15 Best Toys For Rabbits to Keep Them Happy (Review)

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Rabbits are playful and intelligent animals, so toys are an essential requirement.

You should offer your rabbits lots of different toys to keep them entertained when you’re not playing with them.

Here is a list of the 15 best toys for rabbits!

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Top Toys for Rabbits at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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15 Best Toys for Rabbits (Buying Guide)

1. Kaytee Perfect Chews For Rabbits

rabbit toy

This chew toy from Kaytee is an excellent addition to any rabbit’s cage or hutch! It’s bright and colorful and is sure to spruce up your pet’s habitat.

The chew toy comprises wood balls, a wood log, a woodblock, and wood carrots. There is also a handy metal hook attached to the toy to make hanging it onto your rabbit’s enclosure easy!

Chew toys are essential for your rabbit’s dental health [1]. Your rabbit’s teeth are constantly growing, so they require chewing toys to gnaw on to wear down their teeth.

This chew toy is made from safe wood and uses pet-safe dyes, so it is perfectly safe for your rabbit to nibble on.

This chew toy is disposable, so when your rabbit has chewed through all of it, throw the toy away and purchase a new one!

Kaytee Perfect Chews Hanging Wood Chew Toy for Pet Rabbits and Other Small Animals
  • The Perfect Chew for rabbits includes wood balls, a wood log, wood carrots and a block in brilliant orange, green and purple colors
  • A completely chewable kabob toy with a metal attachment hook make it easy to hang in any habitat
  • Disposable chew, simply discard once complete, and replace
  • Safe wood chew toy that satisfies your pet's need to chew and gnaw
  • Made of natural pine wood for a pet safe natural chewable material
  • Helps reduce boredom in small animals and provide your pet with hours of playtime fun
  • Metal attachment hook makes it easy to hang in any habitat to stay dry
  • Vegetable dye is safe for animal

2. Living World Teach N Treat Toy

rabbit toy

Rabbits are intelligent animals, and interactive toys are a great way to test your pet’s mind!

This interactive toy from Living World triggers your rabbit’s foraging instincts as they will need to search for treats. You place treats inside the holes on the toy and place the lids over them.

Your rabbit will need to move the lids around to receive the treats underneath them. This toy is ideal for keeping your pet entertained, as well as bonding with them!

There are three difficulty levels for this interactive toy, so you can make the toy harder or easier!

This toy is also suitable for other small pets, such as guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rats.

Hagen Living World Teach N Treat Toy
  • Interactive and rewarding toy
  • Helps teach pets to search for treats
  • Stimulating and educational
  • Three levels to provide the optimal learning experience
  • Keeps your pet healthy and alert

3. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy

rabbit toy

These activity balls from Niteangel are great toys for your rabbit. They are handmade and are crafted with 100% natural materials.

No glue, metal, or plastic is used in these toys, making them perfectly safe for your rabbit to nibble on.

These balls are ideal for chewing on to keep your rabbit’s teeth in tip-top condition. They are also effective for preventing boredom.

Your rabbit will enjoy gnawing on these activity balls and knocking them around their cage! The diameter of these activity balls is 2.6 inches, which means they are plenty big enough for your rabbit to play with.

These activity balls are made from different natural materials, including seagrass, cornhusk, rattan, and water hyacinth. This gives your rabbit a lot of other materials to chew on!

There are two packs available. One pack includes three activity balls, while the other contains four.

These activity balls are also suitable for other small animals.

Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Fun Pet Balls for Chinchilla Guinea Pig Rats Rabbits Hamster Gerbil Degu Bunny and Other Small Animals
  • All handmade, 100% natural materials, no glue, plastic or metal.
  • Great for playing and nibbling, help prevent boredom.
  • Extra deep base for deep filling with litter so pets can tunnel and burrow.
  • Suitable for rabbits, bunny, guinea pigs and other small animals.
  • Diameter approximately 2.6 inches, include natural seagrass ball, water hyacinth ball and rattan ball.

4. Niteangel Treat Ball For Small Animals

rabbit toy

These treats balls from Niteangel come in three colors: blue, yellow, and green. They also come in two sizes!

These treat balls are ideal toys for your rabbit as they are interactive. Interactive toys are effective for mental stimulation and for preventing boredom in rabbits.

You place treats inside the ball. Your rabbit will then need to knock and roll around the ball for the treat to fall out.

The small size of this treat ball measures 2.8 inches in diameter, while the large size measures 3.9 inches in diameter.

This toy is also suitable for other small animals.

However, this treat ball should only be used for supervised play as it is made of plastic. Plastic can be harmful to your pet if it is ingested.

Niteangel Treat Ball, Snack Ballfor Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hedgehogs and Other Small Pets (Small, Yellow)
  • Adjustable-opening treat ball - put your pet favorite kibble or small treat (diced carrot, or dried fruit or herbs) inside the hollow ball, adjust the opening to control flow of treats.
  • Interactive treat - roll and push the treat ball, food falls out, thus encouraging more play.
  • Three colors and two size - try different treats for your pets.
  • Good boredom buster for guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, hedgehogs and other small pets. Keep your pet entertained for hours stimulating their mental and physical.
  • Small size 2.8-inch/7cm diameter, Large size 3.9-inch/10cm diameter.

5. Prosper Pet Tunnel

rabbit toy

Tunnels make fantastic toys for rabbits. They are great for exercising and provide your pet with a safe area to rest and relax.

This tunnel from Prosper is suitable for rabbits, cats, and small dogs, so it is plenty big enough for your rabbit to play in!

This tunnel would be an excellent toy for your rabbit during free-range time.

The tunnel is available in many different colors and patterns, so you have a lot of options to pick from.

This tunnel comprises three big connecting tunnels, with a peephole at the top. There is also built-in crinkle-crackle paper and a bell toy.

However, it might be a good idea to remove the bell toy before giving his tunnel to your rabbit. You should also make sure your rabbit does not chew on the material of this tunnel.

It’s best to save this tunnel for supervised play so you can monitor your rabbit when they are using it!

This tunnel is made from tear-resistant and durable polyester and spring wire (to hold it up!). This makes cleaning the tunnel easy as you can wipe away any mess your rabbit might make.

This tunnel comes with an elastic band and can be folded down to store it away from simplicity.

Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel - Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy - Interactive Tube Toys for Rabbits, Kittens, and Dogs - Black/Pink
  • BEST WAYS TO PLAY: With 3 spacious tunnels, built-in crinkle crackle paper, peephole & bell toy, this popular tunnel chute gives your kitty more ways to have fun. Provides hours of exercise & self-amusement.
  • DURABLE PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Made of ultra-strong, tear-resistant polyester wrapped around a sprung-steel frame with protective ends (for safety); stands up to crazy cat scratcher antics. And center does not collapse like other tunnels!
  • COLLAPSIBLE & PORTABLE: With a provided elastic band, our tunnel folds down small in seconds for easy travel and storage. Each tube is about 10 inches tall and 17 inches deep (over 50 inches of tunnel). Take the entertainment with you anywhere, so your pet is never bored!
  • TOP RATED GIFT OR PRESENT: Read our reviews and buy with confidence on Amazon. Compared with cat tents, cubes, scratch posts, feathers, and mouse toys... this product offers the most interactive fun.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! "A perfect toy. My cat plays for hours." 100% Money Back Guarantee: Great customer service is our #1 priority. If you (or your pet) aren't thrilled with our cat tunnel, simply let us know for a full and prompt replacement or refund. There's no risk to buy now.

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6. Oxbow Timothy Mat

rabbit toy

This toy from Oxbow is an excellent addition to your rabbit’s cage or hutch. It is also entirely edible, so your rabbit can chew on it to its heart’s content.

The mat is made from 100% Timothy hay. Timothy hay is an excellent source of fiber and contains essential nutrients for your rabbit.

Rabbits should always have access to grass hay, so this toy is ideal for your pet’s health.

No chemicals, thread, or wire are used in this toy, making it perfectly safe for your rabbit to consume.

This mat is a great chew toy for your rabbit to help wear down their teeth. It’s also highly nutritious as it is made from Timothy hay.

Oxbow Animal Health Timothy Hay Mat - Medium
  • HAND-WOVEN FOR REST AND RELAXATION: Made by hand to offer an ideal place for your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla to rest and relax throughout the day
  • 100% EDIBLE: Made with only 100% all-natural Timothy hay
  • 100% ALL-NATURAL: All-natural – no chemicals, wires, or threads
  • PROVIDES ESSENTIAL ENRICHMENT: Supports your pet's instinctual behaviors. Enrichment is essential to total pet health and wellbeing.
  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Used and recommended by leading veterinarians worldwide
  • ADDS FUN TO YOUR PET'S DAILY ROUTINE: All-natural accessories add mental stimulation and fun to your pet's day

7. Kaytee Chewbular Play Tube

rabbit toy

This play tube from Kaytee is a great toy for your rabbit. It’s available in three sizes, but you should opt for the large size for your rabbit.

This tube is made from environmentally-friendly materials and is perfectly safe for your rabbit to chew on.

This tube provides your rabbit with a safe area to rest and relax in, as well as a place to play in!

This tube is also suitable for other small animals.

Kaytee Chewbular Play Tube Medium
  • Encourages natural burrowing and chewing instincts
  • Accommodates your pet's natural instincts to chew, nest and burrow
  • Made of environmentally-friendly materials

8. Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy

rabbit toy

This chew toy from Bunny Blast is ideal for your pet’s dental health. The toy is made from natural wood and effectively wears down your pet’s teeth.

The chew toy is made from dried natural yucca, which is safe for your rabbit to nibble on. This chew toy is also 100% biodegradable.

Your rabbit will have a lot of run rolling this chew toy around, making it a good boredom buster!

Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy
  • All natural
  • 100-Percent biodegradable

9. Hypeety Pet Snacks Apple Wood Sticks Chew Toy For Small Animals

rabbit toy

These chew toys are made from natural applewood, which is safe for your rabbit to gnaw on.

As well as being effective at wearing down your rabbit’s teeth, these applewood sticks are suitable for keeping your rabbit entertained.

The average size of these applewood sticks is 6 inches. You also get a lot of sticks in the pack, so your rabbit will have plenty of sticks to chew on!

These sticks are also suitable for other small animals, such as chinchillas, guinea pigs, and hamsters.

Hypeety Pet Snacks Apple Wood Sticks Chew Toy for Squirrel Rabbits Bunny Guinea Pigs Chinchilla Hamster 100g (3.5oz)
  • Natural apple mega munch sticks small pet chew treats, no pesticides, ensure the healthy growth of small pet teeth.
  • Gauge: About 100g (3.5oz), 6 inch long (Apple Tree Sticks Are Thick Or Thin, The Number Is Not Sure).
  • Help For Your Pet Grow Healthily. Because Long Teeth Will Affect Your Pet Eat Things And Health.
  • Provide molar activities for your little guy, to ensure small pet teeth healthy growth can also be let themselves in a cage bored biting looking for a bit of fun!
  • Natural apple snacks branches, suit for chinchillas, squirrel, rabbit, bunny, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small pet.

10. Grass House For Small Animals

rabbit toy

This grass house from SunGrow is a good hideaway for your rabbit that is also entirely edible.

It is made from hand-woven grass, making it effective for wearing down your rabbit’s teeth! This grass house can be folded down to be used as a mat, which is ideal if you want to conserve space in your pet’s habitat.

Your rabbit will have a lot of fun resting in and chewing on this grass house. The size of the grass house is 11.8 inches x 7.8 inches x 9 inches, so it is plenty big enough for your rabbit.

PStarDMoon Bunny Grass House-Hand Made Edible Natural Grass Hideaway Comfortable Playhouse for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Small Animals to Play,Sleep and Eat
  • 🐇PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1 bunny grass house, 50g apple tree branch, 3 grass sticks, 1 apple wood skewer, 4 S-shaped hooks, 1 simulation paper carrot, 3 pine cones, 2 pieces of colored loofah, 3 ranttan Ball and 10 meters rope
  • 🐇PURE NATURAL MATERIALS: The woven grass beds are made of natural dry grass, has its own organic grass fragrance that makes the pet feel relaxed, as if they are in their natural homes. Your beloved pet will enjoy their food as if in a natural environment. Cool in summer and warm in winter. Provide your pet with a softer area to lay on when needed. The little toys in our package will be liked by your pets, because they are healthy and cute
  • 🐇SIZE: The size of bunny grass house is 11.8x7.87x9.02inch/30x20x23cm, completely enough length and width enable more kinds of animals to regard the pet mat as a wonderful place to chew and train their teeth
  • 🐇EFFECT: Chewing is a perfectly natural behavior for small animals and many small pets love to chew on wood, hay, straw and other organic materials. Even the birds love foraging on these mats, can be used as a chew toy that helps to wear her teeth down.The grass bed acts a protective barrier between your pet’s dainty paws and the hard wire cage bottoms. This multipurpose folding woven grass house is a comfortable nest
  • 🐇WARM MOMENT: Imagine your cute baby live in our grass house, play and sleep comfortably and enjoyably. She also has a lot of fun and pretty toys. You will always prepare the camera to record these perfect moments

11. HEWADY Bunny Chew Toys For Teeth

rabbit toy

This chew toy is made from 100% natural apple branches and Timothy hay balls.

This is effective for wearing down your rabbit’s teeth, as well as aiding with digestion. Timothy hay is a good source of fiber and is very beneficial to your pet’s health.

This chew toy is an ideal boredom breaker suitable for your rabbit’s dental health. Your rabbit will have a lot of fun chewing on the apple sticks and Timothy’s hay balls!

You can also use this chew toy for other small animals, such as chinchillas and guinea pigs.

Bunny Chew Toys for Teeth, PeSandy Organic Apple Wood Molar Sticks with Timothy Hay Circles for Bunny Chinchilla Guinea Pig Hamsters Holland Lop Prairie Dogs Squirrels Gerbils, Improves Dental Health
  • [ 100% NATURAL ORGANIC MATERIAL ] - PeSandy rabbit chew toys are made from Timothy hay and apple wood molar sticks, organically grown, high fiber content, and non-toxic. It could promote small animals’ gastrointestinal motility.
  • [ IMPROVES DENTAL HEALTH ] - PeSandy pet bunny chew toys help grind down pets constantly growing teeth. The front teeth of rodents have no roots, they are growing throughout their lives. Therefore, rodents like a rabbit, hamster, guinea-pig, bunnies, squirrels, gerbils, holland lop, prairie dogs or chinchilla must insist on biting and grinding every day to maintain a certain length. Our bunny toys can help your pets keep their teeth and gums healthy.
  • [ SUITABLE CHEW SIZE ] - PeSandy pet molar toys have 7 pcs apple wood sticks and 8 pcs Timothy hay circles, each wood chew stick up to about 11cm/ 4.33 inches long and 1cm/ 0.39 inches thickness. Timothy hay circles size is about 4.5 x 1.3cm/1.77 x 0.51 inches, total long is about 26cm/10.23 inches.
  • [ GREAT GIFT FOR SMALL PET ] - Suitable for bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchilla, squirrel, rabbits, hamster, gerbil, holland lop, prairie dogs, squirrels, and other rodent species. Kindly Note: If your small pet has had almost no interest in them at first, you can put these chew toys in a cage and let them adjust for a while, they will slowly try to chew them and gradually ecstatic.
  • [ BEST TOYS AND ACCESSORIES FOR CAGE ] - This is our new product made from a combination of natural Timothy hay circles and apple wood sticks. The metal hook can be mounted on the pet's cage.

12. Niteangel Wooden Cage Bridge For Rabbits

rabbit toy

This wooden bridge from Niteangel is a great toy for your rabbit. It is made from natural wood to make it perfectly safe for your rabbit to chew on.

This wooden bridge can be used to make it easier for your rabbit to enter and leave its cage. The wood is sturdy, so you will have no trouble holding your pet’s weight.

The slats on the bridge make it easier for your rabbit to grip the bridge without slipping.

For elderly rabbits who have trouble moving around, this bridge is ideal for ensuring they can safely and comfortably leave/enter their cage.

This bridge can also be used as a climbing frame for your rabbit. The bridge is 23.5 inches in length, 6.75 inches in width, and 7 inches in height.

The bridge can also be used for other small animals like chinchillas and guinea pigs.

Niteangel Wooden Cage Bridge for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chinchilla, Large Size
  • Natural bridge for small pets.
  • Makes entering and leaving the cage comfortable and safe.
  • Can also be used inside the cage as a climbing frame.
  • Ideal for placing in the cage.
  • Dimensions: 22.8-inch length, 6.7-inch in width, 7.7-inch height.

13. Prevue Hendryx 1098 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy

rabbit toy

This grass tunnel is an entertaining and delicious toy for your rabbit. It is made from hand-woven 100% natural couch grass.

The grass tunnel is 6 inches in diameter and measures 13.5 inches in length. This makes it suitable for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets.

This tunnel is effective at wearing down your rabbit’s teeth. It also serves as an excellent hideaway for your rabbit to rest and burrow in.

Prevue Hendryx 1098 Nature's Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy, 13.5" x 6 "
  • Hand-woven grass activity center for your small pet
  • Satisfies natural instincts to burrow, explore and nest
  • 100-percent all natural couch grass
  • Ideal for a guinea pig, dwarf rabbit or ferret
  • 13-1/2-inch Long with a 6-inch Diameter
  • Age range description: all stages

14. SunGrow Rabbit Teeth Floss Ball

rabbit toy

This floss ball from SunGrow is made from natural and safe coconut fibers. No chemicals or artificial fibers are used in this toy, so it is perfectly safe for your rabbit to gnaw on.

This toy effectively files down your rabbit’s teeth to prevent them from becoming overly long. It’s also lightweight, so your rabbit can have fun rolling and throwing around this toy!

This toy is a good boredom breaker and satisfies your rabbit’s instinctual need to chew. The materials in this floss ball are environmentally friendly and are completely biodegradable.

SunGrow Dental Floss Fiber Ball for Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Cleans Teeth to Maintain Healthy Gums, Play Ball, Grinding and Gnawing Treats for Chinchilla, Hamsters, Gerbils
  • Edible Coconut Fiber Ball --- Each ball is handmade using coconut fibers. It does not contain any artificial fibers. Our product is great for rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, and chinchillas.
  • Stress Relieving --- Sometimes if bunnies or rabbits are left alone for long periods, they may feel anxious or stressed. Leave one of these balls in your rabbit’s cage and watch them enjoy themselves and relieve stress with the coconut rabbit ball until you get back.
  • Keeps Teeth Trimmed --- Rabbits have teeth that are constantly growing and to keep them at acceptable levels and trimmed, they need things to chew. Our balls give your rabbits that outlet. No wonder that the balls get chewed upon in a matter of minutes.
  • Lightweight Ball For Hours Of Entertainment --- Watch your bunny toss, nudge, chew, and play with this lightweight textured coconut ball. They will be entertained and remain active for hours on end.
  • Raw Coconut Fiber Ball --- The materials used to make this ball do not affect anyone in any way. The coconut fibers are a far better alternative than other plastic or artificial rabbit toys.

15. Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels Play Tube For Small Pets

rabbit toy

This tunnel from Ware Manufacturing is an excellent toy for your rabbit. It would be best to opt for the large size to ensure it is big enough for your rabbit.

It is 30 inches long and is entirely flexible due to its accordion design, which means you can shape it into any position you like. It can also be made smaller or longer.

This tunnel is made from sturdy and stain-resistant plastic, which means it is easy to clean if your rabbit makes a mess in it.

This tunnel is an excellent way for your rabbit to burn off some steam. It can also be used as a hideaway to provide your rabbit with a safe and warm place to rest.

The tube is also suitable for other small animals.

However, as this tunnel is made from plastic, it should only be used for supervised play. Plastic can be harmful to your rabbit if it’s ingested.

Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels Play Tube for Small Pets, 30 X 4 Inches - Medium
  • 30-Inch Long Fun Tube - Great for Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and Dwarf Bunnies
  • Made of Durable, Stain Resistant Plastic
  • Accordion Design Allows the Flexibility to Set-Up in Unique Shapes
  • Easy to Clean and Unique Design Makes It Easy to Store
  • Measures 30" X Width X 4" Depth X 4" Height

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Can wheels and exercises balls be used for rabbits?

No, wheels and exercise balls are unsafe for rabbits. Even wheels and exercise balls targeted for rabbits should not be used.

Can rabbits and guinea pigs live together?

No. Rabbits and guinea pigs should never be housed together [2]. Rabbits and guinea pigs are different species, so they should only be housed with their kind.

Can rabbits live alone?

a pair of rabbit

Rabbits can live alone, but they do better in pairs. If you plan to keep your rabbit by itself, you will need to provide it with lots of attention to prevent it from getting lonely.


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best toys for rabbits in front of him

Which ones are your favorite toys for rabbits? Please share with us!

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