

The balls not only entertain your glider but also help in maintaining your glider’s dental health.

You can buy the fun balls package on Chewy and Amazon.


5. Sugar Glider Hanging, Swinging, Tunnel Cage Accessories

This is one of my favorites, too, because it has so many accessories for my glider.

Based on the role it plays, it’s worth every penny. 

It’s made of a warm material to keep your glider warm and comfortable during winter.

It’s a good snuggling toy for your gliders and has a very appealing appearance.

The toy has a leafy design that’s bright and vibrant. And its green shade helps your gliders feel connected to nature, allowing them to relax and get used to the toys fast.

The toy has multiple features that your gliders will always find impressive at any time.

Some of the toy’s features include:

  • Deformable tunnel. The tunnel allows your glider to coordinate their limbs.
  • Triangular hammock. Your gliders can bounce on the triangular hammock or sleep on it.
  • Ropeway. This allows the glider to enjoy their love for climbing on higher surfaces in their cage. They can crawl horizontally, which is quite a treat for them. 
  • Round swing. This is probably the feature that my gliders enjoy most. It allows them to jump and swing around. And when they are tired, they can rest on it. 

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6. Nail-O-Matic Insert PLUS Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield

This toy not only entertains your glider but it also trims their nails. We all know how they get stuck on surfaces and curtain strings due to their long nails.

They can even scratch your skin and that of your kids, which can be somewhat irritating. Trimming their nails makes your bonding time with your glider more fun.

And trimming their nails isn’t for your enjoyment only, but for your gliders’ safety too. Luckily, the process is so smooth that your gliders won’t even feel bothered.

I always wish there was a similar toy that could help trim my cat and dogs’ nails.

The nail-o-matic is fitted in a wodent wheel. It’s made with a smooth platform to protect their suggie pads from the surface below.

The high-grade abrasive material allows their nails to be trimmed slowly as they use the wheel. 

But what if you want your gliders to just play and not have their nails trimmed? That’s okay. The nail-o-matic is easily removable.

The running wheel will allow your gliders to run and exercise, and they’ll really love it. 

You can check out the toy on Amazon

7. Rioussi Handmade Sugar Glider Toys 

These ropes transform your gliders’ cage into a beautiful small jungle.

They can swing, climb, and exercise in their jungle. 

The ropes are very soft and cozy, so they don’t hurt your glider as they play.

The package has four ropes, and each of them has a different brilliant color that’s very appealing to the sugar gliders. 

The rioussi handmade sugar gliders toys are available on Amazon


8. Exotic Nutrition PVC Forager Glider Toy 

The exotic nutrition PVC forager toy encourages your glider to explore their wild instincts.

It comes with a PVC with colorful lids that flip and allows you to hide yogurt drops, insects, and fruit treats. 

Gliders love the search, and it’s a win for them when they discover the treats.

It includes a safe clip to safely attach to the cage. 

You can buy the toy on Chewy and Amazon.


9. Sugar Glider Six Toy Pack 

This is a perfect gift for your sugar glider.

It comes with a 4-feet noodley tubes, a 24-inch stretch rope, a barrel of monkeys, a foraging cup, a maraca swing, and a ring thing on a spring.

So, you can be sure that your glider will be entertained the whole time.

All the toys are made using quality and safe materials.

You can buy the toy on Amazon.

10. Trixie Pet Products Suspension Bridge 

The bridge has a wooden ladder complete with a lamb fur look (polyester).

It also comes with a ring and rope that encourages more activity in the cage.

The most impressive part about this suspension bridge is the width and height, allowing your gliders enough space to play and snuggle.

The toy is available on Amazon.

How Do You Make Sugar Glider Toys?

If you’re short in funds, there is no need to stress, you can also make homemade toys for your sugar glider toys, and they’ll still love them.

Most handmade sugar gliders toys only require a few materials, and you can even come up with your designs (as long as you use safe materials).

I’m not a crafty person, but I’ve made a few chains for my sugar gliders using these c-clips from Amazon only, and they loved them. 

I recently came across this YouTube video packed with easy ideas on making sugar glider toys, and I can’t wait to explore more. 


Best Toys for Sugar Gliders (Final Words) 

Like any other pets, sugar gliders love to play and stay entertained.

It’s important to remember that they still have some wild instincts that they need to exercise once in a while.

Due to their small size, letting your sugar glider roam around the house for a long time around can pose high risks.

Heck, they fit in everything, and even an open toilet is a potential death risk for your glider.

Instead of taking the risk, I buy them toys and let them play in their cage where I’m sure they’re safe.

Most of the toys come with a soft, warm material that allows them to snuggle after playing, which is a big plus for me.

I hope you find something fun for your glider from my list. 

What are your picks for the best toys for sugar gliders? What do your sweet babies like to play with? Share below!

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